St Boswells Primestock Sale

8th October 2018

At St Boswells on Monday 8th October, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep when they sold 54 Clean Cattle, 62 Cast Cows, 1679 Lambs and 706 Ewes.

Bullocks (12) averaged 214p per kg and sold to 239p (-2.0p on the week)
Heifers (41) averaged 224p per kg and sold to 254p (-2.0p on the week)
1 Young Bull sold to 151p (n/c on the week)
62 Cast Cows averaged 127p per kg and sold to 171p (+2.0p on the week) Top price £1425
1679 Lambs averaged 170p per kg (+8p on the week) and sold to £97, top price 215p per kg for Beltex Lambs
706 Ewes averaged £58 and sold to £120 for a Texel Ewe.  Heavy Ewes averaged £84, light ewes sold to £73 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £40.

Clean Cattle per head: Longnewton £1528.52, Bee Edge £1518.92, Upper Nisbet £1472, Willowford £1471.86, Upper Nisbet £1447.28, Bee Edge £1436.64, £1426.80, Upper Nisbet £1416.48, Bee Edge £1408.44.
Clean Cattle per kilo: Bee Edge 254p W.T.S Forsyth & Sons, Penston 247p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Bee Edge 247p W.T.S Forsyth & Sons, Penston 247p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Longnewton 246p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Bee Edge 246p (2) Shaw Fine Meats, Wester Ulston 239p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, Woodhead, A 232p W.E Fairlie Ltd.

Young Bull: Kersknowe £1425.44 (151p/pkg).

Cast Cows per head: Ecclaw £1203.84, East Garleton £1170.40, Ecclaw £1161.84, Oldcastles £1159.76, Towford £1078.80, Corsbie £1057.50.
Cast Cows per kilo: Ecclaw 171p, Hoscote, Upper Nisbet, Towford 147p, Ecclaw, Upper Nisbet, Upper Samieston, Towford 145p.
Cast Bulls per head: Oldcastles £1438.58, Lymiecleugh £1404.20, Milrighall £1390.
Cast Bulls per kilo: Oldcastles 143p, Milrighall 125p.

Lambs – Larger show forward with increased returns.
Lambs per head – Texel: £97 North Synton, Muircleugh, Crookston, £94.50 Wester Middleton, £93 Huntington, £92 Muircleugh, Corsbie, £91 St Leonards, Haltree, £90.50 Corsbie, Suffolk: £92 Huntington, Thornington, £91 Headshaw, L, £89.50 Corsbie, £89 Wester Middleton, £88 Blegbie, £87.50 Corsbie, £87 Haltree, £86.50 Hermiston, Thornington, Beltex: £90 Muircleugh, £89 Crookston (2), £86.50 Muircleugh, £86 Crookston, £81 Lylestane, Bluefaced Leicester: £80 Edston.

Lambs per kilo – Beltex: 215p, 204.6p Crookston, 195p Nether Falla, 192.9p Lylestane, 185.4p Crookston, 185p, 182.5p Brothershiels, 180p Lylestane, Texel: 196.5p Kedzlie, 190.9p Huntington, 185p Langraw, 183.3p Lylestane, 182.1p (2) Nether Falla, 180.7p Kedzlie, 180.5p Boggs Holdings, Suffolk: 180.2p Stoneypath, Cheviot Mule: 179.8p Philiphaugh.

EwesStrong Show.  Trade slightly less.
Texel: £120, £97 Huntington, £90 St Leonards, £87 Lower Ashtrees, Boon (2), £85 Lylestane, £83 Outerston, £81 Upper Samieston, Suffolk: £105 Huntington, £87 Boon, Blackhouse Cottages, Outerston, £85 Marigold, Half Bred: £81 Blackhouse Cottages, Cheviot Mule: £77 Lylestane, Upper Samieston, North Country Cheviot: £73 Rawburn, £59 Upper Samieston, £57 Rawburn, Greyfaced: £72 Boon, £71 Blackhouse Cottages, £67 Langraw, Lumsdaine, £65 Lumsdaine, Beltex: £70 Heriotsfield, Hampshire: £69 Blackhouse Cottages, Blackface: £53 Leithen Water, £51 Elmscleugh, £41 Stoneypath.

Rams – Zwartbles: £107 The Pond House.