St Boswells Primestock Sale

10th December 2018

At St Boswells on Monday 10th December, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep where they sold 63 Clean Cattle, 55 Cast Cows, 2083 Lambs and 613 Ewes.
Bullocks (18) averaged 193p per kg and sold to 230p (n/c on the week)
Heifers (45) averaged 221p per kg and sold to 248p (+11.0p on the week)
55 Cast Cows averaged 111p per kg and sold to 177p (n/c on the week) Top price £1597
2083 Lambs averaged 184.9p per kg (+8.8p on the week) and sold to £100, top price 243p per kg for Texel Lambs.
613 Ewes averaged £53 and sold to £140 for a Charollais Ewes.   Heavy Ewes averaged £74, light ewes sold to £74 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £40

Clean Cattle per head: Bee Edge £1462.86, £1422.96, Longnewton £1394.68, Upper Nisbet £1329.08, North Synton £1275.10, £1271.40, £1219.58, West Newbiggin £1207.36

Clean Cattle per kilo: Wester Ulston 248p John Saunderson Ltd, Greenknowe 244p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd (2), Bee Edge 243p Forsyths of Peebles, Greenknowe 242p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Bee Edge 242p Forsyths of Peebles, Greenknowe 240p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Wester Ulston 240p Shaw Fine Meats, Longnewton 238p J.A Waters & Sons, West Blanerne 238p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Willowford 230p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, South Common 227p, 226p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Upper Nisbet 223p Shaw Fine Meats, West Blanerne 220p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, North Synton 211p Mr G.Chapman

Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Christmas Show for Cast Cows. Twenty cows forward for the show with the champion going to a fantastic Limousin.x from Messrs Ross, Wester Middleton which weighed 1024kgs and made 156p (£1597.44) Reserve Champion going to Messrs Jeffrey, Kersknowe with a pure Charolais Cow, 924kgs, 135p (£1247.40)

Cast Cows per head: Wester Middleton £1597.44, Kersknowe £1453.40, £1399.20, £1247.40, Dunslaw £1200.06, Angelrow £1126.44, Kersknowe £1107.44, £1053

Cast Cows per kilo: Dunslaw 177p, Kersknowe 169p, 165p, Wester Middleton 156p, Angelrow 149p, Kersknowe 135p, Outerston 131p, Kersknowe 127p

Lambs per head – Texel: £100 Blackadder Mains, £97.50 Huntington, £97 Traprain, Headshaw, L, £96 Threepwood, £95.50 St Leonards, £95 Corsbie, £94.50 Kedzlie, £94 Boggs Holdings, Blackadder Mains, Threepwood, Symington Mains, £93 Symington Mains, Tannage Brae, Corsbie, St Leonards (2), £92.50 Threepwood, Sorrowlessfield Mains, £92 Headshaw, L, Beltex: £96.50, £95 Craighouse, £93 Craigsford Mains, £92 Wester Ulston, Threeburnford, £90 Craighouse, Faughhill, Threeburnford, £89 Craigsford Mains, Craighouse, Suffolk: £95.50 Headshaw, L, £95 Symington Mains, £93.50, £93 Bonjedward, £93 Blegbie, £91.50 Corsbie, £91 Huntington, £90 Blackhill, Wester Ulston, £89.50 Haltree, £89 Headshaw, L, Bonjedward, Faughhill, Hermiston, Charollais: £89.50 Blackhill, North Country Cheviot: £89 Symington Mains, £88.50 Adderstonshiels, £85 Earlston Road

Lambs per kilo – Texel: 243.8p Huntington, 236.6p Traprain (3), 219.8p Kedzlie, 217p Boon, 213.6p Threepwood, 212p The Knock, 211.9p Eildon Mains, 211.5p, 209.9p, 207.5p Huntington, 207.4p Threepwood, 207p Huntington, 206.3p Traprain, 205p North Synton, 204.8p Hermiston, 203.7p Applecross, 202.4p Fairnilee, 200p The Knock, Beltex: 235.4p Craighouse, 219p Threeburnford, Wester Ulston, 215p Threeburnford, 204.9p Redden, 204.5p Craighouse, 203.5p Craigsford Mains, 202.6p Redden, 200p Threeburnford, Redden, 196.6p, 187.5p Faughhill, 186.7p Redden, 185.7p Townhead, 185.4p Craigsford Mains, 184.5p Craighouse, 182.4p Craigsford Mains, 182.3p Redden, 180.2p Brotherstone, 179.2p Heriotsfield, North Country Cheviot: 196.3p, 196.1p (2), 193.6p Traprain, 192.9p (2) Craighouse, 191.1p Haltree, Suffolk: 193.8p Ladyflat, 188p Elmbank, Greyfaced: 190p Mainhill, Charollais: 189.4p Blackhill

Ewes –  similar trade

Charollais: £140 Falsidehill, £80 Colmslie, Suffolk: £129 Catcune, £107 Brotherstone, £91 Cockburn, £87 Venchen, £87 Ruletownhead, £85 Stagehall, £83 Hermiston, £81 Symington Mains, Texel: £91 Venchen, Tannage Brae, (2) Venchen, £83 Lyne, £80 Cockburn, Half Bred: £85 Bonjedward, £83 Blackhill, Blackface: £79 Tinnis, £53 Colmslie, £47 Tinnis, £43 Colmslie, £41 Tollishill, North Country Cheviot: £74 Stagehall, £73 Bonjedward, Stagehall, £63 Blegbie, Lleyn: £71 Trabrown, £67 Colmslie, £61 Woodburn, Greyfaced: £67 Venchen, £65 Cockburn, Cheviot Mule: £65 Lylestane