St Boswells Primestock Sale

21st January 2019

At St Boswells on Monday 21st January, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep where they sold 70 Clean Cattle, 31 Cast Cows, 1399 Hoggs and  375 Ewes.

Bullocks (24) averaged  215.62p per kg and sold to 245p p (+4p on the week)
Heifers (43) averaged 218.72p per kg and sold to 261p (-4p on the week)
3 Young Bulls sold to £1465
31 Cast Cows averaged 127.79p per kg and sold to 183p (+3p on the week) Top price £1537
1399 Hoggs averaged 191p per kg (n/c on the week) and sold to £107, top price 259p per kg for Beltex Hoggs.
375 Ewes averaged £64 and sold to £117 for Texel Ewes.   Heavy Ewes averaged £77, light ewes sold to £65 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £47 

Clean Cattle per head: Bee Edge £1420.08, Humebyres £1416.80, Bee Edge £1408.96, Wester Ulston £1401.40, Bee Edge £1396.80, Nisbet £1360.80, Lennoxlove £1351.84, Shidlaw £1329.80, Upper Nisbet £1299.60, Upper Nisbet £1231.20, Lennoxlove £1209.80, South Common £1185.56, Smailholm Mains £1152.32

Clean Cattle per kilo: Penston 261p Robert Pringle & Sons, 251p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Wester Ulston 245p Shaw Fine Meats, Bee Edge 244p Fosyths of Peebles, 240p Shaw Fine Meats, Penston 240p Charles Wilson Limited, Lennoxlove 238p Colin Peat, 230p John Saunderson Ltd, Upper Nisbet 228p (2) Forsyths of Peebles, Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Wester Ulston 222p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Little Spott 224p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Shidlaw 218p J.A Waters & Sons

Young Bull: Wester Middleton £1448.16

Cast Cows per head: Boon £1117.20, £1113.20, £1045.98, Kedzlie 1537.20, £1471.80, £1386.10, £1299.48, Blinkbonny £1213.62, Kersknowe £1180.48, Corsbie £1158.66

Cast Cows per kilo: Kedzlie 183p, Boon 175p, Kedzlie 167p, 165p, Kersknowe, Corsbie 157p, Boon 149p, Kedzlie 147p, Corsbie 147p, Boon 133p, 121p

Cast Bulls: Wedderlie £1465 (125p)

Hoggs – plenty weight forward, returns similar

Hoggs per head: Beltex: £107 Wester Ulston, £101 Halidean Mill, £99.50 Craighouse, Huntington, £95 Wester Ulston, £90 The Craggs (2), £88.50 Halidean Mill, Texel: £107 Lower Ashtrees, £104 Upper Chatto, £103 Blackadder Mains, Boggs Holdings, £102 Hermiston, Lower Ashtrees, Corsbie, Stobshiel Mains, £99 North Synton, Huntington, £98 Chesters Brae, Faughill, East Gordon, Huntington, £97.50 Hermiston (2), £97 Corsbie, Huntington, £96.50, £95.50 Corsbie, Suffolk: £104 Corsbie, Boggs Holdings, £102 Hermiston, £100 Corsbie, Mowhaugh Schoolhouse, £97 Broomilees, Adderstonshiels, £96.50 Hermiston, £95.50 Mowhaugh Schoolhouse, North Country Cheviot: £101, £98 Adderstonshiels, £98, £95.50 North Synton, £95 Soutra Mains, £94 Adderstonshiels, £92 Birnieknowe, £91, £90 Adderstonshiels, Romney: £97, £94.50, £93.50 Towford, Greyfaced: £91 Hermiston, £86 Broomilees, Bluefaced Leicester: £93.50 Corsbie Cottage

Hoggs per Kilo: Beltex: 259p Halidean Mill, 248.8p Wester Ulston, 243.3p, 242.7p, 233.3p Craighouse, 232.9p Halidean Mill, 228.7p Huntington, 206.9p The Craggs, 205.4p Craighouse, 204.3p Wester Ulston, Texel: 245p East Gordon, 243.2p Pikiestane, 231p Corsbie, 227.6p Hermiston, 227.4p Corsbie, 226.8p Hermiston, 224.7p Faughill, 216p Broom, 214p Pikiestane, 212.5p Broom, 210.7p Mainhill, 210p Broom, 209.8p Upper Chatto, 209.4p, 208.1p Woodhouse, 205.4p Nether Kidston, 204.7p Broom, 203.6p Broomilees, 202.6p Whitehaugh, North Country Cheviot: 208.3p Soutra Mains, 206p Haltree, 204p Traprain, 203.6p Belmont, 200p Craighouse, Broom, Suffolk: 208.3p Swinnie, 204.8p Broom, 202.6p Nether Kidston, 201.2p Saughtree, Broom, 200p Broom, Meatlinc: 205.9p Houdshall Cottage, Greyfaced: 202.5p Mainhill, 200p Calaburn

Ewes – similar on the week.  Texel: £117 Nether Kidston, £115 Corsbie, £109 Langtonlees (2), £99 The Craggs, £97 Cortleferry, £91 Corsbie, £89 Easter Whitmuir, £87 Towford, Bluefaced Leicester: £101 Edston, £95 Corsbie Cottages, £83 Edston, Suffolk: £93 Corsbie, £91 Langraw, Trabrown, £83 Corsbie, £81 Langraw (2), Cortleferry, Cheviot Mule: £77 Langtonlees, Zwartble: £77, £73 East Bridgelands, Greyfaced: £71 Mowhaugh Schoolhouse, £69 Gateshaw, £67 Corsbie, £65 Ruletownhead Cottages, Langraw, Cortleferry, Gateshaw, Blackface: £59 East Buccleuch, Calaburn, £55 Cortleferry, Laidlawstiel, £53 Edston, £51 Fairnilee