St Boswells Primestock Sale

22nd April 2019

At St Boswells on Monday 22nd April 2019, Harrison & Hetherington sold 84 Prime Cattle at their Easter Show and Sale which was kindly sponsored by Tarff Valley Ltd.  The judge, Mr A.Lauder from Denholm Meats Supplies, awarded the championship to Messrs S & J Allen, Longnewton with a Limousin.x Heifer which scaled at 600kg and sold to 270p per kilo (£1620) to the judge.  The Reserve Champion was a single Limousin Bullock bred by Robert Neill & Partners, Upper Nisbet which made 232p per kilo (£1345.60) to J.Gilmour & Co Ltd

Champion heifer from Longnewton Farm.

Sold 84 Clean Cattle, 34 Cast Cows, 9 Cast Bulls, 8 New Season Lambs, 947 Hoggs and 290 Ewes.

Bullocks (26) averaged 213.25p per kg and sold to 236p (+4p on the week)
Heifers (58) averaged 221.82p per kg and sold to 270p (+2p on the week)
34 Cast Cows averaged 144.7p per kg and sold to 187p (n/c on the week) Top price £1620
9 Cast Bulls averaged 128.63p
8 New Season Lambs averaged 223p per kg and sold to £112, top price 224p
947 Hoggs averaged 194p per kg (+6p on the week) and sold to £110.50, top price 224p per kg for Cheviot Hoggs
Ewes averaged £75.37 and sold to £115 for Charollais Ewes. Heavy Ewes averaged £87, light ewes sold to £87 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £67


Class 1             NATIVE BRED BULLOCK

  1. Faughill                         678kgs             214p     Hugh Black & Sons Ltd


  1. Saltoun Home Farm 602kgs             220p     Foley Bros
  2. Bee Edge 564kgs             236p     J.F Finlay & Co Ltd
  3. Upper Nisbet 578kgs             226p     Shaw Fine Meats

Class 3             NATIVE BRED HEIFER

  1. Penston 564kgs             220p     J.Gilmour & Co Ltd
  2. Willowford 564kgs             212p     Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd
  3. Phantassie 634kgs             220p     John Anderson (Butchers)


  1. Longnewton 600kgs             270p     Denholm Meat Supplies (CHAMPION)
  2. Bee Edge 604kgs             238p     J.Gilmour & Co Ltd
  3. Upper Nisbet 608kgs             239p     Foley Bros

Class 5             BULLOCK, BRED BY EXHIBITOR

  1. Upper Nisbet 580kgs             232p     J.Gilmour & Co Ltd (RESERVE)
  2. Shidlaw 572kgs             206p     Mr J.Robertson

Class 6             HEIFER, BRED BY EXHIBITOR

  1. Upper Nisbet 586kgs             243p     Foley Bros
  2. Gospelhall 614kgs             235p     Foley Bros
  3. Garvald Mains 542kgs             218p     J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

Cast Cows per head: Garvald Mains £1370.58, £1361.04, Kedzlie £1297.78, Penston £1297.44, Camieston £1295.58, Penston £1252.52

Cast Cows per kilo: Kedzlie 187p, 181p, Penston 173p, Stobo Home Farm 163p, Coxydene 161p, Garvald Mains 159p

Cast Bulls per head: Trows £1620, Coxydene £1312.62, Muircleugh £1230.26

Cast Bulls per kilo: Coxydene 155p, Mount Lothian 145p

New Season Lambs: First lambs of the season, sold well with weight forward.

Lambs per head: Charollais: £112 Ladyflat, Suffolk: £111 Ladyflat

Lambs per kilo: Charollais: 224p Ladyflat, Suffolk: 222p Ladyflat

Hoggs  – trade a touch sharper on the week.  Another heavy show

Hoggs per head: Suffolk: £110.50, £110 Boghall, £102 The Lee, Boghall, £100.50, £99.50 Boghall, £99 Whitsome West Newton, Saughtree, £98.50 Garvald Mains, Whitsome West Newton, New Blainslie, £98 Middlethird, Boghall (2), Saughtree, Texel: £107 Whitsome West Newton, £105 Adderstonshiels, £101 Redden, £99.50 Earlston Mains, £99 Harelaw, Whitlaw (2), New Blainslie, £98.50 Redden, £97 Harden Mains (2), £96 New Blainslie, Whitlaw, Bluefaced Leicester: £107 Corsbie Cottages, Beltex: £106, £101 Whitsome West Newton, Cheviot.x: £105, £100 Adderstonshiels, £99 Boghall (2), Garvald Mains, Adderstonshiels, £98.50, £98 Boghall (2), Saughtree (2), £97.50 Swinnie, Zwartble: £102 Boghall, Greyfaced: £97 Boghall, Charollais: £94 Berryhill (2), Cheviot Mule: £93.50 Blegbie

Hoggs per kilo: Cheviot.x: 224.4p Longnewton Forest, 213.2p Stoneypath, 212p Swinnie (4),210.5p Lanton Crag, 209.4p East Buccleuch, 208.9p, 202.12p(2) Boghall,  Texel: 221.3p Stoneypath (2), 217.1p Earlston Mains, 214.6p Corsbie, 207.1p Lustruther, 206.7p Ashcraig, 204.3p Berryhill, Whitlaw, 202.2p Corsbie, 201p Redden, 200p Whitlaw, Suffolk: 200p Corsbie, Blackface: 197.4p Stoneypath

Ewes – sharper

Charollais: £115 Runningburn, £85 Berryhill, Suffolk: £101, £97 The Lee, £97 Symington Mains, Corsbie Cottage, Middlethird, £93 Greenhead, S, £91 Middlethird, £87 Hallrule Mill, £83 Berryhill, Texel: £99 Craighouse, £93 Symington Mains, £91 Hallrule Mill, Ashcraig, £87 Symington Mains, Fairnilee, Stoneypath, £85 Halidean Mill, Greenhead, S, Cullmailie, £84 Stoneypath, £83 The Lee, £82 Stoneypath, £81 Fairnilee, Greenhead, S, Bluefaced Leicester: £99 Corsbie Cottage, Greyfaced: £97 Corsbie Cottages, £86 Berryhill, Yarlside, Whitlaw, Berryhill, The Lee, £81 Corsbie Cottage, Berrichon: £97, £83 Springwood Lodge,  Lleyn:  £95 Lustruther, £85 Yarlside, £83 Harden Mains, Legerwood, £81 Legerwood, Cheviot Mule: £87, £81 Wester Ulston, Blegbie, £79 Halidean Mill, Cheviot.x: £87 Earlston Road, £77 Ashcraig, Blegbie, £71, £70 Saughtree, Easycare: £71 Bankhouse, Blackface: £61 The Lee, £59 Ashcraig, £59, £51 Fairnilee

Rams- Charollais: £127 Garvald Mains