St Boswells Primestock Sale

27th May 2019

At St Boswells on Monday 27th May, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle and sheep.

Sold 57 Clean Cattle, 60 Cast Cows, 343 New Season Lambs, 191 Hoggs and 242 Ewes.
Bullocks (19) averaged 209p per kg and sold to 230p (+1.0p on the week)
Heifers (37) averaged 211p per kg and sold to 240p (-3.0p on the week)
1 Young Bulls sold to 144p (n/c on the week)
60 Cast Cows averaged 140p per kg and sold to 169p (+5.0p on the week) Top price £1450
343 New Season Lambs averaged 225p per kg (+9p on the week) and sold to £110, top price 250p per kg for Suffolk.x Lambs
191 Hoggs sold to £110 Top price 250p per kg for Suffolk x hoggs
242 Ewes averaged £64 and sold to £110 for Suffx Ewes. Heavy Ewes averaged £79, light ewes sold to £73 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £60

Clean Cattle per head: £1416, £1377.60, £1354.32, £1311 Bee Edge. £1369.56, £1363.44, £1316.60 Penston. £1328.40, £1320.60 Galagate Farms.£1328.04 Smailholm Mains.£1307.20 Whitsome West Newton.

Clean Cattle per kilo: Bee Edge 240p Hugh Black & Sons, Bee Edge 236p Forsyths of Peebles, Pathhead 234p Michael Malone of Edinburgh.,Pathhead 230p Michael Malone of Edinburgh .Bee Edge 230p TA Shaw, Lauder. Penston 228p WTS Forsyth, Peebles .Bee Edge 228p Hugh Black & Sons.

Cast Cows per head: Thrunton £1450.02. £1384.24, £1383.30, £1370.20,£1352.00. Lamberton £1320.14. Blackshiels £1281.54.

Cast Cows per kilo: Thrunton 169p(2). Monteith Houses 161p. Oakwood.Thrunton, Falsidehill, Saughtree, Blackshiels 159p

Lambs were sharper on the week.

New Season Lambs per head – Suffolk: £110 Huntington, £108 Cockburn. £105 Corsbie.£104.50 Edrom Mains. £104 Smailholm Mains.£102 Belmont. £100 Smailholm Mains, Coltcrooks, Belmont. Texel: £108.50 Coltcrooks. £107 Gainslawhill. £106 East Gordon. £105 Cockburn, Edrom Mains(2).

New Season Lambs per kilo – Suffolk: 250p Huntington. 232.60p Coltcrooks. 232.50p Colmslie. 229.70p Edrom Mains.228.90p Elwartlaw. Texel: 248.80p,247.60p Huntington. 246.60p, 235.30p Coltcrooks. 246.40 Broadmeadows. 246p,229.90p Thornington. 244p Blackadder Mains. 238.60p Elwartlaw. 238.20p East Gordon.232.50p Colmslie. Vendeen: 230.00p Redpath East End.

Hoggs: Returns similar on the week

Hoggs per head: Suffolk: £100 Kingsbarns. £96 Elwartlaw. £89 Colmslie. £76 Venchen.£75 Brotherstone. Texel:£100 Duke Street. £88 Earlston Mains. £80 Huntershall, Legerwood, Venchen, Whitlaw. Blackface: £83 Tollishill, Hartside. Herdwick: £79 Crumstane. Cheviotx: £66 Dod Farm. £65.50 Kirklands. £60 Torwoodlee. Greyface: £73 Huntershall.

Ewes – Trade was similar on the week.

Ewes per Head:Suffolk: £110(2) Meigle. £93 Gainslawhill, Meigle. £90 Gainslawhill. £85 Broadmeadows, Cockburn. £83, £80 Elwartlaw. £82 Middle Moneynut, £81 Faughhill, Earlston Mains. Zwarble: £100 Traprain. Texel: £91 Aikeyside. £90 Cockburn. £81 Hartside. Beltex: £90 Faughhill. Greyface: £79 Cockburn. £77 Bettyfield, Huntershall. £74 Hartside. ChevMule: £75 Smiddyhill. NCC: £73, £61 Crailinghall. £67 Traprain, Smiddyhill. Lleyn: £73 Kidshielhaugh