St Boswells Primestock Sale

14th October 2019

At St Boswells on Monday 14th October Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep where they sold 39 Clean Cattle, 41 Cast Cows, 1965 Lambs and 798 Ewes.

Bullocks (11) averaged 200.02p per kg and sold to 228p (-7p on the week)
Heifers (25) averaged 206.74p per kg and sold to 236p (+6p on the week)
3 Young Bulls sold to £1278 (n/c on the week)
41 Cast Cows averaged 118p per kg and sold to 151p (+3p on the week) Top price £1180
1965 Lambs averaged 162.5p per kg (-7.5p on the week) and sold to £100, top price 221p per kg for Beltex Lambs
798 Ewes averaged £50.67 and sold to £119 for Texel Ewes. Heavy Ewes averaged £73, light ewes sold to £76 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £39

Clean Cattle per head: Upper Nisbet £1463.76, £1434.88, Bee Edge £1394.64, £1350.24, Upper Nisbet £1333.08, £1331.36, £1310.40, Woodhead, A £1268.56

Clean Cattle per kilo: Upper Nisbet 236p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, Bee Edge 234p Shaw Fine Meats, Upper Nisbet 234p Forsyths of Peebles, Bee Edge 232p Forsyths of Peebles, Upper Nisbet 228p Shaw Fine Meats, Faughhill 226p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Woodhead, A 226p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Upper Nisbet 225p Colin Peat, Woodhead, A 221p Cooper Butchers, Upper Nisbet 212p JF Finlay & Co Ltd, Wester Ulston 212p J.Saunderson Ltd

Young Bulls: Wedderlie £1278.72

Cast Bulls: Parkhill 109p

Cast Cows per head: Sydenham £1180.94, Kersknowe £1180.82, Harehead £1136.20, Kersknowe £1117.50, Harehead £1082.90, Roxburgh Mains. £1036.80

Cast Cows per kilo: Kersknowe 151p, 149p, Sydenham 137p, Roxburgh Mains 135p, Nether Fala, Laidslawstiel129p, Huntershall, Nether Fala, Laidlawstiel 125p

Lambs –  very heavy show forward.  Trade inline.  Quality still paying

Lambs per head- Texel: £100, £94 Sunnycroft, £93.50 Muircleugh, £89 Crookston, Traprain, £88 Traprain (2), Haltree, £87 St Leonards (3), Brothershiels,  Corsbie, £86.50 Threepwood, £85.50 St Leonards, Bhalu, £85 Corsbie (2), Upper Samieston, Hermiston,Beltex: £97, £94 (2) Crookston, Huntington, £90, £89 Huntington, £88.50 Crookston, £88 Threeburnford, £86.50 Huntington (4), £86 Crookston, £85 Lylestane, £84 Huntington, Craighouse, £83 Huntington, £82.50 Lylestane, £82 Brothershiels, Lylestane, Suffolk: £93 Ruecastle Cottages, £92.50 Muircleugh, £92 The Lee (2), Corsbie, £89 Muircleugh, Haltree, £88.50 Corsbie, £87.50 Headshaw, L, Castleside, £86.50 St Leonards, £84.50 Howahill, Hermiston

Lambs per kilo- Beltex: 221.2p, 220.5p, 213.2p Crookston, 209.5p Threeburnford, 208.2p Crookston, 203.5p Huntington, 202.4p Craighouse, 200p, 197.7p Lylestane, 197.6p Brothershiels, 194p(2), 191.9p Lylestane, 190.6p Huntington, 189.3p Threeburnford, 188.5p Lylestane, 188.1p Craiglea, 187.4p Huntington, 183.5p Threeburnford, 181.8p Old Melrose Lodge, Texel: 204.7p Corsbie, 200p(2) Traprain, 190.7p Threepwood, 186.2p Brothershiels, 182.9p Wormerlaw, 177.4p Upper Samieston, 177.1p (2) Corsbie, 176.3p (2) Strathmyre, 173.7p Leaston, 173.3p Walkersknowe Cottage, 172.1p Cheviot View, 171.4p Wormerlaw, 170.9p Lylestane, 170p Upper Samieston, Hermiston, Suffolk: 168.3p Headshaw, L, 168.2p Muircleugh

Ewes – Big show forward.  Returns similar

Texel: £119 Chesters Brae, £107 Roseden Cottages, £100 Chesters Brae, The Lee, £90 Roseden Cottages, £87 Leaston, £83 Lylestane, £81 Leaston, Bowland, £80 Hardacres, Chesters Brae, St Leonards, Crookston, Suffolk: £81 Bowland, £80 Crookston, £77 Middlethird, £75 Burnhouse Mains, £71 Greenend, Burnhouse Mains, Beltex: £80 Roseden Cottages, £75 Heriotsfield, £73 Helmburn, North Country Cheviot: £76 Adderstonshiels, £73 Bowmont Farming, £58 Lylestane, £57 Meigle, £54 Saughtree, Lumsdaine, Cheviot Mule: £75 Traprain, £67 Lumsdaine, Meigle,  Blackface: £71 Headshaw, L, £55 Cammerlaws, £49 Meigle, £46 Lumsdaine, £45 Hardacres, £43 Meigle, £42 Cammerlaws, Huntershall, Lleyn: £69, £59 Legerwood, Greyfaced: £64 Myreside, £62 The Lee, £61 Burnhouse Mains, £60 Lumsdaine, Easy Care: £61 Headshaw, Ashkirk