St Boswells Primestock Sale

27th April 2020

At St Boswells on Monday 27th April, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle

Sold 78 Clean Cattle, 35 Cast Cows, 1362 Hoggs and 409 Ewes
Heavy show forward which met the national trend
Bullocks (28) averaged 210p per kg and sold to 230p (-4p on the week)
Handy weights easy to cash
Heifers (50) averaged 208p per kg and sold to 238p (-6p on the week)
1 Young Bull sold to 220p per kg
Good show forward
35 Cast Cows averaged 134p per kg and sold to 175p (+3p on the week) Top price £1170
Heavy show forward.  Good trade
1362 Hoggs averaged 199p per kg (+8p on the week) and sold to £110, top price 225p per kg for Beltex Hoggs
409 Ewes averaged £82 and sold to £129 (2) for a Suffolk.x Ewe and a Texel.x Tup.  Heavy Ewes averaged £96, light ewes sold to £105 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £82


Clean Cattle per head: Bee Edge £1424.38, Lennoxlove £1399.44, Upper Nisbet £1382.40, Bee Edge £1361.60, £1360.72, Upper Nisbet £1350.90, Bee Edge £1349.04, Shidlaw £1321.08, Lurdenlaw £1314, Gala Farms £1302.40, Crookhouse £1300.32, Galagate £1260

Clean Cattle per kilo: Lennoxlove 238p Michael Malone of Edinburgh, Upper Nisbet 237p J & J Mather, Lennoxlove 235p Michael Malone of Edinburgh, Penston 234p J.F Finlay & Co, Bee Edge 233p Denholm Meat Supplies, 231p Forsyths of Peebles, Penston 231p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Pathhead 230p J & J Mather, Bee Edge 230p Forsyths of Peebles, Lennoxlove 229p J & J Mather, Wester Ulston 225p, 222p, 221p J.F Finlay & Co, 221p Wester Ulston 221p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Nisbet 221p J.F Finlay & Co

Cast Cows per head: Towford £1169.48, £1169, Upper Nisbet £1152.58, Ruletownhead £1120, Penston £1095.52, Upper Nisbet £1052.16, £1051.94, £1044

Cast Cows per kilo: Ruletownhead 175p, Towford 173p, 167p, Penston 167p, Stoneypath 155p, Upper Nisbet 149p, Penston 147p, Upper Nisbet 145p

Texel: £110 Waterside, Suffolk: £107 Sunnycroft, £104 Redpath East End, Zwarble: £98 Trows, Ryeland: £91 Waterside

Hoggs per head – Texel: £110, £109, £106.50 Wardhead, £102.50 Whitsome West Newton, £102 Traprain, £101.50 Wardhead, £100 Waterside, Boghall (2), £99.50 Eden Brook, Wardhead, £99 Bonjedward, Whitsome West Newton, Bonjedward, Whitsome West Newton, Stoneypath, Suffolk: £103 (2), £102 Boghall, £101.50 Eden Brook, £100.50 (2) Boghall, £100 (2) Waterside, £99.50 Boghall, Chesters Brae, Wardhead (2), £99 Whitsome West Newton, Wardhead, Rouge: £103 Wardhead, Lleyn: £103 Over Whitlaw, North Country Cheviot: £100.50 Wardhead, Bluefaced Leicester: £98 Wardhead, Blackface: £97, £96, £95 Wardhead, Greyfaced: £97 Boghall, £95 Wardhead, Half Bred: £95.50 Bonjedward, Beltex: £94.50 Waterside, Zwartble: £93 Woodlands, Selkirk

Hoggs per kilo – Beltex: 237.5p Halidean Mill, 225p, 221.1p Waterside, Texel: 220.5p Holydean,219.8p, 218.8p, 217.8p, 217.1p Waterside, 216.3p Wardhead, 215.9p Boghall, 215.5p Eden Brook, 214.4p Waterside, 213p Stoneypath, 212.8p Boghall, 212.3p, 211.9p Waterside, North Country Cheviot: 222.1p Dod Farm, 218.8p Halterburnhead, 214.9p, 214.5p, 213.3p Kirklands, A, 212.5p, 212.4p (2), 210.9p Boghall, 210.6p Kirklands, A, 210.3p Traprain, 210p Boghall, Suffolk: 215.7p Waterside, 211p Ruletownhead, 206.6p Blackburn, L, 205.3p Stoneypath, 205.2p Boghall, 204.6p Eden Brook, 204.2p Bonjedward, Greyfaced: 201.3p Stoneypath, Half Bred: 199p Bonjedward, Lleyn: 196.9p Over Whitlaw,  Norfolk: 196.1p Crumstane, Blackface: 195p Waterside, 191.8p Halterburnhead, Stoneypath


Suffolk: £129 Highfield Farming, £113 Roxburgh Mains, £111 Haltree, £107 Stoneypath, £105 Highfield Farming, Hallrule Mill, Highfield Farming, Texel: £113 Roxburgh Mains, £107 Sunnycroft, Noble Place, Hawick, Scott Road, Lauder, £106 Stoneypath, £105 Threepwood, Beltex: £111, £99, £97 Craiglea,  North Country Cheviot: £105 Soutra Mains, £93 Broomilees, £87 Highfield Farming, Haltree, Border Leicester: £87 Deuchrie, Ryeland: £75 Woodlands, S, Greyfaced: £84 Lumsdaine, £82 Scott Road, Lauder, £79 Stoneypath, Blackface: £81 Lumsdaine, £71 Whitehope, £69 Lumsdaine, £67 Deuchrie, Kirklands, A, Cheviot Mule: £75 Halidean Mill


Zwartble: £107 Woodlands, North Country Cheviot: £103 Ruletownhead, Charollais: £129, £117 Ruletownhead, Suffolk: £113 Oxmuir, Texel: £105 Hallrule Mill