St Boswells Primestock Sale

4th May 2020

At St Boswells on Monday 4th May, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle

Sold 70 Clean Cattle, 62 Cast Cows, 720 Hoggs and 277 Ewes
Show of plainer, heavy bullocks forward
Bullocks (27) averaged 200p per kg and sold to 221p (-10p on the week)
Quality show of heifers which met the same demand.
Heifers (42) averaged 213p per kg and sold to 235p (+5p on the week)
1 Young Bull sold to 146p per kg (n/c on the week)
62 Cast Cows averaged 135p per kg and sold to 163p (+1.0p on the week) Top price £1375
720 Hoggs averaged 188p per kg (-11p on the week) and sold to £110, top price 225p per kg for Beltex.x Hoggs
Ewes averaged £78 and sold to £121 for a Suffolk Ewe.  Heavy Ewes averaged £94, light ewes averaged £71


Clean Cattle per head:  Bee Edge £1419.40, £1398.40, Penston £1360.30, Lurdenlaw £1353.42, Bee Edge £1346.92, Lurdenlaw £1342.88, Bee Edge £1321.08, Upper Nisbet £1278.72, Galagate £1239.48, Nisbet £1229.82, Upper Nisbet £1229.82, £1242.60, Gala Farms £1229.28, Galagate £1207.16

Clean Cattle per kilo: Bee Edge 235p Forsyths of Peebles, Penston 234p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Pathhead 233p J & J Mather, Sourhope 232p Coq & Bull Butchers Ltd, Bee Edge 230p Shaw Fine Meats, Penston 229p, 228p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Sourhope 225p J & J Mather, Woodhead, A 224p J & J Mather, Gospelhall 224p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Upper Nisbet 222p Charles Wilson Ltd, Woodhead, A 221p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Pathhead 220p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Lurdenlaw 219p Cooper Butchers, Woodhead, A 218p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Upper Nisbet 218p Hugh Black & Sons, 216p Cooper Butchers

Cast Cows per head:  Low Middleton £1375.72, East Horton £1281.54, Kedzlie £1241.22, Soutra £1217.16, Kedzlie £1196.10, Smailholm Mains £1168.92, Upper Nisbet £1167.18

Cast Cows per kilo: Low Middleton 163p, Soutra 161p, Stobshiel Mains, East Horton 159p, Penston, Smailholm Mains, South Common 153p, Corsbie, Kedzlie 151p, Kedzlie 149p

End of season show forward with well fed hoggs selling to advantage.

Hoggs per head –
Suffolk: £110, £103.50 (2), £103 (3) Boghall, Wester Ulston, £102.50, £101 (2), £100 Boghall, Texel: £109 Wester Ulston, £106, £101 Whitsome West Newton, Boghall, £100 Whitsome West Newton, £98 Boghall, Helmburn, £97 Helmburn, Boghall, £96 Wester Ulston, North Country Cheviot: £102, £98 Philiphaugh, £97 Boghall (4), £95 Boghall, £94.50 Swinnie (2), £94 Boghall (2), Beltex: £98 Helmburn, £87, £85 Lylestane, Greyfaced: £94, £90.50 Boghall, Easycare: £90 Pilmuir, Blackface: £89.50, £88 Berryhill, £86 Leaston, Wensleydale: £89 Crumstane, Meatlinc: £81.50 Houdshall Cottage, Zwartble: East Bridgelands

Hoggs per kilo-
Texel: 225p Lylestane, 213.8p Helmburn, 213p Ruletownhead, 211.2p Boghall, 210p, 209.8p Lylestane, 208.1p Helmburn, 205.2p Lylestane, 205p Wardhead, 203.2p Lylestane, 202.5p Marigold, 202.2p Boghall, Beltex: 223.7 Lylestane, 217.8p Helmburn, 217.5p Lylestane, 212.5p Wester Ulston, North Country Cheviot: 213.4p Boghall, 211.4p Saughtree, 208.1p Longnewton Forest, 207.6p Lylestane, 207.1p (2), 206.5p Boghall, 206.2p Saughtree, 205.4p (2) Swinnie, 205.1p Lylestane, 204.2p (4) Boghall, Suffolk: 206.8p Marigold, 205p, 200p (2) Boghall, 200p Ruletownhead, Meatlinc: 203.8p Houdshall Cottage, Blackface: 200p Leaston, Easycare: 194p Pilmuir, Greyfaced: 190.5p Boghall, Cheviot Mule: 150p Wester Ulston

EWES – buoyant with leaner types forward

Texel: £121 Middlethird, £103 Millheugh, £101 Middlethird, Greenhead, S, £99 Cortleferry, Wormerlaw, Suffolk: £119 (2) Marigold, £115 Millheugh, £105 Middlethird, £101 Marigold, £97 Cortleferry, Monklaw, £95 Greenhead, S, £91 Dryden, Marigold, North Country Cheviot: £97 Stobshiel Mains, Gospelhall, £92 Stobshiel Mains, Gospelhall, £89 Middlethird, Stobshiel Mains, Lleyn: £93, £85 (2) Ruletownhead, Half Bred: £91 Marigold, Greyfaced: £89 Middlethird, £85 Nether Howden, £84 Newhouses, £83 Rawburn, £82 Spring House, Zwartble: £83 Craigsford, £75 Wormerlaw, Jacob: £83 Dryden, Beltex: £79 Craighouse, Easycare: £74 Pilmuir, Blackface: £71 Lauderhill, £55 (2) Rawburn