St Boswells Primestock Sale

11th May 2020

At St Boswells on Monday 11th May, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle

Sold 83 Clean Cattle, 52 Cast Cows, 154 Lambs, 1099 Hoggs and 284 Ewes
Bullocks (20) averaged 211p per kg and sold to 226p (+11p on the week)
Heifers (58) averaged 212p per kg and sold to 237p (nc on the week)
5 Young Bulls averaged 167p per kg and sold to 212p per kg (n/c on the week)
52 Cast Cows averaged 140p per kg and sold to 191p (+5p on the week) Top price £1360
154 Lambs averaged 260p per kg and sold to £124m top price of 300p per kg
1099 Hoggs averaged 203p per kg (+15p on the week) and sold to £139, top price 237.5p per kg for Texel Hoggs
284 Ewes averaged £79.21 and sold to £117 for Texel Ewes. Heavy Ewes averaged £95, light ewes sold to £117 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £72


Clean Cattle per head:  Kedzlie £1443.52, Whitsome West Newton £1430, Bee Edge £1422, £1401.84, Phantassie £1390.72, Bee Edge £1375.40, £1374.70, Upper Nisbet £1373.68, Bee Edge £1362.90, Penston £1343.84, Snawdon £1339.30, Bee Edge £1327.56, Crookhouse £1313.76, £1274.64, Lurdenlaw £1265.88, Faughhill £1264.64

Clean Cattle per kilo:  Penston 237p Forsyths of Peebles, Bee Edge 237p Foley Bros, 236p Denholm Meat Supplies, 233p, 231p Foley Bros, Lurdenlaw 231p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Penston 230p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Bee Edge 230p Forsyths of Peebles, Snawdon 227p Cooper Butchers, Penston 227p J.A Waters & Sons, Crookhouse 226p Forsyths of Peebles


Cows per head:  Kersknowe £1360.40, £1298.70, Kedzlie £1296.82, Penston £1194.48, Kedzlie £1187.28

Cows per kilo: Kedzlie 191p, Penston 189p, Kersknowe 179p, Saughtree, Kedzlie 157p


First decent show of lambs for the season.  In strong demand.  Average 260p

Lambs per head- Suffolk: £124 Whitsome West Newton, £120 Headshaw, L, £119 Hendersyde, £118, £115 Whitsome West Newton, £112.50 Redpath East End, Thornington, Texel: £121 Thornington, £120 Birkenside, £118 Thornington, £115.50 Venchen, £115 Thornington, Birkenside, Byrewalls, £113 Old Melrose Lodge, Marigold, £112.50 Redpath East End, Coltcrooks, £112 Birkenside

Lambs per kilo- Texel: 300p Birkenside, 277.1p Thornington, 276.5p Birkenside, 271.8p, 270p Venchen, 269p Old Melrose Lodge, 268.9p Thornington, 267.5p, 267.4p Birkenside, 265p, 261.6p Coltcrooks,


More handy weights forward.  Trade sharper

Hoggs per head-

Texel: £139, £138, £125 Roundabouts, £120 Blackadder Mains £118(2) Whitsome West Newton,  Boghall, Blackadder Mains, £117 (2)Waterside, £116 Whitsome West Newton, Blackadder Mains, £115 Whitsome West Newton, £110 Waterside, £109 Boghall, Bonjedward, £108 (2) Boghall, £106 Middlestead, Stoneypath, North Country Cheviot: £113, £110 Hethpool, £103 Crailinghall, £102 (2) Boghall, £100 Boreland, Blackface: £109 Hethpool, £99 Bowland, £95 Berryhill, Greyfaced: £104 Upper Chatto, £100 Boghall, Half Bred: £103 Bonjedward, Bluefaced Leicester: £97 Middlestead

Hoggs per kilo –

Texel: 237.5p Waterside, 237.4p, 236p Boghall, 235p Bonjedward, 231.6p Stoneypath, 229.3p Waterside, 228.9p Boghall, 228.9p Waterside, 226.2p New Heaton, 221.2p Upper Chatto, 216.9p, 216.3p, 212.7p Waterside, 212.1p New Heaton, 212p Stoneypath, Suffolk: 237.5p Middlestead, 231.1p Bonjedward, 229.5p, 227.4p (2), 226.6p (2), 220.4p Boghall, 220p Ruletownhead, Bowland, 216.7p Fairlaw, 216p (2), 211.3p (2) Boghall, Half Bred: 228.9p Bonjedward, North Country Cheviot: 227.2p Boghall, 226.9p Faughhill, 225.3p Upper Chatto, 224.2p (2) Boghall, 222.5p Ruletownhead, 215.2p Upper Chatto, 214.8p Langhope, 214.6p Crailinghall, 211.4p Dod Farm, 211.3p Langhope, Blackface: 211.1p Stoneypath, 202p Bowland, Greyfaced: 210.5p Boghall, 210p Waterside


Similar trade, all types wanted

Texel: £117 Corsbie, £115 Elliston, £111 Corsbie, £109 Hyndsidehill, £107 Waterside, Leahaugh, £101 Corsbie, £100 Elliston, Suffolk: £115 Corsbie, Birkenside, £113 Middlestead, £111 Corsbie, £107 Stoneypath, £105 Hyndsidehill, £103 Bonjedward, £101 Meigle, £100 Nisbet Mill, North Country Cheviot: £117, £107 Hethpool, £95 Gospelhall, Boreland, £85 Upper Chatto, £80 Boreland, Bluefaced Leicester: £107 Middlestead, £106 Nisbet Mill, Half Bred: £111, £93 Bonjedward, Cheviot Mule: £105 Stoneypath, £97 Hyndsidehill, £91 Over Blainslie, Waterside, Greyfaced: £86 Whinfield, £85 Hendersyde, £81 Middlestead, Leahaugh, £80 Nether Kidston, Easycare: £87 (2) Pilmuir, Meatlinc: £85, £79 (2) Houdshall Cottage, Blackface: £81 Meigle, £77 Upper Chatto, £73 Middlestead, Hill Cheviot: £78, £68 Whitefield, E,