St Boswells Primestock Sale

15th June 2020

At St Boswells on Monday 15th June, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle

Sold 100 Clean Cattle, 48 Cast Cows, 868 Lambs, 98 Hoggs and 282 Ewes
Bullocks (45) averaged 211p per kg and sold to 234p (n/c on the week)
Heifers (50) averaged 217p per kg and sold to 236p (+3p on the week)
5 Young Bulls sold to 212p per kg
48 Cast Cows averaged 142p per kg and sold to 197p (n/c on the week) Top price £1471
868 Lambs averaged 221.4p per kg (n/c on the week) and sold to £124, top price 245p per kg for Texel Lambs
98 Hoggs averaged 171p per kg (n/c on the week) and sold to £123, top price 200p per kg for Texel Hoggs
Ewes averaged £78 and sold to £117 for Suffolk Ewes. Heavy Ewes averaged £94, light ewes sold to £81 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £ 72


Clean Cattle met a firm trade with all weights in demand.

Clean Cattle per head: Venchen £1425.38, £1411.74, Bee Edge £1401.84, £1394.64, Woodhead, A £1393.28, Venchen £1391.94, Bee Edge £1388.68, Kedzlie £1386.48, Oakwood £1359.92, Penston £1344.42, Kedzlie £1333.40, Crookhouse £1328.88, Lurdenlaw £1236.48, Wester Ulston £1230.84, Kedzlie £1214.40, West Garleton £1207.72, Woodhead, A £1202.32, Snawdon £1058, West Garleton £1001.88

Clean Cattle per kilo: Bee Edge 236p G.McFadzean, Foley Bros, Penston 235p G.McFadzean, Bee Edge 234p Forsyths of Peebles, Wester Ulston 234p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Bee Edge 233p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, Woodhouse 232p Forsyths of Peebles, Snawdon 232p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Bee Edge 231p Hugh Black & Sons, Penston 231p G.McFadzean, Snawdon 230p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Lurdenlaw 229p John Saunderson Butchers, Crookhouse 226p Shaw Fine Meats, Kedzlie 226p (2) Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Cooper Butchers, Woodhead, A 226p G.McFadzean, West Garleton 225p (2) Michael Malone of Edinburgh, J.F Finlay & Co, West Garleton, Woodhead, A 224p J.A Waters & Sons, Lurdenlaw 224p G.McFadzean, Kedzlie 220p Michael Malone of Edinburgh, Old Castles 220p Michael Malone of Edinburgh,

Young Bulls per head: Huntington £1310.16, Edgerston Home Farm £1220.16, £1160.28

Young Bulls per kilo: Huntington 212p, Edgerston Home Farm 198p


Cast Cows once again, met a fast trade.

Cast Cows per head: Kersknowe £1471.80, Oakwood £1302.60, Kersknowe £1269, Kedzlie £1225.34

Cast Cows per kilo: Kedzlie 197p, Oakwood 195p, Inland Pasture 167p, Kersknowe, Kedzlie 165p, Gateshaw, Corsbie 159p, Penston, Coxydene 157p, Kedzlie 155p, Penston 153p

Cast Bull: Tinnis £1113.98 (109p)


Lambs back in line with national trade.

Lambs per head- Suffolk: £124, £121, £113 Belmont, £110 Marvingston, Belmont, £108 Smailholm Mains, £100 Belmont, £98 East Gordon, Mowhaugh, £96.50 Smailholm Mains, £95 (2) Marvingston, Leaston, Texel: £118 Symington Mains, £116 The Knock (2), Legars, £115 (2)Legars, £114 Marvingston, £113 Rhodes Holdings, £111 The Knock, £110 Thirlestane, The Craggs, £109 Birkenside, The Knock, Harelaw, £108 Rhodes Holdings, Corsbie, Birkenside, The Knock, Yarlside, Craigsford Mains, Beltex: £100, £93.50 Redden, £90.50 Craiglea

Lambs per kilo- Texel: 245.5p The Knock, 242.6p Marvingston, 242.2p Birkenside, 240.4p Rhodes Holdings, 239.1p Thirlestane, 237p The Knock, 236.8p Birkenside, 235.6p Coltcrooks, 235.3p The Knock, 234.8p Birkenside, 232p Legars, 230.8p (2) Thornington, 230.2p Coltcrooks, 230p Legars, 229.8p Craigsford Mains, 229.7p (2)The Knock, 228.9p Elwartlaw, 228.8p Mossilee, Beltex: 227.3p Redden, 226.7p Craighouse, 226.3p Craiglea, 222.6p Redden

Hoggs per head- Texel: £123 Legars, £99 Bonjedward, £95 Stoneypath, £92 Bonjedward, The Craggs, £89, £88 Kirktonhill, £87 Stoneypath, Suffolk: £102 Hallrule Mill, £94 The Craggs, £90 Stoneypath, Greyfaced: £94 West Morriston, £85 Kirktonhill, Blackface: £85 Burncastle, Meatlinc: £83 Houdshall Cottage


Ewe trade similar

Suffolk: £117 Smailholm Mains, £115 Marvingston, £111, £97 Smailholm Mains, Greenend, £96 Bonjedward, £93 Penston, £91 Edrom Mains, Marvingston, Westerhall, Lawfield, Lleyn: £108, £103 Over Whitlaw, Texel: £95 Lawfield, Lylestane, £93 Cockburn, Walkersknowe Cottage, £91 Leaston, Marvingston, Lylestane, £90 Penston, £89 Over Newton, Bluefaced Leicester: £95 Newbigging Walls; Half Bred: £89 Bonjedward, £87 (3), £83 Marvingston, LLeyn: £85 Yarlside; Zwartble: £85 Wormerlaw, Cheviot Mule: £83 Westerhall, Greyfaced: £81 Cockburn, Myreside, £79 West Bold, Penston, Greenend, £77 Kirktonhill, Stoneypath, £75 Inchkeith, Over Newton House, North Country Cheviot: £81 Main Hill and Lylestane, £79 Middlesknowes, £77 Bonjedward, £73 Middlesknowes, Blackface: £73 Burncastle, £65 Main Hill, £63 West Bold, £61 Kirktonhill, Blackcruik, West Bold, Easy Care: £63 Inchkeith, Jacob: £67 Blackcruik, Shetland: £61 Bogg Holdings, Meatlinc: £61 Houdshall Cottage