St Boswells Primestock Sale

17th August 2020

At St Boswells on Monday 17th August, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle and sheep

Sold 62 Clean Cattle, 39 Cast Cows,  2613 Lambs and 795 Ewes

Bullocks (14) averaged 227.3p per kg and sold to 252p (+4.3p on the week)

Heifers (43) averaged 231.8p per kg and sold to 256p (+4.3p on the week)

5 Young Bulls averaged 200.6p and sold to 216p (+8.6p on the week)

36 Cast Cows averaged 154.1p per kg and sold to 219p (-5.8p on the week) Top price £1419

2613 Lambs averaged 207.4pp per kg (-18p on the week) and sold to £126, top price 241p per kg for Beltex Lambs

795 Ewes averaged £67.88 and sold to £119 for Bluefaced Leicester  Ewes. Heavy Ewes averaged £90, light ewes sold to £95 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £60


Bullocks per head-

(280-464kgs): Upper Samieston £1053.16

(465-555kgs): Faughhill £1310.40, Wester Ulston £1306.22

(556+): £1451.52 Lurdenlaw, £1410 Papple, £1392.32 Phantassie, £1380.24 Lurdenlaw

Bullocks per kilo-

(280-464kgs) Average 241.41p: Upper Samieston 226p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Wester Ulston 220p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

(465-555kgs) Average 236.83p: Wester Ulston Beef 241p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd,  Faughhill 240p Michael Malone of Edinburgh, Wester Ulston Beef 236p Michael Malone of Edinburgh

(556+) Average 228.16p: Lurdenlaw 252p J.A Waters & Son, Lurdenlaw 243p Mr G.Chapman, Papple 235p S.I Carlisle & Co

Heifers per head-

(400-484kgs): Wester Ulston £1108.36

(485+): Bee Edge £1484.80, £1480.90, Upper Nisbet £1447.04, £1444.48, Mervinslaw £1426.72, Lurdenlaw £1421.88, Bee Edge £1410.10

Heifers per kilo-

(400-484kgs) Average 229.49p: Whitsome East Newton 230p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Wester Ulston 229p Hugh Black & Sons

(485+) Average 231.95p: Bee Edge 256p, 251p Foley Bros, Lurdenlaw 246p Mr G.McFadzean, Bee Edge 246p Forsyth of Peebles, Penston 245p S.I Carlisle & Co, Corsbie 244p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Upper Nisbet 244p (2) Foley Bros, J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Mervinslaw 243p Hugh Black & Sons, Lurdenlaw 243p Forsyths of Peebles

Young Bulls (465-555kgs): Upper Samieston £1183.68, (556+):  Edgerston Trading £1361.12, Upper Samieston £1235.52

Young Bulls per kilo(200-464kgs): Kedzlie 214p (465-555kgs): Upper Samieston 216p (556+): Upper Samieston 208p

Cast Cows per head: Haughhead £1419, Easter Middleton £1366.06, Upper Samieston £1246.08, Haughhead £1241.24, £1240.80, 1238.80, Buskin £1212.42

Cast Cows per kilo: Upper Samieston 219p, Blackburnmill 181p, Upper Samieston 177p, Headshaw, L 175p, Kedzlie 173p, Easter Middleton, Buskin, Blackburnmill 167p,

Cast Bulls per head: Hyndsidehill £1338.60, Buskin £1303.02

Cast Bulls per kilo: Buskin 127p


Easier, in line with trade

Lambs per head-

Texel: £126 (2) The Knock, £110 Threepwood, Bluecairn, £108 Lylestane, £106 Meigle, Firth, £105.50 Bonjedward, £105 Redden, £104.50 Bluecairn, £104 Haltree, Adderstonshiels, Symington Mains (2), Huntington, £103.50 Woodhouse, £103 Kedzlie, £102.50 Huntington, £102 Crookston, Hopton, Suffolk: £125 Crookston (2), £115 Threepwood, £114 Huntington, £112 Woodhead, £110 Ruecastle Cottage, £107 Adderstonshiels, £106, £105, £104 Symington Mains,  £104 Threepwood, £103.50 Stoneypath, £103 Symington Mains, £101 Hermiston, £100 Haltree, Beltex: £117 Crookston, £105.50 Threeburnford, £104 Crookston (2), £102 Craiglea, £100 Crookston (2), £97 Threepwood, £96 Lylestane, Half Bred: £105 Bonjedward, £104 Spring House, Cheviot Mule: £100 Adderstonshiels, £99.50 Stobshiel Mains, £96 Saughtree, £90.50 Gospelhall, North Country Cheviot: £98 Meigle, Charollais: £93 Trabroun

Lambs per kilo –

Beltex: 241p Crookston (2), 237.1p Threeburnford, 236.4p(2), 229.4p Crookston, 227.8p Rhodes Holdings, 223.8p (3) Huntington, 219.5p (2) Lylestane, 218.1p Craiglea, 217.4p, 216.3p Threeburnford, 215.1p Woodhouse, Texel: 236.4p Huntington, 231p, 226.9p Symington Mains, 224.2p Crookston, 223.3p, 223.1p Walkersknowe Cottage, 222.8p, 218.8p (2) Huntington, 218.2p Threepwood, 217.5p Kedzlie, 216.7p Philiphaugh, 216.5p Crookston, 215.8p Fairnilee, 215.7p, 215.6p Bonjedward, 215.6p The Knock, Bonjedward (2), 215.3p Threepwood, Suffolk: 221.4p Huntington, 221.2p Crookston, 219p Symington Mains, 216.3p Adderstonshiels, 215p Fairnilee, 213.3p Craigsford Mains, 212.6p Hermiston, 212.5p Brothershiels, Firth, Craigsford Mains, 212.4p Hermiston, 212.2p Mossilee, 211.4p Meigle, 211.1p Trabroun, 210.6p Meigle, 210.3p Middlestead, 210.1p Trabroun, 210p Woodside, Cheviot Mule: 210.7p Fairnilee, 210.5p Gospelhall, Charollais: 213.3p Berryhill, 211.4p Trabroun, 210.7p Berryhill


Fair show of Ewes, matched with a fair trade

Bluefaced Leicester: £119 Gala Farms, £87 Parkhill, Texel: £117 Headshaw, L, £109 Stoneypath, North Synton, £107 Blegbie, £99 Headshaw, L, £98 North Synton, £95 Colmslie, £93 North Synton, Charollais: £107, £81 Ruletownhead, Suffolk: £107 Headshaw, L, £105 Bluecairn, £101 Rhodes Holdings, £99 New Blainslie, Rhodes Holdings, £93 Cortleferry, Firth, Zwartble: £99 Whitlaw Cottage, North Country Cheviot: £95 Bluecairn, Soutra, £93 Soutra, £89 Mainside, Hownam Grange, £88 Fairnilee, £87 Birneyknowe, £83 Earlston Rd, Stow, Half Bred: £93 Headshaw, L, Cheviot Mule: £83 Smiddy Hill, Blegbie, £75 Smiddy Hill, North Synton, Lleyn: £79 Menslaws, Greyfaced: £79 Gala Farms, New Blainslie, £75 New Blainslie, Kittyfield, Gala Farms, Kerryhill: £77 Whitehill, £73 Borthwickshiels, Blackface: £75 Whitehope, I, £59 Cortleferry, £57 Gala Farms, Tinnis, £55 Whitehope, I