St Boswells Primestock Sale

21st September 2020

At St Boswells on Monday 21st September, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle and sheep

Sold 64 Clean Cattle, 25 Cast Cows, 2131 Lambs and 624 Ewes

Quality cattle still sold to extreme rates.

Bullocks (28) averaged 227p per kg and sold to 248p (-5p on the week)

Heifers (36) averaged 235p per kg and sold to 257p (-2p on the week)

25 Cast Cows averaged 141p per kg and sold to 183p (n/c on the week) Top price £1522

2131 Lambs averaged 217.8p per kg (+9.4p on the week) £96 per head and sold to £126, top price 278p per kg for Beltex Lambs

624 Ewes averaged £68.13 and sold to £119 for Texel.x Ewes. Heavy Ewes averaged £92, light ewes sold to £85 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £54


Bullocks per head:

(465-555kgs):  Whitsome East Newton £1317.60, Conker Cottage £1274.28, Pathhead £1230.06, Faughhill £1228.46

(485kgs +): Lurdenlaw £1499.02, Upper Nisbet £1483.04, Lurdenlaw £1482, £1464, Bee Edge £1413.28, Calaburn £1404.48, Whitsome East Newton £1401.80

Bullocks per kilo:

(280-464kgs): Pathhead 240p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd (465-555kgs): Pathhead 247p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Conker Cottage 246p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Whitsome East Newton 244p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Faughhill 239p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd

(556+kgs): Upper Nisbet 248p J.A Waters & Sons, Lurdenlaw 247p S.I Carlisle & Co, 244p Cooper Butchers, Bee Edge 242p Mr G.McFadzean, Lurdenlaw 241p Mr G.Chapman

Heifers per head:

Conker Cottage £1175.28, Pathhead £1170.56, Humbie Mill £1145

(485kgs +): Traprain £1540.48, Penston £1459.76, Bee Edge £1443.36, £1434.72, Lurdenlaw £1427.66

Heifer per kilo:

(400-484kgs):  Humbie Mill 250p Charles Wilson Limited, Conker Cottage 249p J & J Mather, Pathead 248p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Conker Cottage 245p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

(485+kgs): Penston 257p Forsyths of Peebles, Papple 256p Foley Bros, Penston 254p John Saunderson, Conker Cottage 251p J & J Mather, Bee Edge 248p Forsyths of Peebles

Cast Cows per head: Kersknowe £1522.56, Upper Nisbet £1268.68, Birkenside £1250.28, Legerwood £1243.44, Birkenside £1224.78

Cast Cows per kilo:  Kersknowe 183p, Upper Nisbet 161p, Legerwood 157p, 155p

Cast Bulls per head: Rumbleton £1220.16, Hutlerburn £1161.50, Upper Nisbet £1153.22

Cast Bulls per kilo: Rumbeton 123p, Broachrigg 120p


Less numbers forward, quality well fleshed lambs still a good trade

Lambs per head – Texel: £126 Hermiston, £120 Butterdean, £119 Corsbie, North Synton, New Blainslie, £114 (2) Hermiston, £112 Haltree (2), Rink Farm, £110 Woodhouse, Castleside, Butterdean, £109 Hermiston, £108 New Blainslie, Threepwood, £106.50 Woodhouse, £106 Lylestane, Corsbie, Muircleugh Suffolk: £124 Belmont, £117 Corsbie, Headshaw, L, £112 Butterdean, £110.50 Kirktonhill, £110 Muircleugh, £108 Corsbie, £106 Craigsford Mains, Castleside, £105.50 (2) Haltree, £105 Marvingston, £104 Muircleugh, Headshaw, L, Meigle, £103.50 Butterdean, £103 Blegbie, £101.50 Kirktonhill, £100.50 Marvingston, £100 Brothershiels, Beltex: 117p Crookston, £116 Lylestane, £114 Threeburnford, Lylestane, £113.50 Crookston, £112 Woodhouse, £111.50, £108.50 Crookston, £108 Coltcrooks, £107.50 Huntington, £106 Threeburnford, Redden, £105 Redden, £102 Huntington, £101.50 Halidean Mill, Greyfaced: £98 Kirktonhill, £97 Meigle

Lambs per kilo – Beltex: 278.2p Crookston, 268.8p Huntington, 268.7p Crookston, 261.7p, 259.1p Threeburnford, 257.5p Crookston, 257.1p Coltcrooks, 252.4p Redden, 248.8p Lylestane, 246.7p Crookston, 244.6p Halidean Mill, 244.2p Redden, 243.8p Crookston, 240.2p Threeburnford, 235p Helmburn, 233.3p Woodhouse, 230.8p (2) Halidean Mill, 230.2p Threeburnford, Lylestane, Texel: 252.4p Kirktonhill, 251.2p Threepwood, 244.6p Wauchope Farm, 243.8p Huntington, 238.3p (2) Haltree, 233.3p, 230.2p Threepwood, 228.8p North Synton, 228p Hermiston, 227.3p Applecross, 227.2p Butterdean, 226p Huntington, 225.9p Kirktonhill, 225.3p Huntington, 224.7p Headshaw, L, Threepwood, Coltcrooks, 224.2p Kirktonhill, Suffolk: 234p Headshaw, L, 224.5p (2) Haltree, 222.1p Brothershiels, 221.3 Headshaw, L, Berrichon: 240p Springwood Lodge


Trade similar on the week with a plainer show of Ewe forward.  Hill Ewes saw less quality on offer which reflected in the trade

Texel: £135 Marvingston, £123 Blackadder Mains, £119 Birkenside, £111 Belmont, £109 North Synton, £107 Blackadder Mains, £103 Easter Fodderlie, £97 Middlethird, £97 Huntershall, £93 Birkenside, Suffolk: £117 Birkenside, £115 Marvingston, £105 Greenhead, S, £101 Colmslie, £99 Marvingston, £97 Middlethird, £95 Belmont, £91 Berryhill, Beltex: £109, £105 Blackadder Mains, Blue Texel: £95 Hermiston, Bluefaced Leicester: £87 Corsbie Cottages, Cheviot Mule: £87 Berryhill, £85 Easter Fodderlie, North Country Cheviot: £85 Marvingston, £81 Headshaw, L, Greyfaced: £81 North Synton, £79 Middlethird, Corsbie, £77 Huntershall, Berryhill, £75 Scott Road, Lauder, Easter Fodderlie, Symington Mains, Half Bred: £79 Colmslie, Marvingston, Easy Care: £61, £57 Hillhouse.