St Boswells Primestock Sale

26th October 2020

At St Boswells on Monday 26th October, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle and sheep

Sold 77 Clean Cattle, 125 Cast Cows, 1550 Lambs and 661 Ewes

Fleshy cattle sold to a premium

Bullocks (23) averaged 212p per kg and sold to 240p (-19p on the week)

Heifers (54) averaged 221.3p per kg and sold to 249p (-4p on the week)

125 Cast Cows averaged 127.55p per kg and sold to 216p (-5p on the week) Top price £1468

1550 Lambs averaged 202.6p per kg (+6.6p on the week) and sold to £123, top price 300p per kg for Beltex Lambs

661 Ewes averaged £68.82 and sold to £123 for Texel Ewes.

Heavy Ewes averaged £91, light ewes sold to £81 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £54


Bullocks per head-

(465 – 555 kgs): Wester Ulston £1189.74, North Synton £1181.28, Brockholes £1113.70

(556kgs +): Lurdenlaw £1477.02, £1410.10, Sourhope £1386, Humbie Mill £1372.80, North Synton £1368.64

Bullocks per kilo-

(465-555kgs, Average – 208.36p : Wester Ulston 237p Michael Malone of Edinburgh, Brockholes 215p W.P Tulloch, North Synton 214p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

(556+kgs, Average 213.03p): Humbie Mill 240p Michael Malone of Edinburgh, Lurdenlaw 239p (x2) Cooper Butchers and J.A Waters & Sons

Heifers per head-

(400-484 kgs): Conker Cottage £1141.14, Humbie Mill £1132.16, £1112.30

(485+ kgs): Traprain £1462.80, Brothershiels £1459.96, Upper Nisbet £1453.12, Bee Edge £1441.56

Heifers per kilo-

(400-484kgs.  Average -221.28p): Conker Cottage 247p R & G Moor, Humbie Mill 245p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, 244p Alex Smith, 236p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Gala Farms 224p R & G Moor

(485 + kgs.  Average- 221.71p): Lurdenlaw 249p Foley Bros, Bee Edge 246p Forsyths of Peebles, Penston 246p Forsyths of Peebles, Lurdenlaw 242p J.Saunderson Ltd, 241p Foley Bros, Penston 240p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Bee Edge 240p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd (x2),

Cast Cows per head- Kedzlie £1468.80, Corsbie £1333.50, Cragside £1303.10, Blegbie £1293.68, Roxburgh Mains £1270, Kedzlie £1253.70, Kersknowe £1243.62, St Boswells Bank £1205.22

Cast Cows per kilo- Kedzlie 216p, 199p, South Common 185p, Corsbie 175p, 169p, Roxburgh Mains 163p

Cast Bull: The Lee £1687.20 (190p) Foley Bros


Less numbers on the week with a fantastic show of lambs forward.  Average 202p, SQQ 209p

Lambs per head-

Beltex: £123 Craiglea, £117, £115 Wester Ulston, £115 Horsley Hill Farm Cottage, £110 Easter Fodderlie, Wester Ulston, Craiglea, £109 Horsley Hill Farm Cottage, £108 Faughhill, Westerhouses, Crookston, £107 Wester Ulston, Horsley Hill Farm Cottage, £106 Wormerlaw, Horsley Hill Farm Cottage, £102 Crookston, £100 Woodhouse, Texel: £107.50 Westerhouses, £107 Sunnycroft, £105 Kirktonhill, Wester Ulston, Threepwood, £100.50 Sunnycroft, £100 Walkersknowe Cottage, Kirktonhill, Sunnycroft, Kedzlie, £99 Sunnycroft, Craigsford Mains, £98.50 Corsbie, £98 Rochester House Farm, Kedzlie (2), Headshaw, L, £97.50 Sunnycroft, £97 Kedzlie, Castlemains, North Country Cheviot: £106 Symington Mains, £98 Earlston Road, Stow, Suffolk: £103, £100.50 Symington Mains,  £100 Broomilees, Saughtree, £99 Hermiston, £98 Corsbie, £97 Haltree, £96 Byrewalls, Hermiston, £95 Saughtree, Headshaw, L

Lambs per kilo- 

Beltex: 300p Wester Ulston, 292.9p Craiglea, 280.5p Horsley Hill Farm Cottage, 270.6p Wester Ulston, 268.4p Crookston, 265.9p Horsley Hill Farm Cottage, 263.4p Faughhill, 261.9p Craiglea, 261p Horsley Hill Farm Cottage, 257.9p Threeburnford, 257.1p Crookston, 252.4p Wormerlaw, 251.8p Wester Ulston, 251.2p Westerhouses, 250p Easter Fodderlie, Wester Ulston, 243.7p Horsley Hill Farm Cottage, 242.7p, 241.3p Horsley Hill Farm Cottage, 234.9p Threeburnford, Texel: 256.4p Kirktonhill, 256p Westerhouses, 244.2p Threepwood, Kirktonhill, 235.7p Sunnycroft, 229.3p Threepwood, 228.6p Hawthornside, 228.4p Sunnycroft, 227.9p Rochester House Farm, 225p Kedzlie, 216.9p Hawthornside, 216.5p Kedzlie, 216.3p South Common, 214.3p Sunnycroft, 213.8p Rochester House Farm, Faughhill, 212p Applecross, 211.9p Westerhouses, 211p Headshaw, L, 210p Wester Ulston, North Country Cheviot: 208.8p, 204.4p Symington Mains, Charollais: 204.5p Faughhill, Suffolk: 200p Brotherstone


Ewes across the board retained the good rates which have been held over the past few week.

Topping the sale with a smart pen of Texels was Mr Glen Wilson, Hawthornside which achieved £123.  Catching onlookers attention was a pen of 28 Greyfaced Mule Ewes from P & J Wright, Buskin which sold for £80 per head.

More Ewes could be sold on a weekly basis to Vendors advantage.

Texel: £123 Hawthornside, £107 Threepwood (2), Hawthornside, £101 Hawthornside, £93, £91 Lylestane, North Synton, Threepwood, £90 Huntershall, Suffolk:  £111 Saughtree, £93 Threepwood, £91 Langraw, Corsbie, £87 Corsbie, LLeyn: £100, £87, £85, £77, £75 Over Whitlaw,  Half Bred: £91 Blackhill, Cheviot Mule: £81 Lumsdaine, Lylestane, Langlee Mains, £79 Buskin, £75 Lumsdaine, North Country Cheviot: £81 Saughtree, £79 Easter Whitmuir, North Synton, £77 North Synton, £73 Fairnilee, Adderstonshiels, Greyfaced: £80 Buskin, £77 Howahill, Symington Mains, Heriot Mill, £75 Huntershall (2), £73 Langraw, Lumsdaine, Aberfield: £75 Lylestane, Highland: £69 Carterhaugh, Blackface: £63, £57 Hutlerburn, £55 Lumsdaine, £49 Huntershall, £47 Kirktonhill