St Boswells Primestock Sale

16th November 2020

At St Boswells on Monday 16th November, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle and sheep

Sold 74 Clean Cattle, 87 Cast Cows, 1590 Lambs and 550 Ewes

Bullocks (25) averaged 221.26p per kg and sold to 243p x 2 (+7p on the week)

Heifers (44) averaged 231.13p per kg and sold to 256p (-1p on the week)

5 Young Bulls averaged 191p per kg and sold to 209p (+11p on week)

87 Cast Cows averaged 133p per kg and sold to 173p x 2 (+4p on the week) Top price £1365

1590 Lambs averaged 207.4p per kg (+2.4p on the week) and sold to £120, top price 296p per kg for Beltex Lambs

Ewes averaged £64.57 and sold to £125 for Suffolk Ewes

Heavy Ewes averaged £91, light ewes sold to £97 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £56


Bullocks per head:

(465-555kgs):Greenknowe £1326.16, £1269.68, Wester Ulston £1240.20

(556+kgs): Bowland £1476, £1460.12, North Synton £1455.64, Milrighall £1451.84, Galagate £1444.60, Willowford £1430.60

Bullocks per kilo:

(465-555kgs.  Average 227.63p): Wester Ulston 243p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Greenknowe 242p, 236p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Wester Ulston 234p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

(556+kgs.  Average 221.59p ): Greenknowe 243p Hugh Black & Sons, Lurdenlaw 241p Shaw Fine Meats, North Synton 241p Mr G.Chapman, West Garleton 240p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

Heifers per head:

(485+kgs): Lurdenlaw £1510, Bee Edge £1492.96, £1481.76, Penston £1478.28, Lurdenlaw £1474.90, Penston £1418.24, Linton £1417, Lennoxlove £1411.20, £1400

Heifers per kilo:

485+kgs. Average – 232.13p): Penston 256p Charles Wilson Limited, 254p Forsyths of Peebles, Bee Edge 252p x 2 Denholm Meat Supplies and Forsyths of Peebles, Lennoxlove 252p Michael Malone of Edinburgh, Lurdenlaw 250p Hugh Black & Sons, Lennoxlove 250p J.A Waters & Sons, Bee Edge 248p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, 246p Charles Wilson Limited, Upper Nisbet 246p R & G Moor

Young Bulls per head: Humbie Mill £1485.68, East Mains £1210.88

Young Bulls per kilo: New Heaton 209p, Lennoxlove 201p

Cast Cows per head: Rumbleton £1306.98, £1303.10, Upper Samieston £1269.82, Langhaugh £1235.54, Upper Nisbet £1224, Rumbleton £1202.04, Upper Nisbet £1200.94

Cast Cows per kilo: Upper Samieston 173p, East Mains 173p, Blackburn Mill 169p, Upper Nisbet, Langhuagh and Bedule 163p, Deanfoot 161p

Cast Bulls per head: Middlethird £1365.02, Easter Middleton £1288

Cast Bulls per kilo: Easter Weens 137p, Middlethird 131p


Less lambs forward, returns slightly increased.

Lambs per head- Texel: £120 Mainside, £110 Threepwood, £108 The Knock, £107 Threepwood, Headshaw, L (2), £106 Corsbie, £105 Craigsford Mains, Mainside, Huntington, £104.50 Crookston, £100.50 Corsbie, Middlethird, £100 Bogend (2), Mainside, Burncastle, Crumhaughhill, Adderstonshiels, Beltex: £114 Huntington, £113, £112 Crookston, £111 Huntington, £110 Craighouse, £108, £107 Crookston, £106 Craiglea, Threeburnford, £105 Craighouse (2), Crookston, £104 Crookston (2), £103 Threeburnford, Craighouse, Wester Ulston, £100 Woodhouse, South Dissington, Suffolk: £106 Corsbie, £104 Crookston, Haltree, Greenburn, £99 Adderstonshiels, Threepwood, £96 Greenburn, £95.50 Threepwood, Blackhill, £94.50 Chesters Brae, £94 Headshaw, L, Edrom Mains, Chesters Brae, North Country Cheviot: £96.50 Haltree, £94 Adderstonshiels, £92.50 Haltree, £91 North Synton, £90 Adderstonshiels (2), Greyfaced: £93.50 Burncastle, Cheviot Mule: £92 Middlethird

Lambs per kilo-Beltex: 296.1p Huntington, 276.3p Crookston, 271.8p Threeburnford, Craiglea, 268.3p Craighouse, 267.5p Huntington, 257.7p Craighouse, 257.1p Crookston, 253p Craighouse, 251.7p, 250.6p Crookston, 245.2p Wester Ulston, 242.4p Threeburnford, 242.3p Craiglea, 241.6p Threeburnford (2), 241.2p South Dissington, 240p Helmburn, 235.3p New Channelkirk, 232.1p Wester Ulston, Texel: 255.8p, 254.8p Threepwood, 245p Crumhaughhill, 240p The Knock, 236p Craigsford Mains, 228.2p Threepwood, 224.4p Currie Inn (2), 223.7p New Heaton, 223.3p Middlethird, 219.5p Walkersknowe Cottage, 217.8p Crumhaughhill, The Knock, 216.9p New Heaton, 215.6p Greenburn, 215.5p Broom, 214.8p Huntington, 214.3p Broom, Cavers Lea, Huntington, Charollais: 214.8p Ladyflat, Suffolk: 213.3p Blackhill, C, 212.5p Broom, 208p Currie Inn, 207.5p Ladyflat, North Country Cheviot: 210p Woodside


Ewes sustained a good rate of returns with a larger show  of hill bred ewes forward as shown by the sale average.

Suffolk: £125 Trows, £107, £95, £93 Glenalmond,  £91 Upper Huntlywood Cottage, £89 Currie Inn, Beltex: £119 Craigsford Mains, Texel: £119 Mainside, £105, £101 Rochester House, £97 Currie Inn, £93 Wormerlaw, Old Melrose Lodge, £87 Lylestane, Crookston, Berrichon: £111, £97, £85 Springwood Lodge, Kerryhill: £103 Wester Ulston, Zwartble: £97 Ruecastle Cottage, North Cottage, Broadlaw, North Country Cheviot: £97 (2) Bowershields, £87 Mainside, £83 (2), £79  Bowershields, £75, £73 Glenalmond, £71 Lylestane, Bluefaced Leicester: £85 Crookston, Greyfaced: £83 Crookston, £81 Falside, £75 Langraw, £73 Overton Bush (2), Gala Farms, £72 Broomiebank, £71 Broom, Half Bred: £81 Blackhill, C, Lleyn: £77 Menslaws, Cheviot Mule: £75 Lylestane, Blackface: £63 Burncastle, £55 Douglasdale, Burncastle, £53 Tollishill, Swaledale: £39 Gala Farms