St Boswells Primestock Sale

4th January 2021

At St Boswells on Monday 4th January, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle and sheep

Sold 49 Clean Cattle, 34 Cast Cows, 674 Prime Lambs and 228 Cast Ewes

Bullocks (8) averaged  218p per kg and sold to 242p  (n/c on the week)

Heifers (41) averaged  225p per kg and sold to 247p (+5p on the week)

34 Cast Cows averaged 142p per kg and sold to 199p x 2  (+1p  on the week) Top price £1492

674 Hoggs averaged 233p per kg (+11p on the week) £104 per head and sold to £120, top price 269p per kg for Beltex Hoggs

Ewes averaged £87.54 and sold to £147 for a Texel Ewe

Heavy Ewes averaged £104, light ewes sold to £117 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £74


Clean Cattle met a strong trade with hardy weight cattle fierce

Bullocks per head:

(465-555kgs): Gospehall £1189.16, Greenknowe £1176.12

(556+kgs):  Upper Nisbet £1361.92, Greeknowe £1326.96

Bullocks per kilo:

(465-555kgs.  Average 217.46p): Greenknowe 242p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd

(556+kgs.  Average 224.25p): Greeknowe 228p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Wester Ulston 226p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Upper Nisbet 224p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd

Heifers per head:

(485+kgs): Upper Nisbet £1506.96, Bee Edge £1501.74, Lurdenlaw £1455.30, £1425.56, Bee Edge £1420.72, £1413.72, Longnewton £1410.40

Heifers per kilo:

(400-484kgs.  Average 230p) Lennoxlove 230p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

(485+kgs. Average 224.71p ): Lennoxlove 247p Robert Pringle & Son, Bee Edge 243p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, Penston 240p Forsyths of Peebles, Greenknowe 239p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Bee Edge 239p Foley Bros, Penston 238p J. F Finlay & Co Ltd, Bee Edge 238p Foley Bros

Cast Cows per head: Rumbleton £1492.50, Wester Middleton £1424.64, Thorndykes £1400.94, Rumbleton £1365.14, Greenknowe £1284.66, Venchen £1279.70, Wester Middleton £1270.50

Cast Cows per kilo: Rumbleton 199p (2), Venchen 191p, Greenknowe 183p, Hexpath 179p, Wester Middleton 165p, 159p, Rumbleton 155p


All classes needed to meet demand.  Heavy show forward. Average 233p, SQQ 241p

Lambs per head:

Suffolk: £120, £117 Bonjedward, £116 Stirches Mains, Threepwood, £115 Bonjedward, £114 (2)Wester Middleton, £113 Belmont, Bonjedward, £105.50 (2) Huntington, £105 Belmont, £103 Whitehill, Kelso, Texel: £118 Crookston, £117 (2) Corsbie, Burncastle, £116.50 Crookston, £116 Bonjedward, £115.50 Threepwood, £115 Bonjedward (2), Crookston, Threepwood (2), Wester Middleton, £114 Wester Middleton, Burncastle, £112.50 Bonjedward, Wester Middleton, £112 Bonjedward, £111 Kittyfield, Beltex: £117 (2) Crookston, £112, £110, £108 Faughhill, £105 Halidean Mill, Faughhill, £104 Redden, Charollais: £116 (2), £111, £106, £104 Stirches Mains, Lleyn: £115 Over Langshaw, Greyfaced: £112, £106.50 Burncastle, North Country Cheviot: £110 Whitehill, Kelso, £100 Springwood, Blackface: £109 Redden, £105 Kirkstead, Dryhope, £105, £100 Hartside, Bluefaced Leicester: £108, £103 Newbigging Walls, Berrichon: £106, £104.50 Springwood Lodge

Lambs per kilo:

Beltex: 269.2p Halidean Mill, 259.3p, 250p Faughhill, 249.4p, 247.6p Redden, 244.8p Helmburn, 240p, 238.3p Faughhill, Texel: 260.8p Holydean Farm, 260.5p Huntington, 255.8p Threepwood, 252.6p, 250p Crailing Nook, Threepwood, 249.4p Redden, 248.7p Holydean Farm, 247.5p Huntington, 246.5p Threepwood, 246.4p Walkersknowe Cottage, 245.8p Helmburn, 244p Holydean Farm, 243.8p Fairnilee, 243p Belmont, 242.9p Corsbie, 242.1p (3) Thordykes, 241.7p Faughhill, Suffolk: 251.3p Corsbie, 245.3p Huntington,239.5p Whitehill, K, 238.6p Belmont, 235.7p Corsbie, 235.4p Belmont, 230.6p Bonjedward, 225p Kittyfield, Blackface: 242.2p Redden, 223.9p Kirkstead, Berrichon: 237.5p Springwood Lodge, Charollais: 235.6p, 231.1p Stirches Mains, Greyfaced: 231.5p Burncastle, North Country Cheviot: 224.4p Ruletownhead


Numbers short of buyers requirements leading to all classes being dearer on the week. 

Topping the sale was a smart Texel from Huntington which achieved £147.  Whilst Suffolks sold to £139 from S & L Brown, Woodhead (Capielaw Flock)

Texel: £147, £139 (2), £121 Huntington, £119 Crailing Nook, £117 Redden, £113 Huntington, £111 Penston, Cheeklaw, £107 Huntington, Suffolk: £139, £127 Woodhead, Gorebridge, £119 Huntington, £111, £109 Adderstonshiels, £107 (2) Penston, £105 Huntington, Bluefaced Leicester: £123 Newibigging Walls, £121, £105 Kirkstead, North Country Cheviot: £117 Adderstonshiels, £99, £97 Adderstonshiels (S.Hunter), £95 Nisbet Mill, £89 Adderstonshiels, £87 Whitehill, K, £85 Crailing Nook, Greyfaced: £109 Newbigging Walls, £95 Redden, £87 Crailing Nook, £85 Penston, Burncastle, Corsbie, Lleyn: £103 Over Langshaw, £93 Ruletownhead, Half Bred: £95 Bonjedward, Cheviot Mule: £99 Westerhall, Beltex: £91 Faughhill, Aberfield: £89 Lylestane, Blackface: £71 Burncastle, £63 Kirkstead, £61 Burncastle