St Boswells Primestock Sale

11th January 2021

At St Boswells on Monday 11th January, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Prime stock sale of cattle and sheep

Sold 77 Clean Cattle, 81 Cast Cows, 1508 Prime Lambs and 587 Cast Ewes

Exceptional show of Clean Cattle.

Bullocks (11) averaged  217p per kg and sold to 239p  ( n/c on the week)

Heifers (63) averaged  228p per kg and sold to 248p (+3p on the week)

3 Young Bulls sold to £1246

Cows – great trade throughout

81 Cast Cows averaged 142p per kg and sold to 197p   (n/c  on the week) Top price £1462

1508 Hoggs averaged 268p per kg (+35p on the week) and sold to £140, top price 332p per kg for Beltex Hoggs

587 Ewes averaged £102.64 and sold to £153 for a Texel Ewe

Heavy Ewes averaged £112, light ewes sold to £131 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £88


Bullocks per head:

(280-464kgs): Greenknowe £1039.68

(465-555kgs): Brockholes £1165.30

(556+kgs):  Shidlaw £1497.84, Penston £1467.46, Smailholm Mains £1379.70, Greenknowe £1362.18, Brockholes £1348.20

Bullocks per kilo:

(280-464kgs.  Average 201.65p): Greenknowe 228p Damn Delicious, Thankerton

(465-555kgs.  Average 215p): Brockholes 215p Michael Malone of Edinburgh,

(556+kgs.  Average 222.25p): Penston 239p Cooper Butchers, Bellshill, Shidlaw 237p, Wester Ulston 228p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd

Heifers per head:

(485+kgs): Kirkend £1575.42, £1515.36, Lurdenlaw £1478.88, Bee Edge £1464.00, Traprain £1456.44, Bee Edge £1450.82, Upper Nisbet £1437.54, Bee Edge £1432.64, Lennoxlove £1424.96, Shidlaw £1423.24

Heifers per kilo:

(400-484kgs.  Average 205.43p): Greenknowe 232p Jed’s Butchers, Berwick

(485+ kgs.  Average 228.18p): Kirkend 248p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Penston 247p Foley Bros, Upper Nisbet 247p Foley Bros, Penston 246p Forsyths of Peebles, Lennoxlove 244p Foley Bros, Bee Edge 244p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, Bee Edge 242p R & G Moor, Lurdenlaw 241p J.Saunderson Ltd, Edinburgh, Bee Edge 241p Cooper Butchers, Bellshill, Lennoxlove 240p Forsyths of Peebles

Young Bull per head: Faughhill £1246.56 (159p)

Cast Cows per head: Rosebrough £1454.24, Thirlestane £1421.36, Corsbie £1395.02, Brothershiels £1381.80, Thirlestane £1322.76, Brothershiels £1305, Rosebrough £1300.74, Wester Middleton £1286.50, Camieston £1265.88, Brothershiels £1257.56

Cast Cows per kilo: Rumbleton 197p, 191p, Greenknowe 189p, Corsbie 187p, Angelrow 173p, Eilean 167p, Rosebrough, Thirlestane 163p, Ellemford 159p, Inchkeith 159p

Cast Bulls per head: Inchkeith £1462.50, Faughhill £1174.86, Inchkeith £1127.70

Cast Bulls per kilo: Inchkeith 125p


Good show of meat forward.  All types selling to extreme rates.  Average – 268p. SQQ – 275p

Hoggs per head:

Beltex: £140 Faughhill, £136, £135.50 Laidlawstiel, £133 Wester Ulston, £127 Lylestane, Wester Ulston, £123.50, £117 Lylestane, £113 Faughhill, £110 Wester Ulston, Texel:£140 Blackadder Mains, £138 Wester Middleton, £135 Langraw, £134 Blackadder Mains, Leaston, Threepwood, Belmont, £132 Threepwood, £130 Stoneypath, £129 Wester Middleton, Meigle, £127.50 (2) Threepwood, £127 Symington Mains, Blakehope, New Blainslie, £126 Belmont (2), Headshaw, L, £125 Wester Middleton, Suffolk: £134 Headshaw, L, £129 Legars, Adderstonshiels, Headshaw, L, £127 Langraw, Wester Middleton (2), Symington Mains, £126 Edrom Mains, £125 Eden Brook, Meigle, Headshaw, L, £124.50 Stoneypath, £124 Dere Street Farming, Bluecairn, Threepwood (3), £123 Bluecairn, Eden Brook, North Country Cheviot: £132, £127.50 North Synton, £126 Buchtrig, £121 Saughtree, Dod, £120 Saughtree, North Synton, £119.50, £117.50 Saughtree, Blegbie, £117 Adderstonshiels, Lylestane, £116 Lylestane, Springwood Lodge, £115 Buchtrig, £114.50 Saughtree, Dod, £112 Lylestane, Bluefaced Leicester: £129 Hartside, £112 Laidlawstiel, Cheviot Mule: £121.50, £119.50 Wester Ulston, £118 Adderstonshiels, £117 Falahill, £116.50 Blegbie, £115 Kirklands, A, Half Bred: £120 Headshaw, L, Blackface: £120 Burncastle, £117 (2) Hartside, £113 Laidlawstiel, £112 Blakehope, £111.50 Meigle, £110 Laidlawstiel, Greyfaced: £119 Horseupcleugh, Burncastle, £116.50 Longcroft, £115.50 Meigle, £115 Burncastle, £112.50 Drinkstone, £111 Stoneypath, Charollais: £111 Stirches Mains

Hoggs per kilo:

Beltex: 332.50p Wester Ulston, 329.3p Lylestane, 326.5p Laidlawstiel, 321.5p Lylestane, 317.5p Wester Ulston, 313.9p Faughhill, 305.6p Wester Ulston, 303.9p Lylestane, 272p Laidlawstiel, 264.8p Broomiebank, Texel: 330.9p Leaston, 302.6p New Blainslie, 300p Threepwood, 298.8p New Blainslie, 295.5p Stoneypath, 295.2p Threepwood, 295p, 294.1p Treaty Park, 290.5p Belmont, 290p Falahill, 287.8p Wester Ulston, 286.9p Newhouses, 286.5p Lylestane, 286.4p Headshaw, L, 286.3p Fountainhill, 285p Blakehope, 284.3p Leaston, 284p Blakehope, 283.7p Belmont, 283.5p Newhouses, Cheviot Mule: 289p, 288p Wester Ulston, 278.6p Falahill, 270.6p Kirklands, A, Suffolk: 286.7p, 284.1p Headshaw, L, 281.8p (3)Threepwood, 281.7p Falahill, 277.4p Newhouses, 277.3p Belmont, Stoneypath, 275.6p Drinkstone, 272.6p Woodside, 272.4p Edrom Mains, North Country Cheviot: 282.7p Dod, 277.6p, 276.5p Lylestane, 275.9p, 273.3p Saughtree, 272.5p Lylestane, 271.6p Saughtree, Charollias: 277.5p, 270.4p Stirches Mains, Aberfield: 272.4p Lylestane, Hampshire: 268.8p Treaty Park, Greyfaced: 268.6p Meigle, 267.9p Drinkstone, Half Bred: 266.7p Headshaw, L, Blackface: 259.3p Meigle, 259p Blakehope, 257.9p Stoneypath, 256.1p Burncastle, 254.5p Blakehope


Fantastic trade throughout, producing a superb average of £102.64 for a very mixed show.

Sale topped at £153 for a Texel.x Ewe from J.W Fullerton, Corsbie

11 Suffolk.x Ewes caught the eye of buyers, selling to £131 a head.

More could have been sold to vendors advantage

Texel: £153 Corsbie, £143 Leaston, £141 Over Newton, £139 Treaty Park, £137 Middlethird, £133 Corsbie, £131 Middlethird, Corsbie, £127 Corsbie, £125 Over Newton, Middlethird, Runningburn, £123 Hyndsidehill, Marvingston, Beltex: £147, £115 Faughhill, £100 Inchkeith, Bluefaced Leicester: £145 Burncastle, £129 Philiphaugh, £119 Newbigging Walls, £115 Burncastle, £109 (2) Newbigging Walls, North Country Cheviot: £131 Headshaw, L, £113 Philiphaugh, £111 Headshaw, L, £107, £105 Philiphaugh, £105 (2)Springwood Lodge, £101 Marvingston, £99 Philiphaugh, £97 Saughtree, £95 Middlethird, North Synton,Cheviot Mule: £121, £120 Bluecairn, £119 Philiphaugh, £107 Meigle, Northfield, St Abbs, £103 Hyndsidehill, Charollais: £117 Trabroun, Half Bred: £113 Marvingston, £105 Headshaw, L, Berrichon: £111 Springwood Lodge, Greyfaced: £109, £107 Middlethird, £105 Langraw, £101 Outerston, Symington Mains, £99 Falahill, Corsbie, Cockburn, Meigle, £97 Leaston, Lleyn: £89 Trabroun, Blackface: £89, £79 Elmscleugh, £71, £67 Horseupcleugh, Marvingston, £67 Marvingston.