St Boswells Sale of Breeding Cattle, Store Cattle & Ewes with lambs at foot

21st May 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held the Annual Term Sale of Breeding Cattle with vendors going home delighted. Topping the days trading was from the annual consignment from Messrs King of Gospelhall with a Lim.x heifer and calf raising £2400.

Included in the sale was the fortnightly sale of Store Cattle with trade buoyant throughout. Topping the store section was a smashing AA.x Bullock from Messrs Hamilton, Birneyknowe at £1195. Leading the pence per kilo section was an excellent Blue.x Bullock from Kedzlie Farms at 260ppkg.

Breeding Cattle –

Heifers with Calves at Foot
Limousin: £2400, £2200, £1900, £1800 Gospelhall. B.Blue: £2200 Gospelhall. Shorthorn: £1850, £1800, £1780, £1750 Borthwickshiels

Store Cattle –

Bullocks per head-
Aberdeen Angus: £1195, £1070 Birneyknowe. £890 Harwood on Teviot. Limousin: £1080 Berryhill, £1070 Saughtree, £980 Kedzlie, £950 Lee. B.Blue: £1030 Kedzlie, £865 Harwood on Teviot, £860 Kedzlie. Charolais: £1000, £890 Bowershields, £930 North Synton. Shorthorn: £995 Broomiebank. Luing: £950 Kedzlie. Stabilizer: £890 Bowershields. Simmental: £865, £860 Holydean. £860 Kedzlie

Bullocks per kilo-

B.Blue: 259.7p, 248.2p, 219.7p Kedzlie. Limousin: 240p, 230.6p Kedzlie, 235.1p, 213.5p Lee, 230.6p, 212.9p Berryhill, 212.5p Harwood on Teviot. Charolais: 236.9p, 224.6p Falnash, 211.4p North Synton. Saler: 236.9p Falnash. Aberdeen Angus: 209.8p, Earlston Mains 209.4p Harwood on Teviot. Simmental: 217.7p Kedzlie, 212.3p, 211.8p Holydean. Stabilizer: 200p Bowershields. Shorthorn: 199p Broomiebank. Luing: 190p Kedzlie

Bullocks averaged 210.62p per kilo

Heifers per head-
Aberdeen Angus: £1110, £1095, £935 Birneyknowe. £925 Broomiebank. Charolais: £1100, £1010, £1000 Crookston. £910 North Synton. Limousin: £1050 Saughtree, £1035 Broomiebank, £1020 Berryhill, £1015 Kedzlie. Luing: £985 Kedzlie. Shorthorn: £970 Broomiebank. Stabilizer: £840 (x2) Bowershields. B.Blue: £740 Kedzlie. Simmental: £840 Holydean. Saler: £770 Falnash

Heifers per kilo-

Limousin: 244.6p Lee, 240.3p 238.8p Kedzlie, 237p Berryhill, 215.6p Broomiebank, 214.3p Saughtree. Luing: 229.1p Kedzlie Simmental: 227p Holydean. Charolais: 224p 212.5p Falnash, 207.4p Bowershields. B.Blue: 217.6p Kedzlie. Aberdeen Angus: 210.4p, 206.5p Harwood on Teviot, 206.3p Newhouses. Saler: 209.4p Falnash. Stabilizer: 207.4p Bowershields. Shorthorn: 196p Broomiebank.

Heifers averaged 204.92p per kilo


A fantastic show of Ewes and Lambs present for a ring side full of socially distancing prospective buyers. Stronger types in high demand.

Beltex: £79 Wester Ulston. Texel: £74 £71 Hallrule Mill, £74 Saughland, £72, £70 Elliston, £72, £70 Old Melrose. Suffolk: £75 (x2) Drinkstone. £74 Drinkstone, Repath East End, Howahill, £72 Greenhead S. Cheviot Mule: £74 (x2) £71 (x2) £70 Wester Ulston. Greyfaced: £69 Saughland, £62 Howahill.