St Boswells Term Sale of Breeding Cattle, Store Cattle & Ewes with lambs

23rd May 2019

Harrison and Hetherington held their annual Term Sale of Breeding Cattle along with Bulling Heifers and Store Cattle.

The Breeding Cattle met a brisk trade with all types keenly bid for throughout.  Taking charge of todays judging was Messrs Brown, Dunstan Hill who did a very professional job awarding the champion to an annual consignment from Messrs Foley, Mirlaw House.  Taking reserve champion was another annual consignment from Messrs King, Gospelhall with a pair of Limousin.x Heifers and calves.

Taking top price of the day was Messrs Foley, Mirlaw House with their champion unit raising £2500.

Store Cattle seen a mixed show forward with grazing cattle meeting a nice trade throughout.  Topping the days trading was £1140 for an Aberdeen Angus.x bullock from Messrs Stewart, Tushielaw.  Topping the pence per kilo was annual consignment from Messrs Rennie, Berryhill with a pen of Limousin.x bullocks at 362.2p p/pkg and heifers at 310p pkg from the same home.

Breeding Cattle

Cows with calves – Aberdeen Angus:£1450, £1420 (2), £1400 (3)  Monteith Houses, Hereford: £1750, £1620, £1600 North Lyham, Limousin: £1550, £1520, £1500 (4) Greenknowe, British Blue: £1320 Hopton,

Heifers with calves – Aberdeen Angus: £2350 Mirlaw House, £1700 (2), £1680 (2), £1500 (5) Queenscairn, Galloway: £1750 Outer Huntly, Limousin: £2500 Mirlaw House, £2150 Howahill, £2100 Gospelhall, £2050 Grahamslaw, £1950 (3) Howahill, £1900 Gospelhall, Beef Shorthorn: £1900, £1780 (3), £1750 (2), British Blue: £2100, £2020, £2000 Grahamslaw,

Bulling Heifers: Aberdeen Angus: £1120, £1070, £1060, £1000 Monteith Houses, Limousin: £950 Cragside, Simmental: £1100, £990 Corsehope

Best Pair of Heifers with calves at foot

  1. Gospelhall
  2. Mirlaw House
  3. Howahill

Best Single Heifer and calf

  1. Mirlaw House
  2. Grahamslaw
  3. Howahill

Store Cattle

Bullocks per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1140 Tushielaw, £1010 Broomiebank, £1000 Halidean Mill, £960 Broomiebank, £900 Upper Chatto, Stabiliser: £860, £855 (2) Bowershields, Limousin: £940 Hopton, £840 Berryhill, £830 Dunstan Hill, Adderstonshiels, £820 Adderstonshiels, Beef Shorthorn: £860 Halidean Mill, Simmental: £970 Huntershall, Charolais: £940 Bowershields, £910, £860 (3) Adderstonshiels, £860 Bowershields

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 262.2p Langhope, 231.8p Dunshiel, 217.9p Halidean Mill, 215.9p Langhope, 213.9p Currie Inn, 210.4p Broomiebank, Stabiliser: 217.7p, 214.9p Bowershields, Limousin: 362.2p, 285.7p Berryhill, 247.8p Dunstan Hill, Beef Shorthorn: 209.8p Halidean Mill, Simmental: 215.6p, 213.7p Huntershall, Charolais: 235.6p, 230.4p, 229.3p (2) Adderstonshiels, 218.6p, 217.7p Bowershields

Heifers per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1005 Broomiebank, £825 Adderstonshiels, £820 Upper Chatto, Stabiliser: £800 Bowershields, Limousin: £1100 Saughtree, Broomiebank, £1070 Broomiebank, £1050 Saughtree, £1020 Hopton, £950 Broomiebank, £920 Greenhead, S, Broomiebank, Luing: £1080 Upper Chatto, Beef Shorthorn: £1070 Hopton, Simmental: £920, £860 Greenhead, S, Charolais: £800 Bowershields

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 229.5p Falnash, 216.1p Broomiebank, 214.3p Langhope, 211.9p Falnash, 211.3p Adderstonshiels, Stabiliser: 216.2p Bowershields,  Limousin: 310.5p Berryhill, 239.2p, 237.5p (2), 237.1p, 236.4p Greenhead, S,  229.5p Falnash, 228.6p Berryhill, 223.7p Greenhead, S, 222.2p Broomiebank, Luing: 198.2p Upper Chatto, Beef Shorthorn: 203p Halidean Mill, Simmental: 211p Huntershall, 209.8p (2) Greenhead, S, Charolais: 221.5p Falnash, 216.2p Bowershields

Ewes with Lambs

Another great show of Ewe and Lambs forward, sold well to a number of purchasers.  Average £63 per life.

Suffolk.x Ewes and Singles:           £76 Bluecairn, £68 Hallrule Mill, £66 Amerside Law
Texel.x Ewes and Singles:              £69 Bluecairn, £67 Kirk O’Er
Texel.x Ewes and Twins:                 £69 Crailing Nook, £67 (2) Ruletownhead
Cheviot Mule Ewes and Twins:      £69, £68, £66 Wester Ulston
Cheviot Mule Ewes and Singles:    £66 Wester Ulston
Mule Ewes and Twins:                     £63 Amerside Law, £62, £60 Kirk O’Er, £60 Bluecairn
Cheviot Ewes and Twins:                £54 Bluecairn