St Boswells Sale of Breeding Cattle, Store Cattle & Store Lambs including Annual Sale of Cast Rams & Ewes

11th January 2018

Harrison and Hetherington held their first sale of the year at St Boswells with Cattle trade starting off with a bang.  Topping the days trading was a pen of fabulous Aberdeen Angus.x Bullocks from Messrs Phaup, Hoprigshiels raising £1385.  Top pence per kilo went to Messrs Donoghue, Lamberton with a superb Limousin.x Bullock at 261p per kilo.  More cattle being sold to Vendors advantage.  Also, first sale of Feeding Lambs along side the Annual Sale of Cast Rams and Ewes.  With a total number of 1191 sheep forward.

Bullocks per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1385 Hoprigshiels, £1370 Meigle, £1350, £1345 Hoprigshiels, £1320 Meigle, £1315, £1300 Hoprigshiels, Shorthorn: £1130 Tandlaw, Limousin: £1075 Coxydene, £1050 Monklaw, £1040 Tandlaw, £1030 Lamberton, Luing: £1020, £990 Tandlaw, Simmental: £1100, £1055, £1050 (2) Tandlaw, Charolais: £1100 Tandlaw

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 237.7p Lamberton, 223.7p, 221.4p Meigle, 221.2p Langhope, 221p Meigle, 219.5p Langhope, Shorthorn: 221.6p Tandlaw, Limousin: 261p Lamberton, 237p Tandlaw, 236.3p Coxydene, 228.7p, 226.2p Tandlaw, 225.6p Coxydene, 223.7p Tandlaw, Luing: 200p Tandlaw, Simmental: 222.2p, 218.8p Tandlaw, Charolais: 235.3p Coxydene, 224.5p Tandlaw

Bullocks averaged 210.7p per kg

Heifers per head:  Aberdeen Angus: £1155 The Neuk, Simmental: £1300, £1280, £1160 The Neuk, £1150 The Neuk, Charolais: £1080 Coxydene

Heifers per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 216.3p The Neuk, Limousin: 231.9p Lamberton, 221.2p Coxydene, Simmental: 232p, 228p The Neuk, 227p Coxydene, 224p The Neuk, 217.2p Coxydene, Charolais: 223.3p Coxydene

Heifers averaged 212.7p per kg

Breeding Cattle – A fabulous ring side of buyers for the Reduction Sale from Messrs Mather, Belford on Bowmont.  Topping at £1450 for a pen of 3 Hereford.x Cows

Cows in Calf: £1450, £1350, Cows and Calves: £1380, £1280, Heifers in Calf: £1180

Store Lambs – A quality show forward for a ringside full of buyers.  The sales highlight was an excellent pen of Texel lambs achieving £70 from Applecross.

Texel: £70, £64.50 Applecross, £67, £65 Whitriggs, £65.50 Mervinslaw, £65 Townhead, Hawthornside, £63 Greenhead, Selkirk, £64.50 Kilnknowe.  Suffolk.x : £71.50, £55 Newton, Hawick, £67.50 Hawksnest, £64 Kilnknowe, £62 Townhead, £62 Stottencleugh, £60.50 Greenhead, Selkirk.  Mule: £63 Townhead, £61 Greenhead, Selkirk, £59 Stottencleugh, North Country Cheviot: £63 Cawdor Estates, Swaledale: £57.50, £56, £51, £45 Cawdor Estates, Blackface: £48.50 Douglasdale, £40 Broom, Cheviot.x: £45 Broom, South Country Cheviot: £43 Whitefield, Earlston

Ram Lambs/Chasers: High demand for Ram Lambs with a pen of Texel.x Suffolk lambs topping at £87.50 from Venchen.

Texel: £87.50, £68.50, £65 Venchen, £79 Townhead, £77, £76 Birnkin Cottage, £65 Douglasdale, Suffolk: £68.50 Venchen, Cheviot: £71.50 Birnkin Cottage, Blackface: £62.50 Tinnis, Roussin: £55 Yetholm Mains, Easycare: £45.50 Yetholm Mains

Ewes – Small show met by a buoyant trade.

Bluefaced Leicester: £77 Tinnis, Texel: £76 Newton, Hawick, Mule: £66 Newton, Hawick, Cheviot: £63, £51 Yetholm Mains

Rams: Charollais: £79 Douglasdale, Bluefaced Leicester: £73 Tinnis, Suffolk: £67 Venchen, Cheviot: £58 Yetholm Mains, Easycare: £65 Yetholm Mains