St Boswells Sale of Charolais Cross and Multibreed Suckled Calves, also Store Sheep

8th October 2020


Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Show and Sale of Continental Bullocks and Heifers with all cattle presented in full bloom, meeting a great demand throughout the day.

Under the present circumstances there was no pre-sale show, the pens were judged during the sale by Messrs Kennedy, North Cowshaw with the champion pen of Charolais.x Bullocks going to regular consignment, Messrs Anderson, Headshaw, L raising £1250.
1st Place Heifers went to another annual consignment, Messrs Pate, Stobshiel Mains raising £1030

Outwith the show, topping the days trading was Messrs Sinclair, Crookston with a fabulous Charolais.x Bullock at £1400.

Top pence per kilo went to Huntington Farming Partners of 276p for a fantastic pen of Limousin.x Heifers.

Bullocks per head – Aberdeen Angus: £1140 Headshaw, L, £1090 Northfield, St Abbs, £1070 Stoneypath, £1020 Pogbie, Limousin: £1265 Headshaw, L,  £1200 Northfield, St Abbs, £1190 Pogbie, £1175 Huntington, £1160 Pogbie, Headshaw, L, £1150 Huntington, £1140 Headshaw, L, Huntington, £1130 Huntington, Overhall, Pogbie, £1120 Huntington, £1110 Crookston, Todshawhaugh, £1105 Huntington, £1100 Stoneypath, Beef Shorthorn: £940 Huntington, Simmental: £1250 Roxburgh Mill, £1210 Branxholm Braes, £1180, £1160, £1150 Roxburgh Mill, £1140 (3) Headshaw, L, £1110, £1100, £1095 Roxburgh Mill, £1090 Headshaw, L, £1080, £1070 Roxburgh Mill, Salers: £1075 South Riccalton, £1070 Kedzlie, British Blue: £1120 Crookston, £990, £970, £960 Harwood on Teviot, Pogbie, Charolais: £1400, £1360, £1285 Crookston, £1280 Todshawhaugh, £1250 Headshaw, L, £1240 Cortleferry, £1235 Mossilee, £1230 Brothershiels, Crookston, £1205 Crookston, £1200 Mossilee, Headshaw, L, £1185 Crookston, £1180 Mossilee, £1170 Stoneypath, North Synton, £1160 Headshaw, L, Skelfhill

Bullocks per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 250.5p Headshaw, L, 242p Brothershiels, 234.4p Northfield St Abbs, 232.3p Ayton Cocklaw, 231.8p Pogbie, 225.9p Stoneypath, Limousin: 255.6p The Fens, 254.1p Cortleferry, 245.6p, 244.2p (2) Huntington, 243.2p Cortleferry, 242.7p Skelfhill, 242.6p, 241.7p Headshaw, L, 241.6p Huntington, 241.1p, 239.8p Parkhill, 239.1p Stoneypath, 238.6p Parkhill, 238.5p Tandlaw, Beef Shorthorn: 213.6p Huntington, Simmental: 250.6p, 250.5p, 242.6p, 237.5p Headshaw, L, 223.7p Parkhill, Salers: 231.2p South Riccalton, 228.9p, 227.7p Kedzlie, British Blue: 224.1p Kedzlie, 218.2p Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: 265.1p Headshaw, L, 260.7p, 257.3p Stobshiel Mains, 256.4p Cortleferry, Headshaw, L, 256.2p Headshaw, L, 252.9p Brothershiels, 252.4p Cortleferry, 251.8p Skelfhill, 251.1p Stobshiel Mains, Skelfhill, 247.7p, 246.2p Stoneypath, 245.7p Stobshiel Mains, 244.1p North Synton, 242.7p Stoneypath.
Bullocks averaged 231.8p per kilo

Heifers per head – Aberdeen Angus: £920 Northfield, St Abbs, £855 Pogbie, Limousin: £1340 The Mains, £1300, £1140, £1090, £1080 Huntington, £1080 Crookston, £1075 Huntington, Greenhead, S, £1060 Huntington, £1050 Huntington, Simmental: £1095 Mossilee, £1080 Headshaw, L, £1075 Mossilee, £1040 Roxburgh Mill, £1000 Headshaw, L, Salers: £900 Kedzlie, £860 South Riccalton, British Blue: £300 Overhall, Charolais: £1270 Crookston, £1230, £1180 Meigle, £1160 Headshaw, L, £1155 (2) Crookston, £1140 Brothershiels, Crookston, £1120 Cortleferry, £1110 Headshaw, L,

Heifers per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 219.2p Pogbie, 216.5p Northfield, St Abbs, Limousin: 276.3p, 265.8p, 265.7p, 257.1p Huntington, 247.8p Kedzlie, Beef Shorthorn: 211.8p Priesthaugh, Simmental: 238.6p, 235.3p, 220.4p Headshaw, L, Salers: 225p Kedzlie, 212p Tandlaw, Charolais: 262p Stobshiel Mains, 257.9p Brothershiels, 257.5p Stobshiel Mains, 256.2p Brothershiels, 251.9p Stobshiel Mains, 251.9p Cortleferry, 248.1p Headshaw, L, 244.7p Skelfhill, 238.7p Headshaw, L, 238.6p Stoneypath, 238p Brothershiels, 236p Stoneypath, 235.6p Stobshiel Mains
Heifers averaged 227.8p per kilo

A great show of lambs forward with all regular buyers forward.  Average £68

Suffolk: £83.50 Pogbie Bungalow, £73 Craigend, £72.50 Greenhead, S, £72 Bowershields, Blackshields, North Country Cheviot: £78, £73.50 Stouphill, £73 Bowershields, £69.50 Carcant, £69 Leaderfoot, Texel: £76.50 Greenhead, S, £76 Attonburn, £74.50 Ruletownhead, £73 Redpath East End, Greenhead, S, £72 Scott Road, L, Greenhead, S, £71.50 Blackhaugh, Hill Cheviot: £72 Whitefield, E, £68 The Burrows, £58, £56.50 Langhope, Lleyn: £72, £65.50 Menslaws.