St Boswells Sale of Feeding & Grazing Cattle, also Ewes with Lambs at foot

28th March 2019


Harrison and Hetherington held there first Show and Sale of Grazing Cattle at St Boswells with all cattle in high demand.  The days trading was topped by Kedzlie Farms at £1200 for a superb Charolais cross bullock which also took the Reserve Champion in the pre-sale Show.

Taking the Championship was a sensational Black Limousin cross heifer from Crookston Farms.

Topping the pence per kilo section was Messrs Hepburn, Northhouse with a pen of fantastic grazing Charolais cross heifers at 255.4p per kilo.

The show was expertly judged by Mr Kevin Orr, Penston

Class 1 (Best Bullock)
1st        Kedzlie
2nd       Kedzlie
3rd        Cortleferry

Class 2 (Best Heifer)
1st        Crookston
2nd       The Lee
3rd        The Lee

Bullocks per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1120 Crookston, £1110 Whitburgh, £940 Brothershiels, Limousin: £1190 Grahamslaw, £1185 Outerston, £1175 Kedzlie, £1170 Cortleferry, £1160 Kedzlie, £1150 Saughtree, £1110 Howahill, £1100 Grahamslaw, Beef Shorthorn: £945 Priesthaugh, £940 Tandlaw, Simmental: £1070 Caverton Mill, Trows, £1050 Caverton Mill (2), £980 Whitburgh, £950 Coxydene, Blonde: £1020 Outerston, Salers: £955, £915 Kedzlie,  British Blue: £1175, £1115, £1105, £1100, £1065, £1060, £1050 Kedzlie, £1040 Whitburgh, Charolais: £1200 Kedzlie, Cortleferry, £1165 Kedzlie, £1135 Caverton Mill, £1130 Crookston, £1125 Nether Howden, £1110, £1100 Crookston.

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 229.3p Brothershiels, 219.8p Whitburgh, 217.1p Langhope, 215p Nether Howden, 210.5p Langhope, Limousin: 250.8p Parkhill, Nether Howden, 249.5p Kedzlie, 248.4p Parkhill, 243.2p, 242.7p Kedzlie, 241.5p Nether Howden, 239.6p Kedzlie, 238.9p Parkhill, Luing: 212.2p Kedzlie, Beef Shorthorn: 208.9p Tandlaw, Simmental: 233.3p Parkhill, 225.3p Whitburgh, 223.1p Parkhill, 215.1p Coxydene, 241.3p, 214p Trows, Salers: 225.9p Kedzlie, 225.9p Houdshall Cottage, 225p Kedzlie, British Blue: 246.1p, 240.6, 238.6p, 237.6p, 237.4p, 237.2p, 236.6p, 224.2p Kedzlie, 223.7p Whitburgh, Charolais: 253p Stobswood, 250.8p Nether Howden, 248.1p Kedzlie, 248p, 247.6p Stobswood, 245.9p Cortleferry, 245.3p, 242.4p Kedzlie, 241.5p Nether Howden, 241.4p Stobswood.

Bullocks averaged 227.2p per kilo.

Heifers per head: Aberdeen Angus: £620 Greenknowe, Limousin: £1140 Crookston, £1110 Lammerview, £1030 The Lee, £1005 Saughtree, £1000, £990 Kedzlie, Beef Shorthorn: £870 Tandlaw, Simmental: £960 Trows, £920 Bayhill, £835 Bayhill, Salers: £775 Kedzlie, British Blue: £860 Tandlaw, Charolais: £1135 Crookston, £1130 Cortleferry, £1120 Crookston, £1070 Nether Howden, £1055 Crookston, £1045 Stobswood, £1025, £1020 Crookston, £1005 Stobswood

Heifers per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 213.8p Greenknowe, Limousin: 249.3p, 242.4p The Lee, 240.6p Cortleferry, 236.5p Parkhill, 234.6p Greenknowe, 232.7p Crookston, 230.8p Coxydene 230.2p, Kedzlie, 223.7p Greenknowe, 223p Parkhill, Simmental: 234.9p Parkhill, 211p Trows, Salers: 218.2p Houdshall Cottage, Charolais: 255.4p Northhouse, 240.6p, 240.3p Cortleferry, 235.8p Nether Howden, 235.2p Stobswood, 234.6p, 232.2p Greenknowe, 229p Cortleferry, 228.4p Stobswood, 226p Nether Howden

Heifers averaged per kilo 217.18p per kilo

First Sale of Ewes and Lambs sold well to a ringside of buyers.

Mule Ewes and Twins £63, £58 (2) (£189, £174) Redpath East End.
Hoggs – Texel: £63 Upper Chatto, Mule: £62, £57 Upper Chatto, Bluefaced Leicester: £53 Upper Chatto, Cheviot.x: £48 Upper Chatto.