St Boswells Sale of Native Bred Cattle

19th March 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held Annual Sale of Native Bred Cattle with 1024 gracing the ring.  Kindly sponsored by Thomas Sherriff & Co Ltd and supported by Morrisons for the Shorthorn class.

Taking charge of the days judging was Mr G.Ross, Strichen Mains who ably took charge.  The championship of the day was a fabulous Aberdeen Angus.x Bullock consigned by Messrs Runciman, Upper Blainslie.

The Reserve Championship was an Aberdeen Angus.x Heifer from Stobo Home Farm.  Top price of the day went to Messrs Marshall, Camieston with an Aberdeen Angus.x Bullock at £1330.

Topping the pence per kilo for the bullock section was Messrs Connon, Greenknowe with a pen of Aberdeen Angus.x Bullocks at 264.5p per kilo.  The Heifer section was topped by the same home with a pen of Heifers at 260p per kilo

Class 1 – Bullock
1st                    Upper Blainslie (CHAMPION)            520 kgs           £1115
2nd                    Stobo Home Farm                              495 kgs           £1115
3rd                    Stobo Home Farm                              495 kgs           £1115

Class 2 – Heifer
1st                    Stobo Home Farm (RESERVE)         380 kgs           £  880
2nd                    Stobo Home Farm                              380 kgs           £  905

Class 3 – pen of 6 or more Bullocks
1st                    Cortleferry                                           445 kgs           £1085

Class 4 – pen of 6 or more Heifers
1st                    Cortleferry                                           490 kgs           £  990

Best Pen of 4 Beef Shorthorn
1st                    Coltcrooks                                           360 kgs           £  815

Bullocks per head-
Aberdeen Angus: £1330 Camieston, £1290 Kaeside, £1210 Hownam Grange, £1180 Broomiebank, £1150 Bridge House, £1145 Outerston, £1130 Bridge House, Outerston, £1125 Camieston, Upper Blainslie, Hereford: £900 Fairnilee, £890 Bolton, Limousin: £1240, £1225, £1060 Outerston, £1055 Polton, £1040 Broomiebank, Luing: £1030, £1000, £930 Kedzlie, Beef Shorthorn: £1100 Broomiebank, £1080 Bridge House, £1070 Broomiebank, £940 Whitriggs, £910 Mountbenger, Simmental: £1070 Polton, Saler: £830 Bedrule, Charolais: £790 Hownam Grange, £770 The Bungalow, Pogbie

Bullocks per kilo –
Aberdeen Angus: 264.5p, 258.5p Greenknowe, 253.6p Brothershiels, 248.8p Stobo Home Farm (G.MacDonald), 247.4p Upper Blainslie, 245.9p Kirktonhill, 244.7p Greenknowe, 243.8p Brothershiels, Cortleferry (2), Hereford: 209.4p Polton, 204.5p Fairnilee, Limousin: 263.5p Greenknowe, 241.9p Pirnie, 224.5p Polton, 222.2p Pirnie, Luing: 216.8p, 241.8p, 212.7p, 211.4p Kedzlie, Beef Shorthorn: 235.4p, 234.9p, 226.4p Coltcrooks, 224.7p Kittyfield, 220.5p Brockhouse, 215.2p Whitriggs, Simmental: 222.9p Polton, Charolais: 239.4p Hownam Grange, 216.9p The Bungalow, Pogbie

Bullocks averaged 222.06p per kilo

Heifers per kilo –
Aberdeen Angus: 253.8p Cortleferry, 244.4p Harwood on Teviot, 236.4p Greenknowe, 232p Stobo Home Farm, 227p Greenknowe, 224.4p Mountbenger, 223.5p Stobo Home Farm, Greenknowe, 223p Mountbenger, Stobo Home Farm, Hereford: 223.5p Ecclaw, Limousin: 259.4p, 217p Greenknowe, Beef Shorthorn: 227.9p Coltcrooks, British Blue: 214p Brothershiels

Heifers per head –
Aberdeen Angus: £1145 Wedderlie, £1110 Outerston, £1090 Kaeside, £1040 Cortleferry, £1015 Nisbet Mill, Limousin: £830, £770 Greenknowe, £730 Bedrule, Beef Shorthorn: £1030 Mountbenger

Heifers averaged 209.23p per kilo