St Boswells Sale of Native Bred Store Cattle

22nd March 2018

Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Show and Sale of Native Bred cattle kindly sponsored by Northern Boiler Grants and H&H Insurance Brokers, with buyers from far and wide gracing the ring with a tremendous show of grazing cattle forward, a credit to all Vendors.

The Pre- Sale Show Champion went to Stobo Home Farm, Peebles, with a fabulous AAx bullock which was ably judged by Mr D Foley, Mirlaw House, raising £1300 to the Judge.

Reserve Champion went to M/s Hendry, Symington Mains, Stow, with an AAx heifer raising £1150.

Winning the Pen of 6 or more native Bred Cattle also went to Stobo Home Farm, Peebles with a pen of AAx bullocks raising £1240. Runner up was Wester Middleton with an excellent pen of heifers raising £1175. Out with the Show topping the pence per kilo was M/s Lowrie, Blegbie, with a pen of 9 cracking Grazing bullocks. Topping the Heifer section was M/s Weir, Cortleferry, Stow raising £1220 for a very classy heifer.

Bullocks per head:  Aberdeen Angus: £1300 Stobo Home Farm,£1260 Outerston, £1245 Birkenside, £1240, £1225, £1210 Stobbo Home Farm, £1200 Outerston, Whitlaw, £1195 Fairnilee, Symington Mains, £1185 Symington Mains, Meigle, £1180 Cortleferry, £1165 Birkenside, Whitlaw, £1160 Bluecairn, Stobswood, Meigle. Hereford:£920 Kittyfield,Pirnie, £870 Pirnie. Beef Shorthorn: £1025 Pirnie, £900 Morebattle Tofts, £880 £875 Coltcrooks £870 Morebattle Tofts. Simmental: £825 Arkleton, Charolais: £1220 Meigle.

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 288.10p Blegbie, 273.9p Upper Tofts, 271.10p, 267.8p,266.7 Whitlaw,270.4p, 269.70p, 269.0p Nisbet Mill,269.30p,261.20p Upper Blainslie, 265.8p,263.80p, 262.2p Gainslawhill, 264.00 Nisbet Mill, 263.6p Stobswood 262.00p Stobbo Home Farm, 261.2 Symington Mains,260.9p Whitlaw, 260.00p Blegbie.Hereford: 227.20p Kittyfield. Limousin: 276.2p Pirnie, 251.90p , 250.00p Arkleton. Beef Shorthorn: 262.7p, 25.80p Coltcrooks,256.30p, 227.70p Pirnie. Simmental: 284.50p Arkleton. Charolais: 223.90p Meigle.

Heifers per head:  Aberdeen Angus: £1220.00, £1090  Cortleferry, £1175 Wester Middleton (2),£1160.00, £1065, £1060 Outerston,£1155 Cortleferry, £1150 Symington Mains, £1130 Fairnilee, £1080 Whitlaw. Limousin: £945 Outerston.Luing: £760 Tushielaw (2). Beef Shorthorn: £955 Morebattle Tofts, £800 Coltcrooks. Saler: £885 Hundalee.

Heifers per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 254.10p,248.80p, 238.20p Whitlaw, 252.70p, 234.10p Symington Mains, 248.6p,236.50p,233.30p Nisbet Mill, 245.00p Gainslawhill, 243.80p Bluecairn, 242.00p, 232.40p Blegbie. Limousin: 228.10p,221.80p Arkleton, 221.50p Pirnie.


Bullocks averaged 256.16ppk (+14) or £1046.91 (+£83 )

Heifers averaged 226.94ppk (+9) or  £870.94 (+£99)