St Boswells Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle & Ewes with lambs

13th June 2019

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store and Breeding Cattle on Thursday 13th June.  Topping the days trading for Breeding Cattle was the consignment of Autumn Calving Cows and calves from Kedzlie Farms.  Topping at £2200 for a Simmental.x Cow with Luing.x Heifer Calf at foot.  Bulling Heifers were topped by a fantastic Simmental.x Heifer from Messrs Brickell, Holydean at £1300.

Breeding Cattle: Bulling Heifers- Simmental:£1300, £1260 Holydean, Cows in Calf- Simmental: £1400 (2), £1380, £1350 (2), £1200 (2), Calves- Luing: £800, £780, £770(2), £760 (2), £750, £740, £730 (2) Kedzlie

Store Cattle
100 Store Cattle forward with an end of season selection forward.  Topping the sale was a Simmental.x Heifer from Messrs Brickell, Holydean at £1290.  Topping the pence per kilo was also from Messrs Brickell, Holydean with a pen of Simmental.x Bullocks at 215.8p per kg.

Bullocks per head-  Aberdeen Angus: £1000 Upper Tofts, £990, £980 Broomiebank, Simmental: £960, £910 Holydean

Bullocks per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 214.9p Thornydykes, 212.8p Upper Tofts, 212.3p Thornydykes, Simmental: 215.8p, 206.8p Holydean

Heifers per head – Aberdeen Angus: £940 Broomiebank, £790, £730 Trabrown, £720 Colmslie, Hereford: £670 Colmslie, Limousin: £885(2), £860 Broomiebank, Beef Shorthorn: £680 Colmslie, Simmental: £1290, £1260, £1010 Holydean

Heifers per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 206.9p Colmslie, 197p Thornydykes, 193.7p Colmslie, Hereford: 191.4p Colmslie, Beef Shorthorn: 178.9p Colmslie, Pinzgauer: 197p Thornydykes, Simmental: 198.4p Holydean

Ewes and Lambs –
Ewes with Twins         £59 Greenhead, Selkirk
Ewes with Singles       £58 Greenhead, Selkirk