St Boswells Sale of Store Cattle and Lambs

7th December 2017

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle and Sheep.

Topping the trade was a Simmental.x from Shawbraes at £1060.  P/pkg saw a cracking pen of Charolais.x Heifers from Messrs Bell, Borthwickbrae at 266p/pkg.  More cattle could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Bullocks per head: Limousin: £990, £950, £915, £900 Coxydene, Simmental: £1015, £930 Coxydene, Charolais: £1020, £1015 Coxydene

Bullocks per kilo: Limousin: 234.6p, 222.5p Coxydene, Simmental: 216p, 214p Coxydene, Charolais: 244.3p, 217.1p Borthwickbrae

Bullocks averaged 213.4p per kg

Heifers per head:  Simmental: £980 (2) Shawbraes,  Charolais: £1060 Shawbraes, £705, £690 (2) Borthwickbrae

Heifers per kilo: Simmental: 204.2p, 202.2p Shawbraes, Charolais: 266p, 219p Borthwickbrae

Heifers averaged 208.8p per kg

STORE LAMBS –  Another buoyant trade for Store Lambs at St Boswells with a number of buyers present for the catalogue of 1000 lambs and a couple going home emptry.

Suffolk: (Average £56.77) £74.50 Belford on Bowmont, £68 Chapelhill, £57.50, £56 Venchen Texel: (Average £60.47) £70 Elliston, £68 Scott Road, Lauder, £67 Kilnknowe, £63.50 Broomiebank, Ruletownhead, £61.50 Ruletownhead, North Country Cheviot: (Average £37.22) £52 Belford on Bowmont, £43.50 Middlesknowes, South Country Cheviot: £46 Whitefield, E,  £41 Whitefield, E, Greyfaced: £49.50 Broomiebank, £45.50 The Orchard, Blackface: (Average £35.01) £44 Broomiebank, £40.50 The Orchard, £40 Middlesknowes