St Boswells Sale of Store Cattle, Breeding & Feeding Sale & Sale of Rams

24th September 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle with a large proportion being forward stores.  Topping the days trading was the annual consignment from Messrs McGowan, Craiglea with a pen of fantastic Limousin.x bullocks raising £1260

Pence per kilo was topped by Messrs Douglas, Saughtree with a pen of marvelous Limousin.x Bullocks at 244p per kilo.

Bullocks per head – Limousin: £1260, £1150, £1120 Craiglea, Simmental: £1090 Elder Bank, Charolais: £1000 Adderstonshiels

Bullocks per kilo_ Limousin: 243.8p, 225p Saughtree, 217.9p Craiglea, 216.9p Saughtree, 215.4p Craiglea, Charolais: 215.9p Adderstonshiels,

Bullocks averaged 208.73 p per kilo

Heifers per head – Aberdeen Angus: £820 Adderstonshiels, £800 Satchells, Limousin: £1130, £1120, £1095, £1090 Craiglea, Beef Shorthorn: £900 Satchells, Simmental: £890 Satchells, Charolais: £920 Adderstonshiels

Heifers per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 190.7p Adderstonshiels, Limousin: 225p Saughtree, 222.4p Craiglea, 222.1p Saughtree, 221.2p (2) Craiglea, Beef Shorthorn: 211.8p Satchells, Simmental: 193.3p, Satchells, Charolais: 204.4p Adderstonshiels

Heifers averaged 205.83p per kilo

At the Annual Sale of Rams, many strong tups forward with a solid trade throughout.

A classy pen of Bluefaced Leicesters from P.W Hedley, Riccalton Flock provided the sale toppers at £1200 and £1100

Top priced tup from Mr Bill Hedley, Corsbie Cottages – £1200

Bluefaced Leicester: £1200, £1100 Corsbie Cottages (Riccalton Flock), £400 Threepwood Cottages, Suffolk: £550, £500 (3) Meigle, Texel: £450 Scott Road, Lauder, £420 (2) Threepwood, £400 Floors Farming, £400 Roxburgh Mains


An outstanding show of 1980 Store Lambs forward at St Boswells Mart.  Another strong trade with many regular and new buyers present.  Sale average £70.  Including a fantastic run of 600 Texel, Suffolk and Mule lambs from Messrs Patterson, Kirktonhill averaging £77.

At the annual show and sale of lambs were ably judged by Mr D.Orr, Penston and the section averaged £65

1st        Bothwell          £73.00
2nd       Harehead        £71.50
3rd        Huntershall      £71.50

1st prize pen of Blackface Lambs from Bothwell

Blackface: £73 Bothwell, £71.50 Huntershall, Harehead, £68 Syart, £68 Bothwell, £67 Harehead, Texel: £82, £81, £76, £71 Kirktonhill, Suffolk: £81.50 Stottencleugh, £79, £78 Kirktonhill, Greyfaced: £76 Kirktonhill, £74 Stottencleugh, £70.50 Kirktonhill, South Country Cheviot: £69 Langhope, North Country Cheviot: £67.50 Bowershields