St Boswells Sale of Grazing Cattle & Breeding Sheep

12th April 2018

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale with a mixed show of cattle forward.  Similar strength and quality still selling to a great trade.  Topping the days trading was Messrs Thomson, Caverton Mill with a pen of fabulous Charolais.x Bullocks raising £1190.

Topping the pence per kilo was Messrs Thomson, Caverton Mill with a pen of 3 Limousin.x Bullocks at 275p per kilo and also with the same pence per kilo was Messrs Anderson, Headshaw, L with a tremendous Limousin.x Bullock.

The Pre-Sale Show was kindly judged by Miss S.Watt, giving champion to Messrs Grieve, The Lee.  Reserve Champion to West Garleton.

Shorthorn judging of pens of four was carried out by Messrs Gibson, Willowford.  Kindly sponsored by Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society in conjunction with Morrisons.  1st  Midburn Bullock, 2nd Midburn Bullock

Bullocks per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1140 Todshawhaugh, £1120, £1110 Harwood on Teviot, £1095 Byrewalls, £1085 Whitburgh, £1020 Towford, Shorthorn: £1105, £980 Midburn, £950 West Garleton, Limousin: £1190 Caverton Mill, £1180 The Lee, Headshaw, L, £1165 West Garleton, £1150 Caverton Mill, £1145 Lylestane, £1125, £1120, £1110 (2)  Caverton Mill, Simmental: £1150, £1120, £1080 Caverton Mill, £1060 Headshaw, L, Caverton Mill, Whitburgh, £1050 Trows, £1030 Middlestead, £1020 Birkenside, Middlestead, Saler: £855, £845 Kaeside, British Blue: £1110, £1055, £1040 Harwood on Teviot, £1025 Whitburgh, Charolais: £1190 Caverton Mill, £1150 Headshaw, L, £1140 Byrewalls, £1110, £1070 Caverton Mill, £1055 Byrewalls, £1030 Cortleferry, Todshawhaugh (2), £1025 Todshawhaugh

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 255.2p Harwood on Teviot, 244.7p Towford, 243.4p Halidean Mill, 242.6p Todshawhaugh, 241.7p, 240.3p Towford, 239.5p Halidean Mill, 235.6p, 231.8p Towford, 230.9p Whitburgh, Shorthorn: 248.6p, 223.2p Midburn, Limousin: 275p Headshaw, L, 274.6p The Lee, 274.1p, 269p Parkhill, 265.2p Headshaw, L, 264.8p Hopton, 261.4p Cortleferry, 260p Hopton, 259.3p The Lee, 257.1p Northfield, St Abbs, Beef Shorthorn: 225.5p, 222.8p, 222.5p Halidean Mill, Simmental: 271.8p Headshaw, L, 263.3p Trows, 253.8p South Common, 248.6p Midburn, 248.5p, 247.2p Huntershall, 244.8p Parkhill, 239.5p Middlestead, 236.6p Whitburgh, 235.6p Caverton Mill, Saler: 228.4p 222.1p Kaeside, British Blue: 255.2p, 251.2p Harwood on Teviot, 245.9, 244p, 239p Whitburgh, Charolais: 266.7p Cortleferry, 260.6p Headshaw, L, 260.5p Todshawhaugh, 256.8p, 256.4p Cortleferry, 255.7p Byrewalls, 255.6p Headshaw, L, 253.8p South Common

Bullocks averaged 236.2p per kilo

Heifers per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1100 Halidean Mill, £1020 Towford, £960 Halidean Mill, £920 West Garleton, £915, £910 Towford, Stabiliser: £910, £870 Corsehope, Limousin: £1130 Howahill, £1120 Headshaw, L, £1105 West Garleton, £1085 Mid Softlaw, £1060 Cortleferry, West Garleton, £1035 Howahill, £1000 Northfield, Luing: £840 Huntershall, Beef Shorthorn: £955, £910 Halidean Mill, Simmental: £1050 Traprain, £975, £960 Caverton Mill, Saler: £1040 Traprain, British Blue: £1035 Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: £1135 Byrewalls, £1080 Headshaw, L, £1040 Caverton Mill, £1035 Todshawhaugh, West Garleton, £1025 Todshawhaugh, £1020 Caverton Mill

Heifers per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 239.3p Earlston Mains, 234.6p Towford, 234.1p Halidean Mill, 231.8p, 226.1p, 224.7p Towford, Stabilier: 232p, 224.7p Corsehope, Limousin: 275p Caverton Mill, 273.2p Headshaw, L, 269.2p Traprain, 268.4p West Garleton, 264.5p Cortleferry, 261.5p The Lee, 259.3p, 257.4p, 256.7p Huntington, 256.3p The Lee, Luing: 224p, 218.8p Huntershall, Beef Shorthorn: 216.7p, 214.6p Halidean Mill, Simmental: 243.5p South Common, 234.1p Caverton Mill, Saler: 227.7p, 221.7p Kaeside, British Blue: 232.6p, 227.9p Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: 263.4p, 261.3p Headshaw, L, 255.6p Todshawhaugh, 251.7p Kaeside, 248.6p Cortleferry, 244p Todshawhaugh, 238.4p Kaeside, 236.6p Cortleferry, 232.1p Caverton Mill

Heifers averaged 230p per kilo

Ewes with Lambs – Another buoyant trade, with a number of purchasers present.

Mules with singles       £75 (£150) Blackshiels, £72 (£144) Redpath Eastend
Mules with twins          £63 (£189) Blackshiels, £60 (£180) Redpath Eastend