St Boswells Sale of Store Cattle & Ewes with Lambs

9th May 2019

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle with a show of stronger cattle forward.  Topping the days trading was £1180 twice for 2 pens of excellent Aberdeen Angus.x Heifers from Pogbie Farms.

Topping the pence per kilo section was Messrs Grieve, The Lee with a smashing Limousin.x Bullock at 266.7p per kilo

Bullocks per head:  Aberdeen Angus: £1110 Pogbie, Broomiebank (2), £1070 Stouslie, £1050 Todshawhaugh, £1045 Pogbie, £1040 Whitfield, Hwk, Hereford: £890, £855 Fairnilee, Limousin: £1140 Broomiebank, £1115 Todshawhaugh, £1110 Broomiebank, £1090 Berryhill, £1080 The Lee, £1060 Broomiebank, £1000 Gattonside Mains, Broomiebank, Beef Shorthorn: £900 Halidean Mill,  Simmental: £1050 Mossilee, £980, £960 Easter Fodderlie, £960 Tinnis, British Blue: £885 Kedzlie, Charolais: £1070 Hoprigshiels, £1050 North Synton, £1040 Stoneypath, £1020 North Synton, £1000 Hoprigshiels, North Synton

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 234.8p, 226.5p, 222.2p Pogbie, 222p Broomiebank, 221.1p Fairnilee, Todshawhaugh, 220p Hownam Grange, Hereford: 219.8p, 213.8p Fairnilee, Limousin: 266.7p The Lee, 246.9p Gattonside Mains, 240.5p, 233.3p, 231p Greenhead, S, 228.6p The Lee, 226.5p Pogbie, 222.5p Greenhead, S, 220p The Lee, Beef Shorthorn: 207.3p, 202.2p Halidean Mill, Simmental: 216.5p Mossilee, 215.4p South Common, 213p Easter Fodderlie, 210.7p South Common, British Blue: 232.9p Kedzlie, Charolais: 226p Todshawhaugh, 221.3p, 219.8p Stoneypath, 219.8p North Synton, 218.4p Hoprigshiels, 217p North Synton, 216.3p Mossilee

Bullocks averaged 215.8p per kilo

Heifers per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1180 (2) Pogbie, £1070 Whitfield, Hwk, £910 Currie Inn, Limousin: £1000 Broomiebank, £980 Kedzlie, £940 Sourhope, £910 The Lee, £900 Dawyck Estates, Pogbie, Simmental: £830 Mossilee, British Blue: £830 Pogbie, Charolais: £990 Todshawhaugh, £950 North Synton, Foulshiels, £925 New Smailholm, £920, £910 Stoneypath

Heifers per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 231.4p, 216.5p Pogbie, 211.9p Whitfield, Limousin: 260p Howahill, 258.2p Dawyck Estates, 250.9p Gattonside Mains, 250p Dawyck Estates, 247.8p, 239.5p The Lee, 238.9p Sourhope, 230.1p Dawyck Estates, 221.2p Sourhope, 220.5p Kedzlie, Simmental: 202.7p South Common, 200p Mossilee, British Blue: 210.1p Pogbie, Charolais: 253.8p Todshawhaugh, 234.2p Pogbie, 217.7p Todshawhaugh, 216.7p Pogbie, 216.5p Mossilee, 215.9p North Synton

Heifers averaged 210.7p per kilo

Ewes and Lambs

A great show of 250 Ewes with Lambs at foot were forward at St Boswells Mart, selling to strong rates with many buyers in operation.  Topping the trade was an aged Cheviot Mule Ewe with outstanding Texel Ewe Lamb at foot from Wester Ulston Sheep realising £74 (£148)

Aged Ewes:-
Cheviot Mules and Singles                 £74 (148) Wester Ulston Sheep
Cheviot Mules and Twins                   £66 (x2), £65 (£198 (x2) £195) Wester Ulston Sheep
Texel with Singles                               £72 (£142) Threeburnford, £67 (£134) Hawksnest, Y£66 (£132) Hallrule Mill
Texel with Twins                                 £69 (£207) Bluecairn, £66 (£198) Threeburnford, £66 (£198)Threeburnford, £66 (£198) Hawksnest, Y
Suffolk.x with Twins                           £70 (£210) Bluecairn, £67 (£201) Hawksnest, Y
Suffolk.x with Singles                         £66 (£132) Hawksnest, Y
Mules with Singles                              £67 (£134) Hallrule Mill, £62 (£124) Amerside Law
Mules with Twins                                £62 (£186) Bluecairn, £62 (£186) Amerside Law
North Country Cheviot with Twins      £56 (£168) Bluecairn
South Country Cheviot with Singles   £54 (£108) Woodburn