St Boswells Sale of Store Cattle, In Lamb Ewes, Store Lambs & Cast Ewes

10th January 2019

Harrison and Hetherington held their first sale of the New Year with the trade buoyant throughout.  Topping the days trading was Yester Mains with a pen of Aberdeen Angus.x Heifers at £1230, top pence per kilo was from Messrs Rutter, Greenhead at 223.3p/pkg for a pen of fabulous Limousin.x Grazing Bullocks.  More cattle could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Bullocks per head:  Aberdeen Angus:  £740 Earlston Mains, Shorthorn: £810 Townhead,  Limousin: £875 Coxydene, £845, £840, £830, £825 Greenhead, S,  Simmental: £900 Townhead, £895 Parkhill, £880, £870 Coxydene, £870 Townhead, £850 Coxydene, Charolais: £900, £820 Townhead

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 208.5p Earlston Mains, Shorthorn: 195.2p Townhead, Limousin: 223.3p, 222.4p, 218.2p, 217.1p Greenhead, Simmental: 221p Parkhill, 217.1p Greenhead, S, 211.1p Townhead, Charolais: 210.3p, 202.2p Townhead

Bullocks averaged 207.2p per kilo

Heifers per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1205, £1200, £1150, £1065 Yester Mains, Limousin: £1150, £1055 Yester Mains, £985, £960, £890, £845 Coxydene, £825 Greenhead, S, Beef Shorthorn: £1230 Yester Mains, Simmental: £865 Coxydene, £795 Greenhead, S, £770 Coxydene, Townhead, £755, £730 Townhead, Charolais: £915 Coxydene

Heifers per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 207.8p, 200.9p Yester Mains, Limousin: 204.9p Yester Mains, 201.7p Parkhill, 197p Coxydene, 196.3p, 191.9p Greenhead, S, 191.7p Yester Mains, Beef Shorthorn: 189.2p Yester Mains, Simmental: 203.5p Coxydene, 196.3p Greenhead, S, 191.4p Townhead, 190.1p Coxydene, Charolais: 190.6p Coxydene

Heifers averaged 189.94p per kilo

Store Sheep – At their Annual Sale of Store Sheep and Cast Rams, Harrison and Hetherington had forward and sold 1000 sheep.
Hoggs in high demand with a ring side full of prospective purchasers topped at £85 for Texel Ram Hoggs from Messrs Howie, Broomiebank

Texel: £85 Broomiebank, £80 Edgerston Tofts, £75.50 Hallrule Mill, £74.50 Spottiswoode, £74 Broomiebank, £72 Greenhead, S, £71.50 Crailing Nook Suffolk: £78 Greenhead, S, £77.50 Craigend, £74 Spottiswoode, Broomiebank, Stottencleugh, £72 The Knock Bluefaced Leicester: £77 Broomiebank Mule: £67, £65 Stottencleugh Cheviot Mule: £61 Edgerston Tofts

Hill Hoggs highly sought after.

North Country Cheviot: £65.50 Belford on Bowmont, £64 Middlesknowes South Country Cheviot: £61, £60.50 Whitefield, E Blackface: £65, £63 Leithen Water, £62.50 Huntershall, £61.50 Middlesknowes

Rams –
Texel: £101, £80 Wedderlie Bluefaced Leicester: £95 Wedderlie Suffolk: £90 Over Langshaw, £85 Newton, H Blackface: £65 Leithen Water