St Boswells Sale of Store Cattle, Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep

12th October 2017

Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Show and Sale of Blackface Wedder Lambs at St Boswells Mart kindly sponsored by Frank Gibson, ATV Centre, Yetholm and Borders Blackface Sheep Breeders Association.  With a catalogued entry of 1300 Blackface Lambs, Judge, Mr Paul Proudley, Proudley Farms, decided upon champion pen from Professor W Penny, Bothwell which achieved £61 to the judge and received the J.J Scott Memorial Salver.

1st        Bothwell                      £61
2nd       Kirktonhill                    £55
3rd        Upper Hindhope          £53.50

The sale was seeing a two tier trade throughout the Blackface section with strong forward lambs achieving an average of £48.09 and long keep lambs selling from £35 to £24 average £30.20.  Store Lambs achieving another good trade with strong lambs sought after.

Beltex (Average £66.50) 66.50 Edston
Suffolk: (Average £56.94) £64 Bowershields, £55.50 Chapelhill, Hwk, £55 Monklaw
Texel: (Average £62.77) £64 Ruletownhead, £63 (2) Mervinslaw,  £62.50 Kilnknowe
Greyfaced: (Average £53.92) £61, £54 Kirktonhill, £53 Edston
North Country Cheviot: (Average £50.03) £60.50 Philiphaugh, £59 Humbleheugh, £55.50 (2) Attonburn
South Country Cheviot: (Average £54.00) £54 Langhope, Whitefield, Earlston
Blackface:  £61 Harehead, £55 Kirktonhill, £54 Harehead, £53.50 Upper Hindhope, £46.50 Huntershall

Blackface Gimmers £88 Roxburgh Mill, North Country Cheviot Ewes – £56 Belford on Bowmont

Thursday 19th October – Sale of Store Lambs of all classes and final sale of the season for Breeding Ewes and Rams.

The sale of Store Cattle saw a mixed show of cattle with smaller cattle easy to shift.  Topping the days trade was fabulous Charolais.x bullock from Messrs Mundell, Meigle raising £1260.  Topping price per kilo was a pen of Limousin.x heifers from Messrs Anderson, Parkhill at 256.1p/pkg.

Bullocks per head: Aberdeen Angus £1155 Fairnilee, Limousin £1090 The Fens, £1080, £1030 Wellbank House,  British Shorthorn £1030, £880 (2), £850 Cliftonpark, Simmental £680 Parkhill, Charolais £1260, £1125 Meigle, £1050, £1040 Todshawhaugh

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus 238.1p, 232.1p Fairnilee, Limousin 255.9p, 235.4p Parkhill, 231.9p Todshawhaugh, 226.5p The Fens, 225p Parkhill, 223.3p Laings Hill, 222.8p The Fens, British Shorthorn 209.5p, 204.8p Cliftonpark, 203p Laings Hill, 202p Cliftonpark, Charolais 246.8p, 233.7p Todshawhaugh, 228.6p North Synton, 219.8p Todshawhaugh

Bullocks averaged £916.88, 212.55p per kilo

Heifers per head: Aberdeen Angus £1100 Lustruther, £1040 Fairnilee, Limousin £980, £950, £930, £925 The Fens, Simmental £980 Fairnilee, £905 Kirklands, A, Charolais £1230, £1220, £1210 Meigle, £1005, £990 North Synton

Heifers per kilo:  Aberdeen Angus 229.3p, 220.3p The Fens, Limousin 256.1p Parkhill, 235.1p Saughtree, 232.8p Parkhill, 232.1p The Fens, 228.6p Saughtree, 224.7p Parkhill, Simmental 232.8p, 214.5p Parkhill, Charolais 241.6p North Synton, Todshawhaugh, 230.2p, 223.3p North Synton

Heifers averaged £878.75 215.58p per kilo