St Boswells Sale of Store Cattle & Store Sheep

15th March 2018

Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of Store Cattle.  A mixed show of cattle forward with all types sought after with a ringside full of buyers from up and down the country.  Topping the days trading was a Limousin Bullock from Polton and a Simmental Bullock from Upper Chatto, both realising £1340.

Bullocks per head: Limousin: £1340, £1195(2) Polton, £1190 Hopton, £1185 The Lee, £1170 Outerston, Simmental: £1340, £1200 Upper Chatto, £1130 Trows, £980, £975 Symington Mains, Aberdeen Angus: £1240 Stouslie, £1150, £1055, £990, £900 Boon, Charolais: £1140 Meigle, £1105 Hopton, £1075, £1040 Meigle, Blonde: £1000 Outerston.

Bullocks per kilo:  Charolais: 261.5p South Common, 242p (2) Meigle, Simmental: 259p Cocklawfoot, 257.6p South Common, 247.8p Cocklawfoot, 245.6p South Common, 244.3p Coxydene, Limousin: 255.3p Boon, 253p The Lee, 250p Timpendean, 249.4p Coxydene,  248p Broom, 245.6p South Common, Coxydene, Aberdeen Angus: 250.8p Nisbet Mill, 237.1p, 235.7p, 230.8p Boon, Blonde: 235.3p Outerston, British Blue: 231.4p Kedzlie, Hereford: 206p Timpendean.

Bullocks averaged 228.6p per kilo.

Heifers per head:  Aberdeen Angus: £1300, £1160, £1130, 1075, £990 Boon, Simmental: £1130, £1010 Trows, £865, £850 Symington Mains, Limousin: £1100 Boon, £1090 Polton (2), Boon (2), £1080 Hopton, Charolais: £1020 Hopton.

Heifers per kilo:  Aberdeen Angus: 253.5p, 231.4p, 217.2p (2) Boon, Limousin: 247.2p Kedzlie, 243.8p Broom, 242.7p, 239.2p, 234.1p The Lee, 233.3p Broom, Simmental: 245.5p South Common, 228.6p, 227p, 226.9p Nisbet Mill, 223.9p, 221.7p Cocklawfoot.

Heifers averaged 217.7p per kilo.


A small show of Feeding Hoggs were very much in demand, meeting a smart trade.

Texel: £73.50 Harden Mains, £71.50 Upper Samieston, £69.50 (2) Rhodes Holding.  Suffolk: £68 Craigend, £64 Blackburn.  Shetland: £58 Rhodes Holding