St Boswells Sale of Store Cattle & Store Sheep

17th October 2019

Harrison and Hetherington had a useful show of suckled calves and strong cattle forward which were sold to high demand to a ringside full of regular purchasers.

Bullocks per head: Charolais: £1130, £1090, £1030, £1025 East Middle, £930 Adderstonshiels, £905 Todshawhaugh, £900 North Synton Limousin: £1130 East Middle, £950 Saughtree, £935, £905 The Fens, £885 Todshawhaugh, £860 Foulshiels (2), £850 Hyndlee, Simmental: £1100, £1030, £1025, £1020, £1000 Lylestane, Beef Shorthorn: £910, £850 Cliftonpark,  Luing: £850 Upper Chatto

Bullocks per kilo: Limousin: 204.9p Saughtree, 202.4p The Fens, Soutra, 201.1p Todshawhaugh, 200p Saughtree, The Fens, 198.9p The Fens, 197.9p Saughtree, 197.4p Foulshiels, 197.2p Soutra Charolais: 204.5p North Synton, 201.2p, 198.9p, 196.5p Todshawhaugh, 195.5p Skefhill, 193.8p, 190p Adderstonshiels, Simmental: 198.8p Skelfhill, 190.7p Lylestane, 190p New Blainslie, Aberdeen Angus: 193.7p Thornydykes

Bullocks averaged 183.37p per kilo

Heifers per head: Aberdeen Angus: £960, £865 Nether Whitlaw, Charolais: £950 North Synton, £940 Skelfhill, £900 North Synton, £880, £850 Todshawhaugh, Simmental: £920 Sunnycroft, £860, £840 New Blainslie,  Limousin: £900 Skelfhill, £865 Saughtree, £855 Todshawhaugh, The Fens, £845 Soutra, £840 Saughtree

Heifers per kilo: Limousin: 225p Todshawhaugh, 208.6p Soutra, 202.7p Hyndlee, 202.5p The Fens, 195.2p Saughtree, 195.1p Hyndlee, 194.4p Saughtree, 193.9p Foulshiels, 192.6p Todshawhaugh, 192.2p Hyndlee, Charolais: 217.3p, 212.5p Todshawhaugh, 202.2p, 200p, 190.8p North Synton, 190.7p, 189.8p Adderstonshiels, 188p Skelfhill, 187.8p Foulshiels Simmental: 190.4p, 190.2p New Blainslie, Aberdeen Angus: 188.2p, 186p Nether Whitlaw

Heifers averaged 191.27p per kilo


A good show of long keep lambs forward, trade met by a strong demand

Greyfaced: £58.50 West Morriston Cottages, £52.50 Stottencleugh,  North Country Cheviot: £57.50 Birneyknowe, South Country Cheviot: £57.50 Whitefield, E,  Texel: £57 (2)Easter Cowbutt, £56 Stottencleugh, £54 (2) Mosshill, £53.50 Woolaw Suffolk: £56.50 Stottencleugh, £56, £55, £53 Blackhaugh, Beltex: £53 Blackhaugh