St Boswells Sale of Store Cattle & Store Sheep

19th November 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their Fortnightly sale of Suckled Calves and Store Cattle with trade booming throughout.  Topping the days trade was £1160 for a pen of AAx Bullocks from Messrs. Connon, Greenknowe.  Topping the pence per kilo was Messrs. Rutter, Greenhead with a pen of Limx Heifers at 263pph.

Bullocks Averaged: 218.08ppk.

Steers Per Kilo:  AAX: Greenknowe 244.20p. Limousin: Bedrule 218.80p, 216.20p, 215.60p. Saler: Bedrule 210.40p.

 Heifers Averaged: 227.12ppk.

Heifers Per Kilo: AAX: Birkenside 226p, 212.90p. Earlston Mains 214.30p.  Limousin; Greenhead 263p, 245.20p, 245.10p,243.20p.  Greenknowe 243.70p.  B.Short: Birkenside 212.90p. Charolais: Greenknowe 243.70p, 242.60p.

Steers Per Head: AAX:  Greenknowe £1160. Limousin: Bedrule £875. £830. (2) Saler: Bedrule £810 (2)  

Heifers Per Head: AAX: Birkenside £1100. £1095. Limousin: Greenhead £1140. £1070. £1065. Greenknowe £1060.

Store Sheep.  A smaller show of Store Lambs forward was met by the strongest trade seen this season! More are needed to meet demand!! Sale Average £73.43

Store Sheep:Texel:  North Synton £89, £82. The Knock £85. Overton Bush £84. Greenhead £73.50. Suffolk: Ruletownhead £84.50, £78. NC. Cheviot: North Synton £79. Elliston £72. Birneyknowe £66.50. Bowershields £66. Meatlink: Houdshall £76. Ryland: £Lower Ashtrees  £64.50. B/F: Stottencleugh £64.