St Boswells Sale of Store Sheep & Store Cattle

5th November 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their Fortnightly sale of Suckled Calves and Store Cattle.  There was a fantastic trade throughout!  Topping the days trade was M/s Blain of Coxydene with a strong Simmental Bull at £1160. Topping the pence per kilo was an annual consignment from Scart Farms at 306pph for a smashing pair of Bullocks.

Bullocks Averaged: 246.79p.

Steers Per Kilo:  AAX: Earlston Mains 226.70p, 210.80p. Limousin: Scart Farm 281.70p, 281.50p, 271.10p. Greenhead  246.60p, 241p, 237.50p. Simmental: Scart Farm 305.90p, 286.80p, 281.50p, 271.10p. B/Blue: Scart Farm 305.90p, 300.00p, 271.70p, 262.10p. Charolais: Scart Farm 271.10p, 262.10p. North Synton 231.00p.

 Heifers Averaged: 224.10p.

Heifers Per Kilo: AAX: Upper Chatto 212.60p, 209.30p. Limousin: Scart Farm 292.20p, 259.60p, 253.10p. Coxydene 228.20p. Saughtree 220.50p. North Synton 218.30p. B.Short: Scart Farm 208.20p. Simmental: Scart Farm 270p, 253.10p, 234.50p, 229.20p. Coxydene 228.20p. B/Blue:  Scart Farm 292.20p, 259.60p, 253.10p, 245.60p. Charolais: Scart Farm 234.50p, 230p. North Synton 215.40p.

Steers Per Head: AAX: Upper Chatto £1080.00. Earlston Mains £685.00, £680.00. Limousin:  Greenhead £1010.00, £950.00, £940.00, £900.00.  Saughtree £945.00. Scart Farm £845.00. Simmental: Coxydene £1160.00, £900.00, £810.00. £780.00.  Scart Farm £780.00. Blonde:  Mailingsland £890. B/Blue: Scart Farm £780.00, £765.00, £760.00. Charolais: North Synton £970.00. Scart Farm £760.00.

Heifers Per Head: AAX: Upper Chatto £1120.00. Lylestane £1100.00. Limousin: Lylestane £1140.00. North Synton £1015.00. Saughtree £970.00, £865.00. Coxydene £890.00. Scart Farm £745.00, £740.00.

Store Sheep.  With a stronger show of lambs forward returns were greatly increased as many purchasers present. Sale average £73.

Also forward was a small consignment of Breeding Ewes selling well late in the season.

3 Crop Sfx.             £106                   Lower Greenhill

3 Crop Mule          £106                   Lower Greenhill

1 Crop Sfx.             £105                   Lower Greenhill

Store Sheep:Texel:  Lower Greenhill £85. £80, £76 Overton Bush £80. Ruletownhead £79. Stottencleugh £77.50. Scott Road £76. Hyndhope £75.50. Suffolk: Ruletownhead £83. Greenhead £75. West Morriston Fm. Cotts. £74. Jacob: Larbrax £87. GF: Stottencleugh £83. Threeburnford £77. Beltex: Threeburnford £82. West Morriston Fm. Cotts. £75.50. NCC:  Hethpool £72. £69.50. Birneyknowe £70.50. Bowershields 369. Hill Chev: Whitefirld £69.50. BF. Stottencleugh £58.