St Boswells Show & Sale of Aberdeen Angus & Native Bred Store Cattle

3rd October 2019

Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Show and Sale of Native Bred Store Cattle.  Trade was buoyant throughout with Vendors going home delighted with the days trading. Despite the recent downturn in beef prices, the sale averages were only down £12 per head on the year.

Topping the sale was Messrs Cockburn, Kingside with a fantastic Aberdeen Angus.x Bullock at £1270

Topping the pence per kilo was the Champion animal from Messrs Gray, Sunnycroft at 250p per kilo for an Aberdeen Angus.x bullock

Winning the TW Forrest Challenge Trophy for best pen of 8 Aberdeen Angus Calves went to Messrs Ross, Wester Middleton at £1045 to the judge, Mr Johnson, Tuthill

Show Results:-

Aberdeen Angus Cross Bullock
1st        Sunnycroft      (CHAMPION)
2nd        Wester Middleton
3rd        Wester Middleton 

Champion Angus Bullock from Messrs Gray, Sunnycroft

Aberdeen Angus Cross Heifer
1st        Wester Middleton        (RESERVE CHAMPION)
2nd        Wester Middleton
3rd        Birkenside

Reserve Champion Aberdeen Angus – Messrs Ross, Wester Middleton

Shorthorn Cross Bullock
1st        Kirktonhill

Pen of 8 Aberdeen Angus Calves
1st        Wester Middleton

Pen of 4 Shorthorn Cross Calves
1st        Kirktonhill

Best Pen of Shorthorn Calves from J.J Patterson, Kirktonhill


Bullocks per head- Aberdeen Angus: £1270 Kingside, £1230 Wester Middleton, £1175 Newton, Hwk, £1160 Hollybush, £1150, £1145 Whitfield, £1140 Hollybush, Trabroun, £1135 Wester Middleton, £1130 Cammerlaws, £1075 Meigle, Hereford: £995 Lamberton, £950, £945 New Blainslie, Belted Galloway: £700 Whitehope, Innerleithen, Limousin: £1030, £810 Whitlaw, Longhorn: £730 (2) Croc Mhor, Beef Shorthorn: £1195, £1160 Bow, £1150 Stagehall, £1090 Bow, £1080 Whitlaw, £1060, £1050, £1030, £1005 Bow, Charolais: £1135 Wester Middleton

Bullocks per kilo- Aberdeen Angus: 250p Sunnycroft, 236.1p, 234.6p Towford, 232.3p Stobswood, 225p Northfield St Abbs, 221.6p Towford, 220p (3) Wester Middleton, 218.4p Towford, 193.7p Meigle, Hereford: 195.1p, 188.2p, 185.9p, 184.9p Fairnilee, 181p New Blainslie, Belted Galloway: 171.1p Whitehope, Innerleithen, Limousin: 195.2p, 183.9p Whitlaw, Longhorn: 164p (2) Croc Mhor, Beef Shorthorn: 187.8p Whitlaw, 187.1p Bow, 186.9p Kirktonhill, 186.8p Bow, Charolais: 195.7p Wester Middleton

Bullocks averaged 193.86p per kilo

Heifers per head- Aberdeen Angus: £1185 Ecclaw, £1105 Whitfield, Hawick, £1100 Upper Blainslie, £1100 Birkenside, £1090, £1065 Newton, Hawick, £1060 Stobo Home Farm, Upper Blainslie, Hereford: £1030 Lamberton, Limousin: £920 Whitlaw, Beef Shorthorn: £890 Kittyfield, £860 Coltcrooks, £845 Whitlaw

Heifers per kilo- Aberdeen Angus: 203.7p Birkenside, 200p Wester Middleton, 196.3p Byrewalls, 196.1p, 195.1p Stobswood, Hereford: 194.7p Fairnilee, 187.3p Lamberton, Limousin: 191.7p Whitlaw, Beef Shorthorn: 187.5p Byrewalls,

Heifers averaged 180.95p per kilo