St Boswells Show & Sale of Grazing Cattle & Ewes with lambs at foot

11th April 2019

Harrison and Hetherington held their 2nd Show & Sale of Grazing Cattle, with a mixed show forward, quality selling at a premium. Taking the pre -Sale Show Championship was a fantastic bullock from Blakelaw raising £1130. The Reserve Champion went to Kedzlie Farms realising £1190. The Show was masterfully judged by Miss Sophie Watt, Cairntack, Aberdeen.

Topping the day’s trade was M/s Weir of Cortleferry, Stow, with a fabulous AAx bullock raising £1240 to Mr N Gibson, Willowford. Topping the pence per kilo was Gattonside Mains with a sensational Limx heifer at 273ppk to M/s J Allen, Longnewton.

Class 1 (Best Bullock)   
1st  Blakelaw
2nd Kedzlie
3rd Georgefield

Class 2 (Best Heifer)
1st Georgefield
2nd Georgefield
3rd Cortleferry

Bullocks per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1240 Cortleferry, £1180 Ayton Cocklaw, £1175, £1150,£1135,£1100 Camieston, £1140, £1130  Broomiebank.£1100 Ayton Cocklaw. Limousin: £1190 Kedzlie. £1180, £1145, £1135 Broomiebank. £1130, £1120 Blakelaw. £1070 Stoneypath. Luing: £1055 Kedzlie. Simmental: £1060 Headshaw. £1020 Blakelaw. £1000 (2) Headshaw. Saler: £1050, £955, £920 (2) West Garleton. £950 Kedzlie. B/Blue: £950, £940 Kedzlie. £935 Harwood on Teviot. £880 Kedzlie. £860 Harwood on Teviot. Charolais: £1160, £1100, £1050 Headshaw. £1065 Kedzlie, Stoneypath.

Bullocks per kilo. Aberdeen Angus:261.40p Stobo HF. 249.30p 248.00p Byrewalls. 238.30p, 232.80p Belford on Bowmont. 235.70p Byrewalls. 235.50p,231.60p Ayton Cocklaw. Limousin: 269p Huntington. 252.60p Wester Dawyck. 249.30p Cortleferry. 245.50p Harwood on Teviot. 243.40p Gattonside Mains. 243p, 236.70p Blakelaw. 242.22p, 238.37p Cairntack. 237.50p Headshaw. Simmental: 230p, 229.90p, 223.20p Headshaw. 221.70p Blakelaw. 220.70p Trows. Saler: 223.10p, 219.80p 212.20p West Garleton. B/Blue: 233.80p,217.70p Harwood on Teviot. 222.80p, 221.20p Kedzlie.Charolais: 253.60p Kedzlie. 240.60p Cortleferry. 240p,239.50p,239.30p,235.20p Todshawhaugh. 239.30p,234p Headshaw. 238.20p Cortleferry. 237.60p Stoneypath

Bullocks averaged 225.56p per kilo.

Heifers per Head: Aberdeen Angus: £1050 Fordel Parks. £1045 New Smailholm. £1040, £1010 Newwton Hwk. Limousin: £1105, £1010 Huntington. £1000 Howahill. £985 Blakelaw. £970 New Smailholm. £950 Gattonside Mains. Luing: £1030 Kedzlie. Simmental£1100 Newton Hwk. £920 New Smailholm. B/Blue: £880 Harwood on Teviot. £730 Kedzlie. Charolais: £995 (2) Todshawhaugh. £990 Headshaw, Stoneypath. £930 Blakelaw. £920 Todshawhaugh.

Heifers per kilo:Limousin: 272.90p,268.30p, 254.00p Gattonside Mains. 245.60p Chapelhill. 245.50p Huntington. 241.00p Howahill240.80p, 240.50p Gattonside Mains235.80p Wester Dawyck. 234.50p Blakelaw. Aberdeen Angus:219.70p Blegbie, 212.90p Kedzlie.212.10p Fordel Parks. 210.40p, 209.30p, 208.50p Towford. 209p New Smailholm. 208.20p Blegbie.B/Blue: 231.70p Kedzlie. 222.80p Harwood on Teviot. Charolais:265.20p 258.70p,247.80p, 246.90p Cortleferry.239.80p, 239p, 231.40p Todshawhaugh.

Heifers averaged 215.28p per kilo.

Ewes with Lambs – small show of Ewes and Lambs sold well with more prospective buyers present.
Mule Ewes & Twins – £70 (£210) Blackshiels, £62 (2), £58 (£186 x2, £176) Redpath East End.
Mule Gimmer and Single – £72 (£144) Blackshiels