St Boswells Show & Sale of Grazing Cattle & Ewes with Lambs at Foot

29th March 2018

Harrison and Hetherington held their first prize Show and Sale of Grazing Cattle with all types in high demand.  Topping the days trading was Messrs Osborne, Outerston with a pen of fabulous Limousin.x bullocks raising £1245. Topping the pence per kilo was a pen of Aberdeen Angus.x grazing bullocks at 3.02p. Grazing Cattle keenly bid for despite the testing spring.

Prize winners –  Champion/Reserve Champion: Messrs Grieve, The Lee

Bullocks per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1220 Spottiswoode, £1155 Stouslie, £1130 Upper Blainslie, £1100 Fordel Parks, £960 Nether Howden, £955 Swinnie Farming, Limousin: £1245, £1235, £1145, £1130 Outerston, £1120 The Lee, £1110 Outerston, Cortleferry, £1095 Outerston, Simmental: £1000, £985 Parkhill, Blonde: £1150 Outerston, Charolais: £1200 Cortleferry, £1180, £1175 Crookston, £1150 Stobswood, £1140 Cortleferry, Todshawhaugh, £1095 Todshawhaugh, £1090 Stobswood, Cortleferry, £1085 Crookston

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 302p, 248.1p, 245.7p Swinnie Farming, 243p Nether Howden, 241.7p Langhope, 240.4p Upper Blainslie, Limousin: 283.9p Coxydene, 268.3p Swinnie Farming, 260.5p The Lee, 256.9p Wester Dawyck, Lower Swinnie, 249.2p Coxydene, 247.4p Saughtree, 246p The Lee, Simmental: 270.3p, 266.2p, 261.4p Parkhill, 249.2p Coxydene, Charolais: 284.5p Nether Howden, 270.3p Stobswood, 269.7p Nether Howden, 267.6p Stobswood, 265.1p Nether Howden, 263.2p Stobswood, 253.3p Cortleferry, 250p Stobswood,

Bullocks averaged 242p per kilo (+ 9p on the year) £995 per head (+ £2 on the year)

Heifers per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1035 Currie Inn, £1005, £980 Fordel Parks, £950 Upper Blainslie, Limousin: £1150 Swinewood Mill, £995 Parkhill, £990 Saughtree, £975 Coxydene, £960 Spottiswoode, Simmental: £1030 Fordel Parks, £960, £910 Trows, £855 Parkhill, British Blue: £1170 Cortleferry, Charolais: £1195 Nether Howden, £1100 Crookston, Cortleferry, £1095 Stobswood, £1090 Crookston (2), Stobswood, Nether Howden, Todshawhaugh

Heifers per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 238.8p Swinnie Farming, 237.5p, 231.6p Upper Blainslie, 222.2p Swinnie Farming, Limousin: 261.8p Parkhill, 256.1p Swinnie Farming, 248.6p Coxydene, 242p Nether Howden, 238.5p, 235.7p Saugtree, 232.1p Wester Dawyck, Simmental: 256.5p, 234.2p Parkhill, 222.2p, 220p Coxydene, British Blue: 220.8p Cortleferry, Charolais: 270.9p, 260p Stobswood, 259.2p Crookston, 257.5p, 254.7p Stobswood, 250p, 247.9p Nether Howden

Heifers averaged 230p per kilo (+ 4p on the year) £897 (+ £13 on the year)

Ewes and Lambs sold well to a number of regular purchasers.
Suffolk.x with Singles:            £156, £150 (£78, £75 per life) Hallrule Mill
Suffolk.x with Twins:              £210 (£70 per life) Hallrule Mill
Mule with Singles:                   £136 (£68 per life) Redpath East End
Mule with Twins:                     £204 (£68 per life) Redpath East End
Hoggs – South Country Cheviots: £68, £67 Kirklands