St Boswells Show & Sale of Store Cattle, Store & Breeding Sheep

8th February 2018

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle with an abundance of buyers forward.  Also sold was 452 Store and Breeding Sheep.

Topping the days trading was Messrs Osborne, Outerson with a fabulous Aberdeen Angus.x bullock at £1370. Topping the pence per kilo was Messrs Grieve, The Lee with a superb Limousin.x Heifer at 271.2p/pkg and first place in the pre sale show. Many more cattle could have been sold to vendors advantage.  Show was kindly sponsored by Northern Boiler Grants and ably judge by Mr N.Gibson, Willowford.

Class 1 – Bullock calf
1st         Mr J.G Grieve, The Lee
2nd        Mr J.G Grieve, The Lee
3rd         Mr J.G Grieve, The Lee

Class 2 – Heifer calf
1st         Mr J.G Grieve, The Lee
2nd        Mr J.G Grieve, The Lee
3rd         Mr C.Connon, Greenknowe

Bullocks per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1370 Outerston, £1180 Nisbet Mill, £1140 Fairnilee, £1080, £1050 Nisbet Mill, £1050 Currie Inn, £1030 Nisbet Mill, Hereford: £955 Buskin, Limousin: £1270 Burnhead, P, £1190 Tandlaw, £1170 Craiglea, £1110 (2) The Lee, £1100 The Lee, £1090 Outerston, Luing: £1000 Tandlaw, Simmental: £1080 New Blainslie, £965 Buskin, Blonde: £1160 Outerston, Saler: £1145 Tandlaw, £940 Nisbet Mill, British Blue: £1150, £1125 Burnhead, P, Charolais: £1190, £1145, £1090, £1065 Tandlaw

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 253p Currie Inn, 248.2p Nisbet Mill, 242p Langhope, 238.4p, 228.6p, 227.4p, 225.8p  Nisbet Mill, Hereford: 235.8p Buskin, Limousin: 258.1p (2), 247p, 234.6p, 226.8p The Lee, 224.1p Monklaw, 222.2p Tandlaw, Longhorn: 233.3p Tandlaw, Luing: 212.8p Tandlaw, Simmental: 247.4p Buskin, 220.4p New Blainslie, Saler: 213.6p Nisbet Mill, 212p Tandlaw, British Blue: 233.8p, 214.3p, 214.1p Burnhead, P, Charolais: 239.6p Tandlaw, 229.2p, 225.6p Gledswood

Bullocks averaged 223.77p per kg

Heifers per head: Aberdeen Angus: £975, £950 Nisbet Mill, £900 Tandlaw, Nisbet Mill, £895 Nisbet Mill, £890 Greenknowe, Limousin: £1090 Craiglea, £1065, £990 The Lee, £945 Coxydene, £920 The Lee, Shorthorn: £950, £905 Tandlaw, Simmental: £900 New Blainslie, £880 Greenknowe, Saler: £940 Nisbet Mill, British Blue: £930 Burnhead, P, Charolais: £920 Tandlaw

Heifers per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 230p Greenknowe, 219.6p, 216p Nisbet Mill, 214.6p Langhope, 214.3p, 213.5p, 212.2p Nisbet Mill, Limousin: 271.2p The Lee, 255.7p (2) Greenknowe, 247.1p, 238p Coxydene, 235.9p, 231.5p The Lee, 230p Greenknowe, Simmental: 232.9p Gledswood, Saler: 215.6p, 211.2p Nisbet Mill, British Blue: 204.4p Burnhead, P, Charolais: 232.9p Gledswood

Heifers averaged 211.02p per kg 

452 Store and Breeding Sheep sold.

Breeding Sheep – Suffolk.x (mixed ages)£104 (2) Over Howden, £98 Kaimflat, Cheviot Mule (mixed ages): £104 Over Howden, Texel (mixed ages): £101 Over Howden, Mule (mixed ages): £92 Over Howden, Texel Ewe Lambs: £101 Over Howden

Store Sheep – Another superb trade for Feeding Hoggs with a mixed end of season show.

Texel: £75.50, £74 Elliston, £75 Belmont, £72 Greenhead, S, £69.50 Mervinslaw,. £69 Edston, £63 Winkston, Suffolk.x: £73.50, £66.50 Belmont, £71.50 Greenhead, S, Cheviot: £68.50 Cawdor Estates, £63.50 Elliston, Mule: £63 Edston, £62.50 Cawdor Estates, Blackface: £57, £54.50, £53, £52.50, £49.50 Cawdor Estates, £54.50 Edston