St Boswells Spring Show & Sale of Native Bred Cattle

21st March 2019

Harrison and Hetherington held their Spring Show and Sale of Native Bred Cattle, kindly sponsored by Thomas Sherriff & Co Ltd and Morrisons for the Shorthorn classes.  A tremendous show of cattle graced the ring with the pre sale show being won by Messrs Hendry, Symington Mains. Going one better, Symington Mains were also crowned with Champion beast with a fantastic Aberdeen Angus.x bullock making £1230 to the days judge Mr D.Carins, Gardener House.  Taking Reserve Champion was Stobo Home Farm making £1110

Taking the 1st prize pen of 6 or more went to Messrs Forrest, Whitlaw with a pen of 11 fantastic Aberdeen Angus.x Bullocks raising £1140 to the judge Mr D.Carins.  First prize pen of Heifers went to Messrs Lowrie, Blegbie raising £1005.

Shorthorn’s saw a fantastic show forward for sponsors Morrisons with 1st prize pen of bullocks going to Messrs Pass, Midburn raising £1005 to Castletown Estates.

1st prize pen of Shorthorns from Jonathon Pass, Midburn, Lauder with Jim Holden, Woodhead Bros

Outwith the show, cattle were keenly bid for throughout with strong cattle meeting a premium.  Topping the sale was a pen of powerful bullocks from Messrs Dagg, Woodheads being knocked down at £1275.  Pence per kilo was topped at 257.6p for a pen of Aberdeen Angus.x Grazing Bullocks from the annual consignment, Nisbet Mill Farms.

Topping the Heifer section was Messrs Osborne, Outerston at £1140

Bullocks per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1275 Woodhead, A, £1230 Symington Mains, £1200 Polton, £1190 Stobo Home Farm, £1175 Woodhead, A, £1160 Polton, £1150 Currie Inn, £1140 Whitlaw, £1130 Whitburgh, £1120 Stobswood, Shorthorn: £1035, £1005 Midburn, £1100 Currie Inn, £920, £860 Coltcrooks, Hereford: £1010 (2)Timpendean, Limousin: £1180, £1085, £1075 Polton, £830 Arkleton, £810 Pirnie, Luing: £920, £780 Tushielaw, Simmental: £1110, £1005 Midburn,

Bullocks per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 257.6p, 255.9p Nisbet Mill, 254.8p Stobo Home Farm, 253.3p Nisbet Mill, 252.3p Blegbie, 250.7p Nisbet Mill, 250p Stobswood, 249.4p Harwood on Teviot, 248.6p Blackburnrigg, 247.6p Whitlaw, Shorthorn: 220.5p Coltcrooks, 219.2p Dunshiel,213.8p, 208.3p Midburn, Hereford: 222.5p, 214.3p Fairnilee, Limousin: 240.7p, 230.6p Arkleton, 212.9p Polton, 211.8p Pirnie, Luing: 253.4p, 212.1p Arkleton, Simmental: 253.4p 238.6p Arkleton

Bullocks averaged 230.98p per kilo

Heifers per head: Aberdeen Angus: £1140 Outerston, £1050 Thorneydykes, £1040 Outerston, Whitlaw, £1005 Blegbie, £1000 Currie Inn, Shorthorn: £875 Midburn, £840 Coltcrooks, Hereford: £840 Langlee Mains, Limousin: £765 Greenknowe, £695 Pirnie

Heifers per kilo: Aberdeen Angus: 243.8p Stobo Home Farm, 235.3p Bluecairn, 231p Nisbet Mill, 227.3p Greenknowe, 226.7p Nisbet Mill, 226.1p Whitlaw, 226p, 225.7p Nisbet Mill, 225.7p Upper Blainslie, 225p Nisbet Mill, Hereford: 213.7p, 209.6p Greenknowe, Limousin: 209.6p Greenknowe, Shorthorn: 210p Coltcrooks

Heifers averaged 212.84p per kilo