St Boswells Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

8th November 2018

Harrison and Hetherington held Store and Breeding Cattle sale at St Boswells with a selective show forward.  The day’s trading was topped by Messrs Hepburn, Crosscleugh with a Charolais x Bullock at £960.  Topping the pence per kilo was Messrs Weallans, Angelrow at 238p per kilo for a pen of superb Simmental x Bullocks.  Suckled Calves were in high demand.

Breeding Cattle saw a fabulous trade which was topped at £1100 from Messrs Calder, Angus Cottage

Bullocks per head – Aberdeen Angus: £880, £810, £750 Birkenside, Hereford: £750 Tandlaw, Luing: £920 Upper Chatto, Beef Shorthorn: £750 Tandlaw, Simmental: £810 Earlside, Kirklands, A, £790, £775 Angelrow, Simmental (suckled calves): £805, £750 Angelrow, Charolais: £960, £880 Crosscleuch, £800 Borthwickbrae, Charolais (suckled calves) £850, £790 Borthwickbrae

Bullocks per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 197.8p Birkenside, Stabiliser: 187.7p Bowershields, Hereford: 178.6p Tandlaw, Simmental (suckled calves): 238.1p, 227.9p, 219.4p Angelrow, Charolais: 206.1p Borthwickbrae

Bullocks averaged 186.69 per kilo

Heifers per head – Aberdeen Angus: £730 Birkenside, Charolais: £810 Crosscleugh, Charolais (suckled calves) £830 Borthwickbrae

Heifers per kilo – Charolais (suckled calves): 220.9p, 218.4p, 209.5p Borthwickbrae

Heifers averaged 179.8p per kilo

STORE SHEEP – Good show of lambs forward, trade similar.  Many usual purchasers present.

Texel: £74.50 Linburn, £69.50 Broomiebank, £68.50 Elliston, £66.50 Broomiebank, £66 Scott Road, £65 Elliston, Greenhead, S, £64 Greenhead, S, £63.50 West Morriston, £63 Ruletownhead, Suffolk: £66.50 (3) Knock, £65.50 Craigend, £65 Knock, £63 Greenhead, S, Beltex: £64.50, £63.50 Threeburnford, Greyfaced: £58 Broomiebank, North Country Cheviot: £48.50 Whitefield,