St Boswells Store Cattle & Breeding Sheep Sale

7th May 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store and Grazing Cattle. Topping the day’s trading was Whitfield Farms with a fabulous Angus.x Bullock raising £1240. The pence per kilo section was topped by a pen of Angus.x Bullocks at 259.3ppkg from Langhope.

Bullocks per head-
Aberdeen Angus: £1240, £1205 Whitfield, £1050 Broomiebank, £940 Symington Mains, £925 Upper Chatto. Limousin: £1050, £1030, £1020 Broomiebank. Shorthorn: £1040 Broomiebank. Charolais: £960, £945 Mossilee. Simmental: £840, £800 Orchard H, £815 Skelfhill

Bullocks per kilo-
Aberdeen Angus: 259.3p, 234.9p, 226.5p Langhope, 235.9p Upper Chatto, 229.7p, 227.3p Ayton Cocklaw., Limousin: 245p, 223.2p Arkleton, 244.9p Todshawhaugh, 231.7p, 225.4p Orchard, 229.2p Timpendean. Simmental: 230.3p, 221p Arkleton, 225.4p Orchard. Charolais: 224.7p Todshawhaugh, 212.5p Skelfhill, 212.4p Mossilee. Saler: 203.6p Houdshall Cottage

Bullocks averaged 216.9p per kilo

Heifers per head-
Aberdeen Angus:
£1195 Ayton Cocklaw, £1170 Upper Chatto, £1160 Whitfield, £1090 Broomiebank. Limousin: £1115 Broomiebank, £900 Mossilee, £890 Orchard, £885 Timpendean. Simmental: £1150 Arkleton, £750 Arkleton. Charolais: £765 £750 Skelfhill

Heifers per kilo-
Limousin: 242.1p, 237.1p, 231p Lee, 236.6p Todshawhaugh. Simmental: 230p Orchard, 211.3 Arkleton. Aberdeen Angus: 223.9p Ayton Cocklaw, 221.2p Langhope, 215.5p, 211p Upper Chatto, 210.4p Georgefield. Charolais: 214.3p Skelfhill. Luing: 212.5p Symington Mains.

Heifers averaged 209.9p per kilo


Ewes with Lambs met a flying trade, topping at £77 a life for Texel.x ewes with Beltex.x lambs from Hawksnest. Averaging at £71.15 a life right through the sale, more could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Texel: £77, £72 Hawksnest, £73, £72 Threeburnford. Cheviot Mule: £73, £72 Wester Ulston. Suffolk: £71 Hawksnest. Greyfaced: £70 Blackshiels