St Boswells Store Cattle Sale

12th March 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store and Grazing Cattle in conjunction with the Border Federation Calf Wintering competition.  The days trading was topped by Messrs Mercer, Stirches Mains with a cracking Aberdeen Angus.x Bullock raising £1230.

Topping the pence per kilo was a sensational pen of Limousin.x Heifers from Huntington at 284.5p per kilo.

The bullocks, pence per kilo, was topped at 280p for a great consignment of Charolais.x  bullocks from Greenknowe.

Calf Wintering Competition was very well supported throughout with all Young Farmers a great credit to their clubs and themselves.

Taking charge of this years judging was Mr R.Neill, Upper Nisbet, a great advocate for Young Farmers.

The Champion was a fantastic Charolais.x Bullock from Zoe Hall, Horsley Hill which weighed 475kgs and raising £1120. This bullock also went onto win the greatest weight gain.

Champion Young Farmer Show from Zoe Hall, Horsley Hill. Judge – Mr R.Neill, Upper Nisbet

The trophy for best profit margin went to Andrew Fleming, Crookhouse raising £530.

The top price in the Young Farmers section was £1240 twice.  Firstly from G.Forster, Hermiston with a Charolais.x Heifer and secondly from W.Wardrop, Harden Mains with a Charolais.x Bullock.

Great credit to all Young Farmers who competed within this year’s competition.  Many thanks to all sponsors – Roxan Tags, Davidson Animal Feeds and Performance Feeds

Show Results:-

Class 1 (Bullock – 450kgs +)
1st        Zoe Hall, Horsley Hill Champion                                475 kgs           £1120
2nd        W.Wardrop, Harden Mains                                         615 kgs           £1240
3rd        K.Paxton, Hadden  Farm                                            575 kgs           £1150

Class 2 (Bullock – 450kgs or less)
1st        A.Dixon, Whitsome West Newton                              440 kgs           £  975
2nd        A.Gaston, Ravelaw                                                     380 kgs           £  830

Class 3 (Heifer – 450kgs +)
1st        S.Shaw, Smailholm Mains Reserve Champion         590 kgs           £1210
2nd        L.Shaw, Smailholm Mains                                          535 kgs           £1110

Class 4 (Open class)
1st        E.Runciman, Huntington                                             500 kgs           £1140
2nd        A.Fleming, Crookhouse                                              495 kgs           £1130
3rd        A.Runciman, Huntington                                             435 kgs           £1040

Bullocks per head-

Aberdeen Angus: £1230 Stirches Mains, £900 Greenknowe, Stabelizer: £975 Ravelaw (A.Gaston), Limousin: £1140 Huntington (E.Runciman), £1005 Wester Dawyck, £985 Adderstonshiels, £980 Headshaw, L, Simmental: £1145 Trows, £1110 Stirches Mains, £1055 Trows, £1020 Headshaw, L, Saler: £1020, £890, £850 Old Prieston, British Blue: £820 Brothershiels, £810 Bluecairn (A.Weir), Charolais: £1240 Harden Mains (W.Wardrop), £1150 Hadden Farm (K.Paxton), £1145 Headshaw, L, £1120 Horsley Hill (Z.Hall), £1060 Brothershiels, £1040 Huntington (A.Runciman), £1035 North Synton, £1015 Brothershiels

Bullocks per kilo:

Aberdeen Angus: 246.6p Greenknowe, 227.4p Easter Dawyck, Stabelizer: 221.6p Ravelaw (A.Gaston), 218.4p Whitsome West Newton (A.Dixon), Limousin: 243.1p, 240p Pathhead, 230.6p Headshaw, L, 228p Huntington (E.Runciman), 227.8p Pathhead, Simmental: 233.8p, 228.6p Nisbet Mill, 224.2p Headshaw, L, 222.1p Trows, Saler: 228.2p, 217.9p, 217.2p Old Prieston, British Blue: 253.1p Bluecairn (A.Weir), Charolais: 279.4p Greenknowe, 266.2p, 260.8p Brothershiels, 250.7p Greenknowe, 248.6p Brothershiels, 246.6p Greenknowe, 244.5p Brothershiels, 239.1p Huntington (A.Runciman), 238.7p, 238.2p Brothershiels

Bullocks averaged 228.5p per kilo

Heifers per head-

Aberdeen Angus: £1030 Wester Dawyck, £860 Brothershiels, Limousin: £1210 Smailholm Mains (S.Shaw), £1130 Crookhouse (A.Fleming), £1110 Smailholm Mains (L.Shaw), £1090 Headshaw, L, £1000 Easter Dawyck, Simmental: £1040 Stirches Mains (J.Mercer), Saler: £780 Old Prieston, £730 Nisbet Mill, Charolais: £1240 Hermiston (G.Forster), £1190 Hermiston (J.Forster), £1070 Headshaw, L, North Synton, £950 Brothershiels

Heifers per kilo:

Aberdeen Angus: 212.3p Brothershiels, 210.2p Wester Dawyck, Limousin: 284.5p, 282p, 254.5p, 246.8p Huntington, 246.7p Wester Dawyck, 246.3p Huntington, 241.2p, 240.8p Pathhead, Simmental: 218p Nisbet Mill, Saler: 218p Nisbet Mill, 210.8p Old Prieston, Charolais: 267.7p, 265p, 259.7p  Brothershiels, 253.6p, 246.2p Greenknowe, 240p Brothershiels

Heifers averaged 230p