St Boswells Store Cattle Sale

9th April 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store and Grazing Cattle.

Messrs Weir, Cortleferry topped the days trading with an exquisite Aberdeen Angus.x bullock at £1110 which also topped the pence per kilo section at 300p

Trade buoyant throughout, more could have been sold to vendors advantage

Bullocks per head-Aberdeen Angus: £1110 Cortleferry, £1050 Middlethird, £1015 Byrewalls, £1000 Towford, Limousin: £1080 Woodhead, A, £1050 Timpendean, £1040 Woodhead, A, £1030 West Garleton, £1020 Woodhead, A, £1000 West Garleton, Simmental: £1065, £1005 Middlestead, £990 Caverton Mill, £955, £950 Middlestead, Salers: £760 Falnash, British Blue: £1070, £930 West Garleton, Charolais: £1050 Caverton Mill, £1010 Falnash, £1000 Todshawhaugh, £990 Caverton Mill, £980, £960 Todshawhaugh, £955 Skelfhill, £950 Todshawhaugh

Bullocks per kilo –Aberdeen Angus: 300p Cortleferry, 240.3p Ayton Cocklaw, 240p Towford, 236.8p Ayton Cocklaw, 235.9p Towford, 233.9p Ayton Cocklaw, Limousin: 250p Greenhead, S, 247.5p Marchcleugh, 243.8p Middlethird, 242.6p, 241.1p Marchcleugh, Simmental: 250p Greenhead, S, 234.7p Skelfhill, 229.4p Huntershall, 228.4p Marchcleugh, 228p Greenhead, S, 227.6p Caverton Mill, Salers: 214.1p Falnash, British Blue: 227.7p West Garleton, Charolais: 254p, 252.2p Falnash, 247.4p Skelfhill, 246.2p Todshawhaugh, 238.8p Skelfhill, 237.5p Todshawhaugh, 230.4p Skelfhill

Bullocks averaged 223.87p per kilo

Heifers per head –Aberdeen Angus: £1070, £1065 Byrewalls, £985 Broomiebank, £940 Byrewalls, £920 Byrewalls Farm Cottage (Anderson), Limousin: £1070, £1045, £1030 Broomiebank, £1020 Howahill, £990 Woodhead, A, Simmental: £900 Huntershall, Charolais: £1000 Todshawhaugh, £885 Caverton Mill, £870 Todshawhaugh

Heifers per kilo –Aberdeen Angus: 223.9p, 220.5p Ayton Cocklaw, 215.2p Byrewalls, 214.8p Ayton Cocklaw, Cortleferry, 214p Upper Blainslie, Byrewalls, Limousin: 247.5p Woodhead, A, 228.4p, 226.5p Greenhead, S, 222p Howahill, 220.3p Marchcleugh, Simmental: 229.7p Marchcleugh, Charolais: 226.9p Caverton Mill, 221.6p Todshawhaugh

Heifers averaged 210.21p per kilo