St Boswells Store Cattle Sale

23rd April 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store and Grazing Cattle.

Topping the days trading was an excellent pen of Limousin.x grazing bullocks at 275p per kilo from Messrs Ogilvie, Broom.  Top price per head was Messrs Walker, Cammerlaws with four thumping Aberdeen Angus bullocks realising £1245

A special mention must goto Mr J.Grieve, The Lee, who very kindly donated the funds raised from his stylish Limousin.x heifer to the Borders General Hospital,  Covid 19 fund.  She made £1060 (255p per kilo) to Mr G.Douglas, Southfield Farm.  A big thank you to all involved and of course our thanks to our NHS staff and Key Workers.

Cattle forward met a brisk trade with demand for all types remaining high.

Bullocks per head-Aberdeen Angus: £1245, £1020, £1000 Cammerlaws, £1120 Broomiebank, £1070 Craigsford Mains, £1015 Hassendean, £1000 Hoprigshiels, Limousin: £1195 Crossflat, £1130 Broomiebank, £1110 Northfield, St Abbs, Howahill, £1060, £1050 Broomiebank, £1040 Northfield, St Abbs, Spottiswoode, Simmental: £1070 Holydean, Charolais: £1050 Stoneypath, £1040, £990 Hoprigshiels, £1000, Shorthorn: £970 Midburn

Bullocks per kilo-Limousin: 275p, 246.7p, 242p, 235.1p Broom, 246p Howahill, 240p Crossflat, 232.9p Lee, Aberdeen Angus: 240.7p Blegbie, 238.6p , 224p, 222p (2) Cammerlaws,  Charolais: 227p, 223p Stoneypath, 222p (2) Todshawhaugh, Simmental: 220.3p, Midburn, Shorthorn: 220.5p Midburn, British Blue: 212.7p (2) Harwood on Teviot

Bullocks averaged 221.7p per kilo

Heifers per head-Limousin: £1180 Crossflat, £1060 Lee, £1045, £1010 Craiglea, £1020 Broomiebank, £990 (2) Northfield, St Abbs, Aberdeen Angus: £1060 Birkenside, £1000 Broomiebank, £850 Stoneypath, Simmental: £1060 Holydean, £870 Whitburgh, Charolais: £1050 Lauder Barns, £985 Todshawhaugh, £970 Mossilee, £950, £940 Stoneypath

Heifers per kilo-Limousin: 255.4p Lee, 244.3p, 241p Howahill, 237.5p Crossflat, Northfield, St Abbs, 229.2p, 226.5p, 224.2p Broom, Charolais: 243.2p, 220.8p Todshawhaugh, Aberdeen Angus: 224.1p Blegbie, 210.5p Harwood on Teviot, Simmental: 213.2p Midburn, 210.8p Trows

Heifers averaged 215.87p per kilo