St Boswells Store Cattle Sale

11th June 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their Store Cattle Sale with all cattle very well bid for throughout.

The days trading was topped at £1030 on two occasions by Messrs Stewart, Tushielaw with a Luing.x Bullock and a pen of Limousin.x Heifers from Easter Fodderlie.

Top pence per kilo went to Messrs Grieve, The Lee at 234.6p per kilo for a Limousin.x Heifer.

Bullocks per head –
Aberdeen Angus: £990 Broomiebank, Limousin: £880 Priesthaugh, £875 The Lee, £870, £855 Priesthaugh, Lincoln Red: £850 (2) Marigold, Luing: £1030 Tushielaw

Bullocks per kilo-
Aberdeen Angus: 217.6p Broomiebank, 216.4p Earlston Mains, 210.2p Monklaw, Limousin: 225p, 223.1p Priesthaugh, 221.5p, 215.8p The Lee, Lincoln Red: 217.9p Marigold

Heifers per head –
Aberdeen Angus: £925 Leaderfoot, £890 Broomiebank, £835 Leaderfoot, £760, £700 Marigold, Limousin: £1030 Broomiebank, Easter Fodderlie, £995, £975, £945, £935 Broomiebank

Heifers per kilo –
Aberdeen Angus: 214.1p Leaderfoot, 207.9p Leaderfoot, Limousin: 234.6p The Lee, 223.9p Easter Fodderlie, 223.4p, 220.5p Priesthaugh