St Boswells Store Cattle Sale

2nd July 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their Store Cattle Sale. A strong show of cattle forward to a number of regular buyers.

Bullocks per head –

Charolais: £1280, £1080 Meigle, British Blue: £1150, £1035 Burnhead, P, Limousin: £1145, £1050, £1015, £975 £955 Grahamslaw, Aberdeen Angus: £715 Earlston Mains

Bullocks per kilo –

Limousin: 236p, 232p, 229.4p, 224.7p, 224.5p, 223.1p Grahamslaw, Aberdeen Angus: 220p Earlston Mains, British Blue: 217.9p Burnhead, P

Heifers per head –

Charolais: £1250 Meigle, £1055 Over Howden; Limousin: £1025, £1005, £955, £940 Broomiebank, Aberdeen Angus: £985 Broomiebank, British Blue: £860 Burnhead, P, Beef Shorthorn: £830 Broomiebank


Heifers per kilo –

British Blue: 232.4p Burnhead, P, Charolais: 215.4p Blackburn Mill, 206.9p Over Howden, Limousin: 209.9p, 209.4p Broomiebank