St Boswells Store Cattle Sale

15th October 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle with a small but stylish show forward.

Topping the days trading was Lylestane Farming with a fabulous Limousin.x Bullock at £1245.

Topping the pence per kilo was regular consigner Messrs Hobday, Todshawhaugh with a pen of fantastic Limousin.x Bullocks at 266p per kilo

More cattle could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Bullocks per head- Aberdeen Angus: £960 Upper Samieston, Limousin: £1170, £1100 Lylestane, Simmental: £1245 Lylestane, £1165 Kirktonhill, £1150 Upper Samieston, £1125 Kirktonhill, Lylestane, £1120, £1100 Kirktonhill, Charolais: £1030 Todshawhaugh, £1015 North Synton

Bullocks per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 228.6p Upper Samieston, Limousin: 266.2p, 249.3p, 245p Todshawhaugh, Simmental: 239.6p, 233.3p, 226.8p Upper Samieston, 220.2p New Blainslie, Charolais: 247.4p, 235p Todshawhaugh, 225.3p North Synton, 223.9p Todshawhaugh, 223.1p North Synton

Bullocks averaged 219.59p per kilo

Heifers per head – Aberdeen Angus: £970, £960 Upper Samieston, Limousin: £1100 Upper Samieston, £1020 Hyndlee, Beef Shorthorn: £1030 Kirktonhill, Simmental: £1025 Kirktonhill, £1005 Huntershall, Charolais: £1060, £980 North Synton, £940 Todshawhaugh

Heifers per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 213.2p Upper Samieston, Limousin: 240p, 225.4p Hyndlee, 220p Upper Samieston, Beef Shorthorn: 210.2p Kirktonhill, Simmental: 216.1p, 212.1p Huntershall, 211.3p Kirktonhill, Charolais: 240.5p(2), 226.5p Todshawhaugh

Heifers averaged 213.15p per kilo