St Boswells Store Cattle Sale

18th February 2021

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle.  The days trading was exceptional with all vendors leaving amazed at the trade.

Topping the day’s trading was a fantastic bullock from Messrs Osborne, Outerston at £1410

Annual consignment from Messrs Blain, Coxydene, topped the pence per kilo with Limousin.x Heifers (10 month old) at 316p per kilo to average £1106 for the consignment.

Bullocks per head – Aberdeen Angus: £1360 Falnash, £1240 Towford, £1170 Upper Samieston, £1145 Kingside, £1130 Upper Samieston, £1100 Towford, Kingside, Limousin: £1410, £1290 Outerston, £1280 Whitsome West Newton, £1220, £1210 Outerston, £1170 Whitsome West Newton, Simmental: £1325 Mossilee, Saler: £860, £845, £840 Gateshaw, British Blue: £1325 Burnhead, P, £1180 Broom, £1140 (2) Burnhead, P, Charolais: £1155 Brothershiels, £1110 Greenknowe, £1100 Brothershiels, £1040, £1020 (2) Greenknowe

Bullocks per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 273.7p Falnash, 252.2p, 247.1p, 242.3p, 241.2p Gateshaw, Limousin: 276.7p The Lee, 266.7p Greenhead, S, 262.7p Wellbank House, 253.2p Broom, 251.2p Wester Dawyck, 250.7p, 250p The Lee, Simmental: 238.6p Gateshaw, Saler: 252.2p, 247.1p, 242.3p, 241.2p Gateshaw, British Blue: 232.6p, 228.4p Burnhead, P, Charolais: 277.8p, 272p Greenknowe, 270.4p Falnash, 268.6p Brothershiels, 268.4p Greenknowe, 267p Falnash, 266.7p Greenknowe, Falnash

Bullocks averaged 243.93p per kilo

Heifers per head – Aberdeen Angus: £1155 Newton, H, £1130 Craigend, £1100 Kingside, Limousin: £1330, £1230 Burnhead, P, £1200 (2), £1170 (2), £1110 (2) Coxydene, £1110 Wester Dawyck, British Blue: £1260, £1130, £1090 Burnhead, P, Charolais: £1040, £1030, £995 Brothershiels, £950 Falnash

Heifers per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 222.1p Newton, H, 220p Kingside, Limousin: 316.2p, 309.7p, 300p (2), 278.9p, 274.1p, 272.1p Coxydene, 266.7p Greenhead, S, 264.2p The Lee, 262.5p Wester Dawyck, British Blue: 293p, 265.9p Burnhead, P, Charolais: 271.4p, 259.7p Falnash, 248.2p Brothershiels

Heifers averaged 248.78p per kilo