St Boswells Store Cattle show & sale

20th February 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their February Show and Sale of Store Cattle with trade flying.

Topping the days trading was Messrs Blain, Coxydene with a magnificent Limousin cross heifer at £1280, (328p per kg), which also topped the pence per kilo.
Also topping the pence per kilo in the bullocks went to Messrs Fleming, Falnash with a pair of Charolais cross bullocks at 276p.

Expertly judged by Mr Kevin Orr, Penston, Tranent with 20 cattle placed in front of him for judging. He awarded the Champion to Messrs Grieve, The Lee with a bullock which scaled 510 kgs and made £1160 (227.5p). Messrs Grieve also won Reserve Champion with a heifer at 425 kgs, £990 (232.9p)

Overall Champion from Messrs Grieve, The Lee with a bullock which scaled 510 kgs and sold for £1160 (227.5p)

Leading Prices:
Bullocks per head – Aberdeen Angus: £1210, £1160 Craigend, £1155 Lustruther, £1150 Faughhill, Craigend, £1110 Faughhill, £1100 Gledswood, Limousin: £1180, £1160 Outerston, £1160 The Lee, £1145, £1140, £1130, £1125 Outerston, Simmental: £1050 Angelrow, £990 Coxydene, £965 Easter Middleton, £960, £950 Angelrow, Blonde: £1140, £1130, £1110, £1100 Outerston, British Blue: £1220, £1110 Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: £1110 Falnash, £985, £960 Gledswood

Bullocks per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 261.3p, 247.4p, 243.2p, 240.5p Easter Middleton, 237.9p Earlston Mains, Limousin: 255.4p(2), 243.9p (2) The Lee, 231.1p Huntington, 230.6p Wester Dawyck, Simmental: 252.2p Coxydene, 247.4p Easter Middleton, 240.5p, 239.4p Angelrow, Blonde: 217.3p, 209.4p Outerston, British Blue: 203.7p Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: 275.8p, 261.7p Falnash, 234.1p, 231.1p Gledswood, 222.5p Falnash.
Bullocks averaged 226.1p per kilo.

Heifers per head – Aberdeen Angus: £1100 Birkenside, £1060 Harwood on Teviot, £1050 Ayton Cocklaw, £1040 Birkenside, £1035 Upper Tofts, Limousin: £1280, £1240 Coxydene, £1100 Huntington, Coxydene, £1060 Upper Tofts, £1050 Wester Dawyck, Coxydene (2), Simmental: £1040 Birkenside, £970 Gledswood, £910, £900 Coxydene, British Blue: £1050, £1025 Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: £1000 Gledswood.

Heifers per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 228.6p Birkenside, 217.4p, 210p Ayton Cocklaw, Limouson: 328.2p, 317.9p, 285.7p, 255.7p Coxydene, 250p Overhall, 249.2p, 246.9p, 244.2p, 243.6p Coxydene, Simmental: 228.6p Birkenside, 224p Coxydene, British Blue: 214.3p Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: 206.2p Gledswood.
Heifers averaged 222.7p per kilo.