St Boswells Store Cattle & Store Sheep Sale

23rd January 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle with a show of forward stores present. The days trading was topped by Messrs Mundell, Meigle with a fantastic Charolais.x Bullock at £1220

Topping the pence per kilo was a cracking consignment from Messrs Murray, Bayhill at 211p per kilo for a smashing pen of Simmental.x Bullocks.

Bullocks per head – Limousin: £1090 Craiglea, £1080 Bayhill, Luing: £1085, £940 Bayhill, Beef Shorthorn: £1100 Bayhill, Simmental: £1200, £1175, £1100, £1080, £1055, £1045 Bayhill, British Blue: £1085 Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: £1220, £1150 Meigle, £1110 Bayhill, £1100 Meigle

Bullocks per kilo – Limousin: 203.5p Monklaw, 200p Craiglea, Monklaw, Luing: 195.5p Bayhill, Beef Shorthorn: 196.4p Bayhill, Simmental: 211.1p Bayhill, 208.4p Coxydene, 204.3p Bayhill, British Blue: 210.7p Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: 205.2p Bayhill, 203.7p Meigle

Bullocks averaged 201.4p per kg

Heifers per head – Limousin: £950 Craiglea, British Blue: £1100 (2) Harwood on Teviot

Heifers per kilo – British Blue:  209.5p (2) Harwood on Teviot

Heifers averaged 206.9p per kg


All types sold to extreme rates.

Suffolk: £88.50, £88 Craigend, £84 Venchen, £79 Craigend, Meigle, North Country Cheviot: £87.50 North Synton, Texel: £85.50 North Synton, £82.50 Applecross, £80 Venchen, Briarbank, £79 North Cottage Cheviot: £65 Shaws, £60 Whitefield, E, £57 Shaws, Dorset: £63.50 Mount Ulston, Blackface: £58 Meigle,